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Valor / Conquest Point Changes on PTR (4.3)

PTR has been updated with Valor Point / Conquest Point changes.

As we all know, leveling and gearing alts these days is fairly easy, in fact, too easy some would say. If you do casual leveling (or even a grind), one way or another you will run trough a few dungeons (especially Cataclysm ones, for the nice 100,000XP bonus per run, which you can get up to 7 times per week), by the time you hit Level85 you should have enough Justice Points to get yourself 2Piece-Tier11, it all changes in Patch 4.3 though, you will only be able to acquire Tier sets by invading (raiding) the new Dragon Soul raid, which I guess is a nice change, but then again ... LookingForRaid is gonna be nerfed to dungeon difficulty levels (I have no doubt about that), and if "casuals" still won't be able to kill the bosses, Blizzard will keep nerfing it till they can. I think LookingForRaid is gonna beat the purpose of raiding in general, it's the path Cataclysm has taken since the beggining.

Now, I can understand the Valor change, you won't be able to get Tier from Valor Points anymore, so nerfing the amount gained is reasonable (I guess the usual rings/relics/offsets will still be there), but the Conquest Point change ... I guarantee you, PvP community is not gonna be happy (I am talking about people who PvP in the top bracket), can't wait to see people running around in Season10 gear they gained by doing non-rated Battlegrounds.

Valor Point Changes

Originally Posted by Bashiok
We've made slight adjustments to the Valor Point (VP) drops on the 4.3 PTR which testers can now see. In both 10- and 25-player raids, bosses will now drop 100 VP each (down from 115 and 135 respectively). We’ll also be changing Firelands raid bosses to drop 50 VP per kill upon release of the patch.

This change is being made to further emphasize the desire to kill bosses for the items they drop. In the 4.3 raid, tier sets can only be earned from boss drops, and as Raid Finder will allow for just about anyone to get a chance to kill bosses, we think there will be less need for Valor overall. We want to try to match the lower desire for VP with a slightly slower acquisition rate.

Conquest Point Changes (Battlegrounds)

Originally Posted by Bashiok
In patch 4.3 we’re changing the daily battleground (BG) to reward 100 conquest for a win (up from 25). In addition, every non-rated BG that you win will also give you 50 conquest. There is no limit to how many BGs you can run this way, up to the normal conquest cap.

Our intent is to start acting even more on our Mists of Pandaria philosophies of encouraging players to approach the content they want to, how they want to, and be able to work toward meaningful player progression. Arenas and rated battlegrounds will still earn Conquest faster, but with this change you can now work your way up by running normal BGs, if you so choose.

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