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Skyrim Better Performance Addon

Skyrim Better Performance Addon



This .dll will make your game run like Oblivion. You runned oblivion on max settings? and Skyrim only on High or Medium with lags? This file is for you! You can jump from Medium to Ultra in less than 1 minute!

I was encountering lags on High settings with old .dll file, So i maked this one and now i play Skyrim on High settings without any lags! Before i used this dll. my auto detect settings set game to MEDIUM quality after repleacing .dll auto detect settings set game to HIGH quality. Also my FPS went up over by 10.


Many peoples asked about this because there is .dll file like this one for F:NV. F:NV have its own d3d9.dll file that improves performance for it. Also F3 have d3d9.dll that improves performance, and Oblivion. However all .dll are for other games, This one is for F3 and this one is for Skyrim. So please stop spamming in comments that I stole this file. It was made from scratch, by saying scratch i mean: "From Original .dll that i got from fresh copy of game"

This works with both Ati and Nvidia. It allows transparency AA so trees and grass will look much better if you have AA turned On.


1. Download file.
2. Make backup of your original d3d9.dll file - IMPORTANT
3. Copy d3d9.dll File to your Skyrim folder. It goes in your regular game folder not in the "data" folder with the mods.

If you placed .dll file in right place launcher will re-scan settings, and you will have to set them again how you want.


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