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I’m glad you like the new features!

Hm. Considering, but not sold on how to approach it. Fields feed through from the Default profile if they haven’t been explicitly changed in the currently-selected profile (if that’s not Default). RP style isn't likely to change very much but some people really like having Character Status (in particular) linked to outfit (so when they switch to their raiding gear, bam, they’re OOC). You might get a similar thing with the Currently: field; it really depends on how people use it.

Perhaps what might help you more is an easier way to edit the Default profile’s FR/FC/CU fields when you’re switched to another profile. I do plan to add a command line way of doing that in a future update (for those that prefer CLI). I don't think I've used the right button for anything have I? Note that you can set profiles up like RPFormal / RPFormal:Cat / RPFormal:Bear / etc. If you have a particular equipment set or two that you use when you like to go IC or otherwise, you could set up a group like that. (A copy profile function would be really useful for that, I note, having a druid myself.)

I’m unsure what approach might work best there; if you've got any expansion on the idea, please post it on the development forum at and I might revisit it and see if i can help craft something that meets your needs, and the needs of others, most effectively.

As for your other suggestion, I’m not going to have MyRolePlay emulating flagRSP2’s look and feel that closely. If people prefer flagRSP2’s description window, surely they’d just prefer the AddOn they’re used to.

Soon, they’ll be able to.

When I designed MRP 4.x, I wanted to help raise the bar for everyone. The original FlagRSP was designed so far back in time, and the WoW API has made such advances since then, that the system was long overdue for a, well, cataclysmic overhaul (if you pardon the pun). But I also wanted people to be able to use an AddOn they prefer but still able to communicate, because these AddOns are all about immersion and communication. So I designed the new protocol to be extensible, (opened it, published a reference implementation (which ended up so clean and efficient that I switched MyRolePlay to it in, and then actively approached the authors of other popular RP AddOns to see if they wished to participate, and if I could help in any way.

Other, compatible MSP RP AddOns will soon be available: including flagRSP2 2.5 (as Azxiana gave me permission to update it). So if you prefer the “look and feel” of flagRSP2, I will have an update ready soon, once the testing is complete. (It’s still got a few rough edges, but then, so does the old 2.4 version right now.)

All MSP RP AddOns talk to each other fine, so whichever you run, you can see everyone’s profiles. You mustn’t use more than one at once (they’ll clash badly—you’ll probably get a big warning about that if you try, and don’t ignore that warning please, it’s not just cosmetic!—because they do the exact same things; same kind of reason running two Unit Frame addons might be a poor idea)—but since they all talk to each other anyway, that should never be necessary. They might not support all the same features in all the same ways, but those design decisions are the things that differentiate them from each other; and this common protocol between them means whichever AddOns you prefer, they have a common ground to talk to each other which is extremely efficient, highly scalable, (now) field-proven and flexible. I hope this approach yields the best possible outcome for everyone!

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