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How to Transmogrify

How to Transmogrify

Transmogrification Rules
Transmogrification - How to Build a Set

Firstly, transmogrification and void storage are not related to one another. Quite a few players seem to have somehow gotten the idea that any items you wish to use for transmogrification need to be contained within your void storage space. Not only is this not true, it's counterproductive. In order to transmogrify an item, you must have both the item whose appearance you want to use, and the item whose appearance you want to alter in your bags/equipped, respectively. If you place an item you want to transmogrify in your void storage, you have merely wasted your deposit fee.

The interface itself is straight-forward. Upon speaking to the etheral transmogrifier (located in Orgrimmar's Drag and outside of Stormwind's Cathedral District; city guards can give precise directions) a window will open showing your character and several equipment slots. The image of your character is a preview of what your gear will look like after the transmogrification process, and the equipment slots are where you will place the items you want to use the appearances of. You can only alter the appearance of your currently equipped gear, though, so make sure that you are wearing the gear whose appearance you want to change before talking to the etheral.

Once the window is open, simply drag and drop the items whose appearances you want to use into the corresponding equipment slots. This means that, yes, you must actually possess the item whose appearance you want to use. Continue until you are satisfied with the result, and then confirm your selections. You will be charged a small amount of gold based on the vendor value of the item whose appearance you are altering (this thankfully means that transmogrification for low level characters is quite cheap, excluding certain heirlooms). Be warned, items used for transmogrification will be made soulbound, untradeable, and non-refundable by finalizing the process.

If you change your mind, the process can be reverted for free by going back to the transmogrifier with the offending item equipped, and clicking on the item's box in the transmogrification window. Alternatively, it can simply be transmogrified again into another item.

Simple, eh? However, there are some restrictions to keep in mind when heading down to your neighborhood transmogrifier.

  • You must meet all requirements to normally equip an item before you can use its appearance for transmogrification. This includes level, class, reputation, and profession skill requirements.
  • Armor and weapon types must match. Plate armor can only take on the appearance of another piece of plate armor, mail armor can only take on the appearance of other mail armor, two-handed swords can only take the appearance of another two-handed sword, and so forth. The sole exception to this rule is that bows, crossbows, and guns may be freely transmogrified across types with one another. This is to maintain a degree of visual distinction among classes and specs.
  • One-handed weapons cannot take on the appearance of main hand or off-hand restricted items. This is because some main and off-hand weapons have models that are designed specifically for one hand or the other, mainly fist weapons. However, main and off-hand weapons are allowed to use the appearances of one-handed weapons.
  • Legendary items are not permitted to be transmogrified to or from. This is to maintain the uniqueness of these rare items.
  • Only items with stats beyond weapon damage or armor are eligible for transmogrification. This excludes grey and white quality items, but also green and better quality items without stats like stamina, agility, or haste.
  • Certain items are excluded from transmogrification on the basis of being inappropriate for combat, usually due to silliness. This is to maintain a degree of dignity in the aesthetic of the game. These items are not marked in any way, but you will receive an error message when attempting to transmogrify them.
  • Level 60 PvP gear is currently not eligible for transmogrification in order to preserve the status of the gear. Players with Feats of Strength from the old PvP ranking system may purchase identical gear from vendors in Area 52, Netherstorm, which are eligible for transmogrification. A more permanent solution is in the works.
  • Heirlooms may have their appearances changed through transmogrification, but cannot be used for their appearances, and will lose their transmogrified appearances when sent through the mail. However, there is currently a bug which fails to wipe the altered appearance from mailed heirlooms in some cases.
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