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New Year Celebration

Originally Posted by Blizzard

Merry New Year! The celebration begins at 6:00 a.m. Realm-Time December 31 with fireworks in the skies above the cities, and repeats every hour on the hour. Feel free to sample some of the exotic brews and libations carted in from around the world, and dance in celebration as a new year dawns. If you're on a PvP realm you're cautioned to steer clear of Booty Bay (or potentially visit with haste) as the guards there appear to have had too much fun already and aren't likely to be enforcing the town rules until morning.

Most Valuable Poster FAQ

Originally Posted by Blizzard

Q. Why was the MVP Program created?
A. In many cases, the answers to questions posed on the forums have already been provided by Blizzard Entertainment employees, or are common knowledge for many in the community. However, answers by fellow players often go unnoticed while the original poster seeks a more official response.

In order to address this, we have instituted a program that has shown great success on other Blizzard forums: the MVP (Most Valuable Poster) program. A distinctive posting text color (green) is given to identified MVPs who answer other players' questions consistently and accurately. It lends a note of credibility to what they post; it allows players seeking answers to take what they say at face value, and frees up Blizzard representatives so that they can focus on their primary responsibilities.

Q. What does an MVP do?
A. MVPs promote constructive posting wherever they can. They contribute to the community and encourage polite discussion throughout the forums. When you see an MVP post, listen to what they have to say—they were also chosen for their knowledge of the game.

Q. Why didn't you select _____, someone who always gives great constructive feedback on X subject?
A. Please understand that MVPs are not class/race or community representatives in that sense; they are not chosen for their ability to criticize game mechanics and give feedback. They certainly can do this (and many do). The members of the Community Team are still your vehicles through which you should submit feedback by posting on the forums and in blog comments. We do not have a class/race representative system in place at this time and would prefer to hear all players' feedback instead of a select few.

Q. Why aren't MVPs the hardest of the hardcore players?
A. You do not have to be max level in World of Warcraft, at the top of the StarCraft II ladder, or have the best collection of items in Diablo III to answer the majority of questions on the forums clearly and accurately. You do not need a specific number of Achievement points to be able to direct players to the appropriate page on the website for their question, or to link to an answer already given by Blizzard. MVPs are chosen primarily for their demonstrated communication skills and helpfulness toward the community, and while some of them may also be top-ranked players in one or more Blizzard games, it's not a requirement.

Q. Why aren't MVPs distinguished by the forum they post in most frequently, or the Blizzard game they play most?
A. We request that all MVPs post only where they feel comfortable. With that said, a account flagged by Blizzard with MVP status will display as such across all forums, and on all of our new community websites. An MVP should therefore be considered a valuable contributor to the community wherever he or she is posting.

Q. How can I become an MVP?
A. Keep posting constructively, answering questions about the game, and encouraging discussion throughout the forums—we'll take notice. Be sure to follow the Code of Conduct as well!

Questions or concerns regarding the MVP program or its participants can be directed to


Temple of the Jade Serpent – Dungeon Preview

Temple of the Jade Serpent - Dungeon Preview

The Temple of the Jade Serpent was the first announced 5-man dungeon of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. In this dungeon you’ll be tasked with defeating the Sha of Doubt, one of the elemental enemies threatening the shrouded continent and sacred pandaren ways. The temple is located in the Jade Forest. It has four bosses in heroic difficulty and three in normal difficulty.


Dungeon Map



Stormstout Brewery – Dungeon Preview

Stormstout Brewery - Dungeon Preview

The Stormstout Brewery was the third announced 5-man dungeon of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. It is located in the Valley of the Four Winds, a level 86-87 zone and has 3 bosses.

Chen Stormstout of Warcraft III fame is a revered figure within pandaren culture, and his brewery has been overrun by the Verming and Hozu, a couple of the less-than-savory races that also inhabit Pandaria. You’re tasked with reclaiming his family heritage... and his beer.

Blizzcon Video

Dungeon Map



Shado-Pan Monastery – Dungeon Preview

Shado-pan Monastery - Dungeon Preview

The Shado-pan Monastery was the second announced 5-man dungeon of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Located in Kun-Lai Summit, this mountain retreat serves as the home and training grounds of the mysterious Shado-pan Clan, a ninja-like pandaren faction dedicated to protecting Pandaria. Again, the Sha have been set free and threaten the Shado-pan's base of operations, and you’re tasked with dispatching them.


Dungeon Map



Scholomance – Dungeon Preview

Scholomance - Dungeon Preview

Scholomance is returning with a more streamlined layout. The old lower level version will remain accessible for lower level characters. The dungeon will have five bosses:

Dungeon Map


Scarlet Monastery – Dungeon Preview

Scarlet Monastery - Dungeon Preview

Scarlet Monastery, too big to return as one dungeon, is being split up into two wings. The Graveyard and Cathedral are being combined into one level-90 Heroic dungeon, and the Library and Armory into another. Whitemane's Chapeau for everyone! The old lower level version will remain accessible for lower level characters.

Graveyard and Cathedral Bosses

Library and Armory Bosses

Dungeon Maps


Mogu’Shan Palace – Raid Preview

Mogu’Shan Palace - Raid Preview

Mogu'Shan Palace is one of the three new raids that will be opened in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. This six-boss raid is located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and invites you to explore the hidden secrets of the elusive Mogu empire, one of the new indigenous Pandarian races.

Dungeon Map



Diablo III Release Delay

Originally Posted by Blizzard

1) Do you think what Jay Wilson said , which is that the game will be about 6 months after the start of the beta is still your target? Or after the "push back" the claim is no longer to be considered?

Let's say that when it comes to release date should always be considered as the latest version of the facts that we announced with the message of Mike Morhaime about the release of Diablo III in 2012.
The beta is no longer an indicator of approaching the release date as the original plan has jumped when we announced in 2012.

2) If the title was delayed further, we should expect Diablo 3 to at least May / June 2012. How do you consider the idea that Diablo 3 will remain in beta for so long?

First I would like to confirm that we are doing everything possible to not delay the game further. There's nothing new about this, then everything is going well.
The fact that the game remains in beta for a long time do not concern us, we all know perfectly well that it is a demo of the game and does not contain all the features of the full game.
The beta still has its uses, of course, so that remains open is not negative.

3) If the release goes beyond March 2012, I would not say objectively that the target is still "early 2012", but what will happen should the beta last until February / March? I mean, there would be no impact on the Blizzard title listed on the stock market?

I do not think that the duration of the Beta Blizzard title will affect the stock market. The game is still planned for 2012 at the bottom. That said, I'm not a stockbroker and then I can not tell what might happen.

the Korean market is so important that you can afford to keep "STALL" the rest of the world?

Although a global launch of the game is always our preference, I would like to point out that there was not always possible to release the game simultaneously across the world and that this has not stopped the release of the game.

Just think of what happened in China with the expansion of WoW, for example.
Each region has always unique challenges, especially when it comes to business models (Brazil and Russia for StarCraft II) or legal issues (China and South Korea).

Looking back from Blizzard and its release, these issues have directly impacted the date of issue in other regions.

I was wondering ... it is so difficult and painful to say the truth?

I just did. Is it so hard to accept that there is no international conspiracy behind the postponement of a game?
The game was not in the condition we wanted it to be = we postponed it.
It should not be difficult to accept, we do it almost always, is not exactly new.

Why isn't the game out if it's almost ready.

The game is obviously very close to being complete, no doubt.
To me it's all in the definition of "game ready". Diablo III is playable from start to finish, there are no Acts yet to implement, and so on. All the classes are ready, all skills too.
The fact that it is playable, however, does not make it "ready" to our eyes.
I understand that in the Beta can not be noticed, but there are parts that are benefiting much from this extra time available.


Blizzard Stance on Botting

Originally Posted by Blizzard

It is a paying account, why ban them?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions we have, and I genuinely wish we could permanently clear it up. I'll provide a few hypothetical situations (mind you, these numbers are ENTIRELY made up).

Let's say 90% of botters were compromised accounts. This means that 90% of these botters aren't paying accounts; they're stolen accounts, which are generally fueled by stolen credit cards. These payments usually get disputed and taken back, which actually costs us money. If we're looking to make a purely fiscal observation, it makes no financial sense to let these continue (aside from the fact that we don't like compromised accounts to begin with - we want our players to be playing their own accounts safely and enjoyably).

Let's go on the other side of the fence and say 90% of these botters were otherwise legitimate players paying for their accounts, as you purport. When players bot, other players are inconvenienced by this behavior (and trust me, you guys outnumber the botters, even if you may feel it's the other way around). The inconveniences range from normal players having difficulty farming on their own to struggling to keep up with an economy that's being forcibly fluctuated via unfair advantage. When players are inconvenienced in this manner, they submit petitions.

Every petition submitted goes to a Game Master for review. A living, breathing person that is paid to provide customer service looks over it, does what's necessary for the situation (in botting cases, usually forwarding the info on to our exploitation/hacks team), and provides a response. Let's say 1-2 people are inconvenienced by a single botter (in all likelihood, we probably get many more petitions per botter than that). This would mean each botter is inconveniencing at least as many, and likely more, players that are positive to the community (the kinds of players we like and want to continue to play our game). For each botter we allow to continue botting, we potentially stand to lose more than we gain for a single subscription, just out of the sheer inconvenience it causes other players.

Even if you change those numbers around of legitimate players versus compromised accounts - we only stand to lose more if we don't take action on bots (which we do, regularly).

Blizzard needs to step it up. Unfortunately, the bots you see are no longer just hacked's actual players exploiting the game by using bots to farm when they sleep or are away, therefore when blizzard sends a message investigating the matter they respond as a real player and no action is least that is my assumption since two of these jerks are still regularly botting Uldum.

This has been stated many times before, but action being taken against botters takes a long time to come about. The reason why is pretty simple, and another player in this thread has stated it quite eloquently, so I'll be highlighting it here:

Blizzard investigates every single bot report. But as they are intelligent they wait until they can patch a hotfix for the bot before they do mass ban waves. This cures the infection instead of treating the symptom.

We don't generally hit bots individually as we receive the reports because it doesn't ultimately solve the issue - they just acquire another account, either legitimately or illegitimately, and get back to botting. Instead, it's much more effective to study the bots, devise the method they are abusing, and break that method. In the process, we also construct ways of detecting the behavior, and create systems in which we can catch those bots and remove them much more quickly.

It's an ever-evolving battle, however. Botters are smart too, and they figure out what it is we figured out, and develop new bots. We start the cycle over again, but it also means we've eliminated a method of exploitation and have to move on to the next. I hope that makes sense - it's a very lengthy process, and for the best intentions of that process (and preventing providing that info to those who would abuse it), I can't go into much more detail.

If they don't whisper you back its a pretty sure sign that they're botting

Not quite. I tend to get anti-social when I'm mining. It gets me in an almost hypnotic groove. >o.o< All jokes aside, not all players will respond to unsolicited whispers - after all, they know as little about your intentions (unless clearly stated) as you know about theirs. Some just feel like mining for a while, or do it while multi-tasking and reading Facebook or Reddit or something. I may or may not be speaking from experience. /coughs

How many real people, actual players do YOU KNOW personally that can fly around in the exact same pattern for 48 straight hours...and sometimes in fact weeks continuously without logging off?

And how many real people do you know who will sit at their computers and watch someone commit to these patterns for 48 hours straight? It's not an efficient manner to monitor bots, and we don't have our staff to do it any more than we expect our players to. It's also one of many factors that's considered, and unless you've been personally observing accounts for that long yourself, it's probably not quite working the way you perceive it to be. >^.~< Again, my discretion here is necessary, but suffice it to say it's taken into account.

There are other, better ways to identify bots and fight them. We have a team staffed specifically for this purpose. But it is time consuming, and it regrettably needs to be to be most effective. Bots don't get removed in small numerical batches; when we strike at them, it's usually in the hundreds, if not thousands.

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