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LFR Easier Than Normal Raids

Ever since LFR Dragon Soul raid was released to WoW players I keep asking myself. to who this raid is ment to. I will give you typical LFR as Resto Shaman:

Stand close to boss and Healing Rain, Healing Rain, Healing Rain, Healing Rain, Healing Rain...

I find some heroic dungeons even more harder than LFR. Now I understand that LFR suppose to be easy and accessable to everyone, even grandma and her dog but dont you think its a bit too much accessable. I mean, I honestly get bored in LFR. This is what I find myself doing;

Watch youtube on 2nd monitor and press Healing Rain.
Check people gear while pressing Healing Rain.
Guild chatting while pressing Healing Rain.
Go fetch cold drink and while doing that bathroom trip, when come back, Healing Rain.
Play EVE online on 2nd PC, while pressing Healing Rain.
Discuss with brother about Skyrim and checking mods while sometimes tap Healing Rain.

Now one would ask, why do you do it then? Well, I want to raid. I do not hate LFR, I think its wonderful idea, but my oppinion is that it is created for apes. New target audience for Blizzard? Monkies, Gorillas, Chimps... you know em all. Because when I do LFR I feel like it is made not for human players or has humanity sank that low?

For future, if you, Blizzard want to do easy accessable raids thats fine but please do something interesting than standing at boss and mashing same button all the time, have faith in humanity.

Originally Posted by Takralus

We actively encourage feedback on things such as the LFR, because we want to make it fun for everyone. Fun isn't wiping over and over because you have people in the group who are new to the raiding environment, or perhaps aren't up to speed on the latest tactics as you might expect from someone attending, say, an organised guild run. As we've said on numerous occasions, this is why we've designed LFR to be easier than normal raids, to enable a range of players — including less-experienced people or those with less-powerful gear — to see the content and gear up a little before perhaps trying it on normal, then later possibly heroic difficulty.

However, feedback in the form of threads like this is not what we are looking for, nor does it tell us anything useful. If you find LFR lacks challenge to the point where you feel you can leave your computer during an encounter, I'd suggest, like others here have done, that you join a raid on normal or heroic difficulty, which should test your skills sufficiently. Insulting the people LFR is aimed at will not be tolerated.

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