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oUF_SVengeance (r1.1)


This AddOn is 4.2 compatible
oUF SVengeance  Updated Today!

This is my implementation of an oUF element that shows Vengeance for tanks.

Example of usage:
Add oUF_SVengeance to your layout's optdeps:

Add the bar to your player frame in your layout, ex:
Using this code above you'll create a simple status bar, that fills from left to right.
On this element will be automatically placed a fontstring in its middle to show the vengeance value as ex: 4.5k / 16.80k

Options list (you can find this on top in the main lua file.)

	Set a Statusbar texture, default will be used if none specified

	Fontstring, default will be created if none specified. Requires Usetext to not be false.

Vengeance.Usetext = [true | "perc" | false]
	true = shows the amount of vengeance on the bar as ex: 850 / 16.20k if 1000 otherwise will show ex: 1.3k / 16.20k
	"perc" = shows the value as a % of the max venge, implies true. Ex: 8%
	"buff" = shows the amount of bonus AP from vengeance, implies true. Ex: 1300
	"ap" = shows the current amount of ap you have (the same number displayed in the character info pane), implies true.	Ex: 6800
	false = doesn't show any text

Vengeance.Orientation = ["VERTICAL" | "HORIZONTAL"]
	by default is HORIZONTAL, meaning left to right.
	Set to "VERTICAL" to have a bar that fills from bottom to top

Vengeance.TextOverride = function(element, curvengeance)
	Can be used to override the default text, requires Vengeance.Usetext to not be false
	curvengeance is the venge you have, ex: 1200
	element.max can be used to retrieve the max venge you can obtain
	Use element.Value:SetText() to set the text.

Vengeance.PostUpdate = function(element,curvengeance, vengepercent, attackpower)
	element.max can be used to retrieve the max venge you can obtain
	Can be used for further customization, if no function is provided the bar will be colored red if at low venge value, green at high vengeance value

On the Baleroc encounter the max value will go thru the roof 'couse of the Blaze of Glory buff, I know; btw it's an isolate issue and I don't feel like adding code just to hadle that encounter.

If you find any bug or have suggestions, please send a comment.

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Reagent Restocker (2.6.14)

While Reagent Restocker is an open source addon, I do take donations. I would love to have the next version of "World of Warcraft Programming" and other resources that would make maintaining this addon easier :).

Reagent Restocker has its own page on Google+:

== v2.6.14 ==
* Reagent Restocker now has a Google+ page! Added to About page.
* Reagent Restocker now detects when an item in its database is outdated. If you see "(outdated)" text next to an item, it might not be in WoW anymore.
* Reagent Restocker wasn't searching the bank itself for items, fixed.

== v2.6.13 ==
* Receipt tweaks. Still needs more work.
* Required discount is now reputation. Messing around with formulas turned out to be totally unnecessary. Keep It Simple.

== v2.6.12 ==
* BoE and Soulbound detection disabled until it can be fixed. Sorry, it never really worked anyways.
* Fixed water not upgrading to current player level.

== v2.6.11 ==
* Fixed not displaying the cost of repair.
* Fixed rrbuy/rrsell.
* Trying to account for guild perk "Bartering" again.
* Fixed sometimes not being able to add items to the list via text box or rrbuy/rrsell.
* Finally figured out what was causing the water upgrading bugs. Fixed.
* BOE / Soulbound bugs not fixed yet.

== v2.6.10 ==
* Removed "TotalBiscuit approved!" from top of changelog. He doesn't play the game anymore anyways, and honestly my quality has been lacking the past few releases.
* Hopefully fixed issues with slash commands not working correctly.
* Fixed error with opening guild bank.
* Fixed profit calculation when repairing.

* Water upgrading and BOE/Soulbund bugs not fixed yet.

== v2.6.9 ==
* Fixed libraries not loading if it's the only addon loaded.
* Fixed "attempt to index global 'RRGlobal' (a nil value) ". Required a new event system that handles Lua environments properly.

== v2.6.8 ==
* Attempt to fix error involving RRGlobal.
* Reverted a change to buying based on vendor discount. Need to invetigate the "Bartering" guild perk a bit more.
* Fixed some code that was creating an error when it shouldn't.
* Fixed colors appearing as strange numbers and letters in "Quality to sell" slider in selling options.

== v2.6.7 ==
* Fixed water upgrading.

== v2.6.6 ==
* Possible fix for an error.

== v2.6.5 ==
* Fixed Guild Bank.
* Item stacking should now be a little bit better when automaically withdrawing/depositing items to/from bank or guild bank. Still working on it, though.
* Fixed database update code.
* Lots of changes to the code dealing with banks and guild banks, hopefully fixing a lot of issues. Unfortunately, there are still some remaining bugs, but it should be better.

== v2.6.4 ==
* Reduced loading time when database doesn't need an upgrade.
* Reduced memory footprint by unloading the database upgrade code after it's finished or if it isn't needed. Probably isn't much, but the upgrade code is getting longer with each database update.
* Decided that recording debugging messages constantly even while not debugging shouldn't be done, as it's essentially a memory leak.
* Rewrote a lot of item queueing code. There's a lot of junk commented out increasing the file size a bit, but I'll clean that up soon.
* You WILL need to restart WoW for this update. Don't attempt to upgrade while WoW is running.

== v2.6.3 ==
* Forgot to turn off debugging!!

== v2.6.2 ==
* Fixed receipt message appearing when there is no receipt.
* More code in different files, to make things a bit easier.
* Rolled back the really buggy rewrite of the bank code, moved it into a new file.
* Then rolled it forward again, as I've changed too much to be able to roll it back without consequences.
* There are some extra, unused files as a result, which I'll delete when I'm sure everything is working.
* Fixed print statement claiming gear has been fixed when it really hasn't. Again. Hopefully this time it's really been fixed.
* NOTE: There are still some known bugs in this release, in particular when it comes to moving items to/from the bank. They're some pretty tough bugs, but I'm working on them!

== v2.6.1 ==
* Telling it not to repair with own funds after a guild bank repair fails should work now.

== v2.6.0 ==
* Hopefully now correctly accounts for the guild perk "Bartering" at level 24.
* My guild is NOT at level 24 yet, so can't test it!!
* Fixed print statement claiming gear has been fixed when it really hasn't.
* Well, it's been tested enough as a beta, releasing as stable.

== v2.5.7 Beta ==
* Database changes towards the goal of making it easier to work with.
* Adding items by typing in name was broken. Fixed.
* Fixed item caching issue accidently adding items to item list.
* New option to automatically upgrade water.

== v2.5.6 Beta ==
* Bug fix creating new database.
* Updated toc file this time.

== v2.5.5 Beta ==
* Fixed bug 68 - Selling items doesn't always give receipt.

== v2.5.4 Beta ==
* More bug fixes.
* Extra database integrity checks and fixes.
* Should be the last of the known bugs - please report if you find more!

== v2.5.3 Beta ==
* Fixed 55 - Lists not updating immediately.
* Fixed 62 - Sub-optimal handling of guild repairs option
* As far as the UI is concerned, buying and selling is now based purely on the tag system. Hopefully this should clear up some weird behavior and bugs.
* Test release - 2.5.3. Let's see how this repository thing works, eh?

== v2.5.2 Beta ==
* More unused code removal.
* Updated interface version.
* Unified file loading into the XML file.
* Lots of file restructuring, to make future development easier.
* Less reliance on Ace libraries.
* Easier event handling (WIP).
* Debug printing now a different color (not visible unless debugging is turned on).
* Beginnings of a testing framework. See if I can do some test driven development for better code quality.
* Fix crashes when adding/removing items from lists.
* Fixed some cases of "You are attempting to begin too many transactions in a short time" - hopefully it won't break anything else?
* Fixed buying items that use alternative currencies. Adding alternative currency support would likely be complex, so for now they're not supported at all.

== v2.5.1 Beta ==
* Fixed some pesky bugs.

== v2.5.0 Beta ==
* Moved BoE and Soulbound checks inside of API function for more accurate reporting to other addons.
* Removed unused "package" system.
* Removed more commented out and unused code.
* Decided I'm moving to the tag system - it's fast, effective, and works. It's a bit of a space/speed tradeoff, but it should allow me to remove some deeply nested loops that hurt performance.
* New: Reagent Restocker now has access to a database shared between characters, currently used for global caching and will eventually make copying lists between characters possible.
* Various other tweaks.
* The Reagent Restocker LDB item is now always available.
* Added support for launching Reagent Restocker via a minimap icon (requires LibDBIcon-1.0).
* Started work on support for guild bank. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, it's gonna take a while to get it implemented.
* Lots of new stuff, likely lots of bugs, so make this a beta.
* Option for automatic adding of items to selling list moved to misc menu, in a less prominent position. I really want to discourage using this feature.
* WARNING: This update includes rewriting some of the base code, which was needed to make the guild bank feature possible. Some behavior may have changed for restocking to/from the bank.

== v2.4.6 ==
* Bug fix: Don't sell items in buy list.

== v2.4.5 ==
* Fixed shaman armor proficiencies.
* Moved some receipt code.
* Removed garbage collection calls. The tooltip issue is fixed and the code is a bit more optimized now, it shouldn't be a problem anyways. And it's just plain better programming to let the incremental collector do its job. In any case, CPU usage affects performance a lot more than memory usage. If you're hitting the swap file a lot with an addon that only uses kilobytes or even a few megs, you have bigger problems and the addon should be the least of your worries.

== v2.4.4 ==
* Collect garbage after loading/upgrading database.
* Performance tweaks and memory usage tweaks.

== v2.4.3 ==
* Commented out more unused code.
* Check for existing LDB objects before creating new ones. Should reduce delays, use less memory. I am aware that there are still some memory issues, I am trying to find them.
* Receipt code now uses several lines instead of one big message.
* Started some new code for receipts - the plan is to eventually allow players to be able to keep previous receipts (optional, of course). Not available in the game, but may affect download size.
* New features: Don't sell soulbound or bind on equip items. I went into the deep, dark depths of tooltip scanning. Not an easy thing to do. But I did it. This also means I can scan for other things in the future :).

== v2.4.2 ==
* Minor bug fixes.
* Fixed tooltips.
* Got the message loud and clear on the new receipts - reverted some of the code until I can have something better and more complete in place.

== v2.4.1 ==
* Sliders now support tooltips.
* Added ability to automatically sell higher quality items.
* Added ability to automatically sell food or water. If you want two options (one for food, the other for water), you MUST have the Periodic Table library (version 3.1) installed. Otherwise, your only option is to sell both or none.
* Upgraded Ace to current version (r981) to fix some bugs.
* New feature: You can now add items to the shopping list directly from a shopkeeper's window.
* Receipts now open up in a new window rather than being dumped in chat. In the future, I may add an option to save them.
* Various UI and code tweaks.

== v2.4.0 ==
* Forgot I was using the even/odd version numbering system.
* Fixed broken faction discount description.
* Removed debug info.

== v2.3.5 ==
* Code reduction: Removed some uneeded files.
* Added option to automatically sell unusable armor/weapons. WARNING: Mostly untested! I don't have characters of all classes. Based on WoWWiki's tables. Doesn't work for relics.
* Fixed a minor spelling error.
* Fixed bug adding items to exclusion list.
* Happy Thanksgiving to those in the USA (or anybody else celebrating a similar holiday) :).

== v2.3.4 ==
* Updated TOC - I tested it in Cataclysm beta, it works.
* Removed beta tag to make it the official current version. It's stable, even if it's not where I want it to be.
* Removed options to show debugging info and the "new UI" which might not happen anyways.

== v2.3.3 beta ==
* Added UI info to "about" info.
* Fixed Cataclysm bug due to API changes.

== v2.3.2 beta ==
* Minor bugfixes.

== v2.3.1 beta ==
* Minor bugfixes.
* Upgraded Ace to current version (r942)
* Added Ace info so I know what RR's currently using.

== v2.3.0 alpha ==
* Minor tweak to "receipt."
* Reworked global function calls, hopefully for a reduced memory footprint.
* Beginnings of new UI - NOT FUNCTIONAL! Only available using a button from the old UI.

== v2.2.5 ==
* Automatic destroying of items fixed. WARNING: Destroyed items cannot be recovered. It should show a dialog box before destroying items.

== v2.2.4 ==
* More detailed sale report.
* First attempt at automatic destroying of items - dialog box appears, and function tries to run, but for some reason it won't work.

== v2.2.3 ==
* Found new method of detecting whether a vendor is willing to buy an item - hopefully, this will fix a bug and enable a new feature in the future.
* It's about time I used tooltips rather than relying on Ace3's status frame, which always has a bad habit of chopping off the text.

== v2.2.2 ==
* Attempted to fix bug where stuff wasn't being added to the exceptions list.
* Added a bit of database cleanup code, should improve the loading performance for some people. You will need to install this update, load the game, quit the game normally (no crashes or force quits), then load the game again to benefit from this.

== v2.2.1 ==
* Swatted a bug. D.E.H.T.A. is angry.

== v2.2.0 ==
* Minor bug fixes.
* Seems pretty stable, so make the middle number even.

== v2.1.3 ==
* Added sorting to item lists.
* Two new APIs for other addon developers that want to communicate with Reagent Restocker:
** ReagentRestocker:getVersion()
** ReagentRestocker:deleteItem(item) UI now uses this, so it should be hookable.
* Except for the exceptions list, all lists now show the UI for the item when it is added to a list.
* Clears UI when an item is deleted.
* Added titles to the UI if the items when they are selected. Helps a bit when debugging as well.
* The ArkInventory addon author is looking at adding support for Reagent Restocker!
* Unintentional source of data corruption found and fixed.
* A bunch of UI cleanup.

== v2.1.2 ==
* Fix bugs.
* Easier than I thought, actually. It was just trying to pull in some functions that it wasn't using anyways.

== v2.1.1 ==
* Attempt to fix a bug.

== v2.1.0 ==
* No news is good news. I'm pretty much assuming the "low reagent warning" bug is fixed now.
* Fixed crash when quantity wasn't set.
* New list: Exceptions. This lists prevents the automatic selling from selling certain items.
* Some functions made available in a public API.
* This was a pretty big change to the code (in order to make more lists possible), and a lot could be buggy, so I'm gonna increment the middle number in the version.

== v2.0.10 ==
* More tweaks to the low reagent warning. Note that it only warns when items become low while using them, it doesn't warn of low items when entering a city or anything like that.
* I just got a big DUH moment - the warning was deeply nested in a "for" statement, making it conditional on things it shouldn't be conditional on! Fixed. Hopefully, this fixes 99% of the weirdness of the low reagent warning.

== v2.0.9 ==
* Fixed an unintended crash when dragging and dropping an item onto the text field. Probably in there as a previous experiment to add drag and drop?
* As a result of fixing the bug, you can now drag and drop items on the text field to add them to the list. Note that it may not be reliable.
* Added a bit of new debugging code - puts more information in crash messages.

== v2.0.8 ==
* Another attempt to fix low reagent warning.

== v2.0.7 ==
* Tried to fix reagent warning not appearing at all.
* Disabled debugging (did I leave that on? oops!)

Explanation of the bug I'm tracking down: It seems that when WoW first loads, the inventory will act as if there's nothing in it. Therefore, if I check for low reagents right away when RR loads, it will detect them as low and give the player a warning. In 2.0.6, I've been telling it to ignore them until a certain event happens which seems to tell me when the inventory is available again. Alas, the event I chose doesn't always happen, so I've added another event in an attempt to make the detection more reliable.

Alas, there is no documented "correct" event to check for this, so it's largely a shot in the dark. I'm hoping this is the last I see of this bug, but no complete guarantees. Please report it if it happens again.

== v2.0.6 ==
* Fixed database bug that could cause crashes.
* Fixed bug that inappropriately warned reagents were low after a loading screen.

== v2.0.5 ==
* Why yes, if I compare it to nil, I want to know if it's nil.
* Get rid of some debugging messages that were just causing errors.
* Added delay before checking for low items in an attempt to avoid a bug.

== v2.0.4 ==
* Fixed a bug where a debug message was being displayed inappropriately.
* Added option to disable low reagent warnings.
* Attempted to fix warning that something is low when it isn't.

== v2.0.3 ==
* Fixed a bug when loading the database.
* Started some code for a new feature.

== v2.0.2 ==
* Added bug reporting link to About page.
* Fixed bug where the merchant refused to take the item, but still counted as being sold, resulting in inaccurate selling profit.
* Added warning when item drops below an amount set by the user. Compatible with Mik's Scrolling Battle Text.

== v2.0.1 ==
* Raid Roll detection improved.
* Apparently, the old way of just detecting the slash command conflict stopped working. Thankfully, the Raid Roll author added a way to detect that it's been loaded.
* Added "About" section.

== v2.0.0 ==
* Library and code cleanup - removed unneeded stuff, should make download smaller :).
* 2.0 is released!
* Waterfall is no more. Ace3 is now the primary driver of the UI.
* Fixed bug where bank itself wasn't included when stocking to/from bank.

== v1.9.11 beta ==
* Turned off debug flag.
* Various bug fixes
* To prevent people with large lists from having an explosion of LDB items, it now defaults to only a single item.
* LDB: Now loads icon for items when a new LDB object created, rather than loading the icon later - fixes bug with some plugins.
* Added option to use text instead of labels - some LDB plugins don't support labels.
* Closed all bugs. Unfortunately, one I wasn't able to reproduce :(. If it happens again, the workaround is to just visit the vendor again. Please record any errors - sometimes the error will appear in a chat message.
* Start tracking Reagent Restocker version in database - may help if I want to change how the database works in the future.
* If nothing major is reported, this is likely to be the last beta.

== v1.9.10 beta ==
* Fix UI bugs.
* Well, as far as I know it's stable. Barring any new major bug reports, it'll go to stable, which will be released as 2.0.

== v1.9.9 beta ==
* Made sliders act more like they do in the 1.2.x code.
* Fixed typing in the numbers in the sliders.
* Erased some debug prints. Debug printing still turned on for the beta testing, though.

== v1.9.8 beta ==
* Fixed checkmarks not working. Placed something in the wrong argument for a function.

== v1.9.7 beta ==
* Fixed checkmarks not working. Hopefully this time they're really fixed.

== v1.9.6 beta ==
* Fixed checkmarks not working.

== v1.9.5 beta ==
* Yes, updates are rolling in rapidly . . .
* More bug fixes. Testing on my main now.

== v1.2.4 and v1.9.4 beta ==
* Fixed loading bug when Ace3 is loaded and LDB is absent.
* Minor bug fixes.

== v1.9.3 beta ==
* Major bug fix: Now loads database properly.
* Now sliders go their full length.
* UI tweaks.
* Disappearing window fixed.
* Other various minor bugfixes

== v1.9.2 beta ==
* Released as beta! Please test, please report bugs!
* **Finally** got everything I wanted to get working, working.
* Integrates with WoW's addons tab in the interface menu.
* Updated toc to current patch version.
* It's been a long, hard road, I hope it's worth it. Finally, I can get back to playing the game and fixing minor bugs.
* I accept donations, go to the website and find the donate button.

== v1.9.1 alpha ==
* Various bug fixes, working on reducing name clashes.

== v1.9.0 alpha ==
* Moved to Ace3 libraries.
* Known bug: Frame intended to be inside Blizzard's UI appears underneath it.

== v1.2.3 ==
* Fixed case where, when Raid Roll loaded after Reagent Restocker, it would wipe all three slash commands.
* Not really Raid Roll's fault, it just appears that when you register slash commands as a group, overriding one wipes the others in the group. Solution was to register "/rr" separately.

== v1.2.2 ==
* Attempt to fix some icons not showing up.
* Added option to use a single LDB object instead of one per item.

== v1.2.1 ==
* Detect Raid Roll, and do not override its slash command if it has set one.
* Added /rrstock to the slash commands. Same as /rr.
* Remember, you can always use /reagentrestocker to open reagent restocker.

== v1.2.0 ==
* Minor graphical adjustments.
* No more crashes reported, only minor graphical complaints, so releasing as stable!

== v1.1.8 beta ==
* Waterfall was acting up, so I jailed it.
* In other words, it runs in its own environment now and doesn't pollute the global namespace.
* Hopefully this should be the final fix for incompatibilities with other addons.

== v1.1.7 beta ==
* If you come to a fork in the road, take it. Or, in this case, if you modify a library, fork it.

== v1.1.6 beta ==
* With a new day for a fresh set of eyes - a some "if" statements and "function" closures in my code were closing in weird places. May have been responsible for flaky behavior and performance issues. Fixed.

== v1.1.5 beta ==
* More LDB fixes.

== v1.1.4 beta ==
* Bug/performance fixes.

== v1.1.3 beta ==
* Minor UI and LDB bug fixes.

== v1.1.2 beta ==
* Fix Broker2FuBar compatibility.
* Add some text to LDB feed.
* Increase intensity of colors at user request.

== v1.1.1 beta ==
* LDB support added.
* Increased visibility of resize handles.
* Fixed a fix.

== v1.1.0 beta ==

* Give Cheeken credit in TOC.
* Hopefully fix vendor discount bug.
* Versioning set to be more Linux-like. This is still a beta release, so odd second number.
* Drag and drop support now added! Easier, and more reliable since no dependency on the name.
* Rquired modifications to the Waterfall library. Consider the library branched . . .
* Wider area for longer description viewing. May adjust more in the future.
* Formatting of news and changelog adjusted to be more Wiki-like.

== v1.0 beta ==

* Added MIT license to code.
* (gonna publish to
* Added /rrbuy and /rrsell to add items to the sell and buy lists (thanks g3gg0).
* Per the advice of rerunx5, replaced LibStub with Ace 3.0 LibStub.
* Updated Waterfall library.
* Updated Ace 2 libraries.
* Updated TOC.

== v0.9d ==

* First change with new author (CobraA1).
* Increased maximum shopping quantities; should allow players to fill some of the more specialized bags.
* Changelog and news now included as text files in the addon.
* Note that I have not updated the interface version yet - I want to make sure most of the known bugs are fixed first.

== v0.9 ==

* Improved interface (thanks to the excellent Waterfall library)
* Added ability to turn overstocking on and off
* Fixed problem finding items with hyphens (-) in them

== v0.8 ==

* This update will delete your settings, but it will also work with the 2.3.2 update
* Improved bag-movement "AI"
* Improved reporting
* Cleaned things up a bit; should be less prone to bugs

== v0.7 ==

* Improved bank logic
* Multiple bug fixes

== v0.6 ==
The Bad News: Due to a significant code rewrite, v0.6 will reset your settings. You will have to re-enter them.

The Good News: Reagent Restocker now has limited bank support. Enable the appropriate options and Shopping List items will be pulled from or deposited into your bank. Also a few other handy features were added, such as auto-population of the Selling List.

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Autograph (

2011-11-26 -- Version
- TOC bump for 4.3

2010-11-07 -- Version
- TOC bump for 4.0.1

2009-12-22 -- Version 1.2.3
- Small change to catch teleporting out of WG

2009-10-15 -- Version 1.2.2
- Never again drycoding locales

2009-10-15 -- Version 1.2.1
- Sorry about the 1.2 upload, it didn't restore detail after wintergrasp. Fixed now.

2009-10-15 -- Version 1.2
- Fixed the Wintergrasp code, it also uses 15% detail now, not 10%, turned out to work better.
- Added localizations for De, Fr, Es. Untested though, cannot test it myself really, sorry.

2009-10-07 -- Version 1.0
- Initial Version

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Tidy Plates Beta (6.4.9 (r373))

+ Improved theme format error handling
~ Reversed changes to Graphite
~ Reversed Neon font changes (If you liked the 6.4 font, I'll post instructions for modding)
+ Added: Hub, Opacity Filter, "By NPC"
+ Added: Hub, Health Bar Coloring Mode: "By Raid Icon" Colors
+ Added: Hub, Health Bar Coloring Mode: "By Level Color"
+ Added: Hub, Name Color Mode: "By Level Color"
+ Added: Hub, Opacity, Scale, and Warning Glow Modes: "By Enemy Healer"
+ Supported by the addition of a Healer Detection system
+ Added: Hub, "By Threat (Auto-Detect") modes to Opacity, Scale, and Warning Glows
+ Supported by the addition of some code to detect the current tanking state based on auras/stances/forms
! Not quite finished

- Fixed: Re-Added unit.spellIsShielded to cast color delegate
- Added: MaximumDisplayableDebuffs variable under Debuff Widget. This will allow user-configurable debuff quantities.

- Added: Tip text next to Hub Debuff widget config
- Fixed: Friendly Group unit class coloring
- Re-removed: Minimap button. The code is still there, but hidden. If you liked the button, use this command: /run TidyPlatesOptions._EnableMiniButton = true; ReloadUI()

- Fixed: List-to-lookup table conversion for Unit Filter, By Name
- Fixed: Hub/Tank slider ranges (They were not actually broken, just different from the Damage Hub)

- Fixed: Incorrect Paths in TidyPlatesWidgets (causing several widgets to not work)
- Fixed: Hub Tank Panel, SplitToTable error

- More messing around with debuff widget
- Cleaned up some of Neon's artwork
- Changed default Neon font to Headache
- Debuff Buff display for Friendly units is internally complete, but is disabled until the Hub can be updated
- Debuff widget now provides .unit table from the underlying nameplate, to allow better filtering.

- No clue

- Fix for Debuff Widget empty table/sort error
- Corrected a mistyped line for indexing Aura_Dispell type

- Debuff Priority works for "Show Specific" and "Show My Specific" modes, in addition to "By Prefix"
- Class Icon Widget: Returned to using internal artwork
- All textures are now Non-blocking (the game won't wait for textures to load into memory before it draws the scene), preventing texture changes from affecting frame rate
- The debuff widget (should now be called Aura Widget) will track buffs for friendly players

6.4 (r318)
- New folder: TidyPlatesWidgets
* Moved Widgets to their own addon/folder (For memory usage tracking)
- Debuff widget now uses single dimension tables to store cached data, to improve memory management
- The Debuff widget now supports 'priority' through the existing .filter function... example:
* return showThisAura, auraPriority
- The Hub debuff widget list has a new internal format, and will be automatically converted (hopefully)
- The Hub Panels will check the order of the debuffs in its list to determine priority.
- The Hub opacity filter list has a new internal format, and will be automatically converted (hopefully)
- Class Widget no longer uses internal class artwork; Instead, the class icon is pulled from the Blizz UI library.
- Statusbar gradients are now supported via additional return values in theme.SetHealthbarColor()...
* return r1, g1, b1, [r2, g2, b2]
- If theme.SetCastbarColor returns nil, the cast animation will be skipped
* This can be used to filter spell casting data
* SetCastbarColor is passed the 'unit info' table, which contains: unit.isCasting, unit.spellName, unit.spellID, unit.spellInterruptible

6.3.8 (r307)
* Removed: Toggle for Minimap button. The minimap buttons does't work completely as-intended, so I've removing it for general release, sooner rather than later.

6.3.7 (r304)
* Fixed: LDB Icon Registration
* Modified: Minimap Icon Position
- Note: The icon does not save a user-placed position, yet.

6.3.6 (r301)
* Fixed: UnitCache Error
* Fixed: Graphite Loading Error
* Added: Spell Cast Monitor will not look for casts from current target
* Added: Hub Option, Scale: Ignore Inactive/Undamaged Mobs
* Added: Hub Option, Alpha: Filter Inactive/Undamaged Mobs
* Added: Minimap Icon
* Fixed: Debuff Widget, Nil Raid Icon Lookup Index

6.3.5 (r295)
- Self-Test for DebuffWidget.lua added, in order to inform users of possible issues. (I hope to address auto-updater bug)
- Cleaned up some code to reduce "double calls" to delegate and update functions

6.3.4 (r293)
- More debuff widget fixes and optimization

6.3.3 (r292)
- Debuff widget should gracefully handle certain aura events. (GetSpellInfo errors)

6.3.2 (r291)
- Tidy Plates Hub: Debuff Widget: Spell IDs can now be used instead of spell names in the filter system.
- Fixed: Crazy debuffs during Firelands dailies.
- Aurainstance table (for debuff widget) and functions have been converted to a smarter format
- When auras are updated on your current target, the caching function will clear the cache before it repopulates the list.

6.3.1 (r289)
- Fixed debuff update stalling
- Added nil value error protection to debuff prefix sorter

* Updated functions for 4.2
* Increased width of sliders in Hub
* Opacity functions now use a transfer function to correct the opacity (currently, .5 does not translate to 50% opaque; it's more like 65%)
* Channeled spells now move the cast bar in reverse.
* Friendly/Enemy "V-key" Automation; In Combat, Out of Combat, Always
* Debuff widget now Caches texture of debuffs (to fix sunfire phenomenon, and similar)

6.2 (r259)
- The Hub gets a new category: Style
- This new category has two menus for Friendly and Enemy nameplates
- Users can select between two styles (Health Bars vs Text Only),
and several different visibility conditions.
- If you use the Text Only bars, you might want to check out the Name Text
Color options, to spice up that text!

6.1.13 (r253)
- tweaked name color function
- Debug widget should clear its cache more often

- Fixed Hub/Tank NameTextColor errors
- Updated description of "Vertical Position of Frame" to "Vertical Position of Artwork"

- See Demo on Youtube:
- Fixed UnitChannelInfo interruptable spell argument bug
- Found a bug; The Editboxes contained in my ScrollFrames seem to invisibly extend past the bottom of the scrollframe, which can block underlying UI controls. I've dropped the editboxes to a lower frame level, which is a hack method of preventing problems with it interferring with controls anchored to the bottom of the scrollframe. Will attempt to figure out a better solution.
- Name text coloring modes
- By Raid Icon modes for Opacity and Scale

r238 (6.1.10)
- Fixed un-interruptable spell bug on channeled spells
- Added to Hub; "By Prefix.." Mode for Debuff Widget
- Using CC will eventually highlight the debuff on the widget, but for now it acts as "ALL"

6.1.8 (r229)
- PTR bug fixes (Neon Threat Glow was turning green)
- Debuff widget will clear aurainstance tables when combat ends (regen returns)
- Added Health Text option: Approximate Health (will show 2 decimal places for thousands (k) and millions (M), with suffix)
- Added Text option, "Use Default Blizzard Font"; This will use the font defined by the global variable, 'NAMEPLATE_FONT'. This should improve the situation for non-latin charcter sets (this is for you, Chinese, Russians, Taiwanese, and Koreans.. xoxo)

r212 (6.1.7)
- Changed from thousand/million suffix for health text to using a thousands seperator
- Restored PTR support (last time I checked)
- Moved Quatre Raid Icon to similar position as Neon (to left side of health bar)

- The update function for debuff icons are now exposed via, widget.Poll
- Added Threat Wheel to Hub/function set
- Reverted to original health % mode; ie. does not show % when full health. if you like it the other way, edit TidyPlatesHubfunctions.lua. I like it this way, and dammit, it's my software ;-)
- WoW 4.1 Compatibility (should work on 4.0.x and 4.1, concurrently. I have not tested on the PTR, though)

r199 - Raid Tank Coloring in Tank mode. Automatically used when in "By Threat" Modes.
- Theme list is now Alphabetized
- Better handling when previous theme selection does not exist
- Debuffs of the same spell-id are now handled more securely
- Reset button in main panel will now reset variables on 'click', turn enemy plates ON and friendlies, OFF
- 'shift-clicking' will clear and restore the variables, and reload the ui
- Reset buttons in hub panels also now have a 'click' behavior to reset the variables without reloading the UI
- 'shift-clicking' will still clear the tables and reload the ui
- First-run config, turns off friendly nameplates by default
- Added a link to the Blizzard "Names" panel via the Tidy Plates theme chooser panel

r186 - Default Hub Values changed to more closely resemble 6.0.8 defaults (Blue, Orange Scheme, Threat Warning Glow/Triangles turned On)
- A variable reset may be required to revert to the defaults
- First-run config, "friendly unit bug" fix

- added some reset buttons to Hub panels (hold down Shift to reset variables and ReloadUI)

- removal of TidyPlates_Graphite and TidyPlatesIcon (they will either become their own package, or be included again at a later date)

- Bug fixes and tweaks
- LDB support for Icon

- Fixes for Bugs in Hub functions
- New hub features
- Fixes for Bugs in Debuff widget

- Debuff Widget Modifications, mainly

- New Debuff Widget tech.
-- it will now display all debuffs, not just ones from the player.
-- Filter function is passed debuff and plate unit: Filter(debuff, unit)
-, debuff.spellid, debuff.stacks, debuff.duration, debuff.caster (caster guid)
-- it will attempt to search for marked and pvp named plates (unteseted), and reassociate the debuffs upon reshowing.
-- limitation: we cannot detect the duration of a debuff unless it is moused-over or on a target
- Other stuff... I can't think of it right now
- removed IsRaidTanked functionality from the health bar coloring. used this coloring during Wrath, but it never really worked well, and it was mostly just confusing.
- added some new debuff filtering options in the Hub

- Bug fixes
- a few new hub functions
- Tidy Plates Icon addon, which adds a mini icon to your UI, allowing rapid theme changes

TidyPlatesWidgets:GetThreatCondition now sources its group data from the group info table
0 - player has less than 100% raw threat (default UI shows no indicator)
1 - player has 100% or higher raw threat but isn't mobUnit's primary target (default UI shows yellow indicator)
2 - player is mobUnit's primary target, and another unit has 100% or higher raw threat (default UI shows orange indicator)
3 - player is mobUnit's primary target, and no other unit has 100% or higher raw threat (default UI shows red indicator)

- Created a group information watcher.
TidyPlatesUtility.GroupMembers = {} a table
.Names = {} Returns a name if you pass it a unitid
.Tanks = {} If you pass it a name, it will tell you if the unit is a tank
.Class = {} Returns a class if you pass it a name
.Role = {} Returns a role if you pass it a name
.UnitId = {} Returns a unitid if you pass it a name
.Type = "solo" Returns the group type; "solo", "party", "raid"
.Size = 1 Returns the size of the group
TidyPlatesUtility:EnableGroupWatcher() a function
TidyPlatesUtilityisableGroupWatcher() another function
- Spell Cast Monitor will now catch channeled spell events (Note: Channeled spells do not animate in reverse. Bite me.)
- Created a group member aggro watcher. (Gonna change this to be under TidyPlatesUtility)
Pass it a name of a party membmer, and it'll tell you if that person has aggro
- Removed the troubleshooting panel.
- Changed "Notes" in TOC
- Spell cast watcher now watches the combat log for casting associated with marked units (raid icons), and will display the cast warning on those units in lieu of a GUID or name.
- Spell Cast events now trigger the SetAlpha functions (in addition to the scale and text functions)
- Spell Cast events send this data to the delegate functions, in addition to normal unit information:
unit.isCasting = true
unit.spellName = spell
unit.spellIsShielded = notInterruptible

- The LoadTheme function is now accessible to external software, via: TidyPlates.LoadTheme("name").
- Removed the '.InterfacePanel' interface panel pointer variable. Replaced with .ShowConfigPanel, which is a function that is called when the wrench icon is clicked
- Threat Line (Tug) widget scales to frame width (default of 100)
- Added Name text color delegate, SetNameColor
- Sets a unique frame level for each plate (up to 125)
- Raises frame level of current target to a high frame level (126), and return it to previous when done.

- Minor tweaks to the TotemIconWidget. Added 'TotemSlot' function to TidyPlatesUtilities global table.

- fixed: Neon/Tank Health Text
- fixed: Neon/Tank Threat Wheel
- fixed: Mouseover errors during nameplate init

- Fixed Neon Tank variables

- Bug Fixes
- General Release

- Neon and Grey are now fully (I hope) operational

- add icons for the "configure theme" functions
- making any changes in the interface panel will now apply the changes in real-time (no more 'apply' button)

- Removed and restructured some of the OnUpdate code (to prevent some nil errors)
- Added interface panel option for the cast watcher, directly in the /tidyplates panel (so any theme can use it)
- Click on theme name in theme chooser window to bring up linked panel (supplied to, theme.InterfacePanel = panelframe)

- Anchoring and event handling fixes
- The theme loader will now call 'theme.OnActivateTheme' (a theme function) when the active theme is changed. it passes two value to the function: the active theme table, and the active theme name.
- The theme loader will call the theme.OnActivateTheme with nil values for ALL themes when a theme is changed. See the Neon/Tank functions.lua for how and why it's supposed to be used.
- Numerous bug fixes
- The new casting system has been finished. Neon/Tank will activate it automatically, but you can use '/run TidyPlates:StartSpellCastWatcher()' to enable it for any theme.

- Massive changes. Your themes may not work...
- Removed Cvar for Bloattest
- Added external access for plates tables
- Changed MANY names for things. See the TidyPlatesDefaults.lua file for the new format names. To enable an element, use the .show tag under each element. (No more options.showName = true, etc)
- Added "spelltext" which replaces one of the special text fields.
- removed specialtext fields. replaced with "spelltext" and "customtext"
- Returned to Virtual Parenting (Tidy Plates Frames are NOT children of the base nameplate. They are just anchored)
- Elite segments have been removed from the healthborder and threatborder. Use multi-style if you want different textures
- Elite icon has been added to replace elite segments
- Skull icon texture can now be changed
- Cast bar will continue to display on previous target when you change targets (guesstimated)
- Cast bar will start on a target if you change TO that target, and they are casting a spell (guesstimated)
- The cast bar may not register interupts fully. But, it will let you know that the unit is casting. Quit whining, you babies.
- Preliminary Spell Cast Monitor, in place. Not yet activated. You can find this code under the widget folder, in SpellCastMonitor.lua, if you want to enable/play with it.
- At this stage of development, If you can't figure out how to enable it on your own, YOU SHOULDN'T.
- Changed the update functions a wee bit to try and reduce CPU load. Some plates may not be updating correctly. Complain wisely (ie. with specifics) and it shall be fixed.
- Added a selection box item to the visual elements. find it under,

- Update queue changes
- Neon/Tank changes for testing:
* Threat border will light up red when a friendly unit has aggro
* Debuff highlighting functions are in place, but not yet implemented

- Fixed Tanked Widget

- lil' Core changes

- Numerous bug fixes (some of them pretty big)
- "Culling of Old Widget Code"
- Various optimizations
- Reordering of updates (Delegate functions will get updated on TidyPlates:Update() calls, regardless of the 'unit' table having changed)

The R65 release contains the test version of Graphite.

- Lil' bug fixes

- Neon now keeps a "Known targetOf list" table, which delegate functions access to highlight non-tanked targets
- Added a simple Combat Log Analyzer to Debuff Widget (To report debuff cancelation back to ID'd units)
- Tank role recognition in Threat Line Widget
- Totem Icon Widget Included in WidgetLib. Not yet in Neon.
- Changed internal cast bar code in prep for cast warning system (slated for 5.16). oddities might occur. I'll fix as discovered


- fixed nil values during set scale
- adjusted neon font to 'Qlassik', size, and position for better clarity
- added some comments to the default theme file
- threat line widget will not update on a unit until there is a threat table; meaning, if you're solo, you won't see anything.

- Commented-out improved cast bar code; Saved for another cycle
- removed unit.targetOf determination; too much cpu utilization
- some optimization of the OnUpdate function to improve fading performance
- Fixed color picker widget being placed under the interface options window
- theme.SetAlpha functions should just return a single value, for absolute alpha (0.0-1.0). additional returns are ignored
- The theme template table (the one with all the default values) has been changed to no longer look like the Grey theme. The Grey theme's media is now stored in its own folder. Choosing "None" as a theme option will show name-text, only.
- TP previously tried to associate arena, party, raid member guids to a nameplate (by name). This has been removed due to cpu considerations

- Still cranky
- fixed the Avoid overlap thingy
- added some update throttling for threat line widget
- commented out some friendly unit guid identification code
- some optimization of the OnUpdate function to improve fading performance

- I'm exhausted and sick and I don't want to even think about this stupid changelog thing and it's a miracle that I'm actually uploading this and I'm going to go to my freaking bed so I can be less cranky in the morning. I'm also hungry, dammit.

- Improved Fade
- Added a unit.targetOf variable, which the core will attempt to fill, depending on if there is a path to that unit (target, mousover, raid1target, party2target, etc.. doesn't fill from arena, yet)
- Added a .backdrop tag to the statusbars in the style table for themes; The image will appear behind the statusbar.


* Improved Tug-o'-Threat Widget
- Widget will try to acquire threat data from raid members

* Nameplates will now fade in when they appear

* Improved Cast Bar
- Will now try to estimate the cast of a
unit, without being targeted.

* Fixed Alpha == 0 update problems (Not updating name, health)
* Fixed Neon panel (Not holding values)

* Modified layering
* Mainstream Release!

* Updates and fixes to Neon (including Unit Level)
* Inclusion of Graphite (just a peek at an upcoming theme)
* Layering adjustment
* Removal of some beta debug code

* New theme callback function: OnContextUpdate. Triggered when the GUID of a unit is updated.
* SetThreatColor will trigger for every unit, with no filtering, allowing the designer to use the
Threat Glow for other purposes (such as debuff tracking)
* Neon and Grey Panels are parented to their own category.
* Neon Panel has been updated
* New Neon features:
- Threat glow border
- Class Icon
- Debuff Widget Config

- Modified the theme table preprocessor to fill in values on the incoming theme table, rather than generating a totally segregated table.
- The style application function will now use that updated custom theme table
- Theme styles can be modified in real-time, and updated with TidyPlates:ForceUpdate()
- Theme reload will only be required when new styles are added, after the initial loading. (to multi-style themes)

- Added SetCastbarColor function

- Added SetThreatColor function

- Modified the core to reduce the workload on data updates.
More specifically, I've made new paths for update requests
which avoid updating every single piece of data when only
a single value has changed.
- Cleaned up some code, and added some new comments


Tidy Plates 5.12 Beta...

Beta 11
+ More cast bar improves
+ Rederanged some layering
+ Some other things, but I can't remember what they were.
+ Crimped my hair. Total blonde 'fro.
+ Planted some beets in my garden.
+ Cursed at the deer who ate my bean vines

+ Oh yeah... there's a new theme, which I included; It's called Graphite. It's a very minimal design, which is in-progress. Just thought you guys/gals might enjoy seeing it early.

Beta 9
+ Fooled around with region hiding

Beta 8
+ Cleaned up indicator code
+ Unit information table: levelcolorRed, levelcolorGreen, levelcolorBlue
+ clean up spellcasting errors

Beta 7
+ Fixed highlight bug
+ Added level text, color, and boss-skull

Beta 6
+ Fixed some Casting bar bugs
+ Note widget; Removed interface from neon

Beta 5
+ New frame/region management; No reparenting. This change is to help avoid crashes on Macs.

Beta 4
+ Cast bar has been totally reverted to older method; Some graphical glitches
may still occur, but it'll be Blizz's API's fault, this time ;-)
+ Debug Text has been removed
+ Note Widget has been repaired
+ Unit Raid Icon Info (unit.raidIcon)
+ Debuff widget should behave better
+ Changed the update process to better update nameplates when the player
doesn't have a target. Idle performance will slightly decrease, but
will have no impact to combat performance.

Beta 3
+ Fixed some "no target" update errors
+ Working on cast bar problems; Reverting to older method
REMOVED - When you click on the Tidy Plates entry in the Interface Options list, it will expand the list, showing all subitems
+ The debuff widget can be filtered by creating and linking a function to the debuff widget object (widget.Filter)
plate.widgets.AuraIcon.Filter = function(debuffinfo)
if (debuff.duration 50 ) or == "Hunter's Mark" then return true end
+ Fixed some aura widget bugs

Beta 2B

+ Neon now can show the unit level in its health text field
+ Grey is included, again. It's not fully updated
+ Minor bug fixes
+ Both Neon and Grey will now only modulate the scale and aggro color of NPC nameplates; PvP colors will automatically pass through

Beta 1
Beta 1 will launch without Grey. This is so I can keep focused on features, and then work toward
the interface panels. I use Neon, so that's what I'll be testing with.
+ Notes Widget
+ Currently only editable via LUA. Add notes in the widgetsNotesWidget.lua file.
+ Unit Raid Icon Info
+ Range-Check Widget (for group members)
+ Interface (Drop down menu for range)
+ Packaged Neon with the Main Release
+ Make Selection Box and Threat Line defaults for Tidy Plates: Neon
+ Add Level Display Option to Grey
+ Neon: Make the Enemy Player color pass through (PVP)
+ Updated Combo Points
+ Neon: Added health text

* Grey Theme: New Customization Tool
1. Under the "TidyPlates_Grey" folder, you'll find another folder, "TidyPlates_GreyExtension"
2. To use it, begin by moving that folder up to your Addons folder
3. Open the file, "TidyPlates_GreyExtensionGreyExtension.lua"
4. You can directly modify the default behavior and appearance
5. This process can be duplicated for any theme, and will not get overwritten by an update
Post a comment, or write me an email ( if you need some help with this
* A full status update will now be performed when the cast bar is shown, to prevent null values

* The Public Test Build Includes the Neon theme

+ Castborder size is being reset during odd times; Added improvements to restore the shape
+ Fixed the issue with Grey aggro borders not being hidden after /reload (saved variable merge issue)

- Problems with OnInitialize not being called (widget errors occuring during combat) An attempted fix is applied.
- Fixed unit.class updates (hopefully)

Beta 10
-- /greydps and /greytank are the new shortcuts for Grey's Interface panel
-- Added aura widgets to Grey/Tank
-- Repositioned the Grey debuff widget

-- Short Debuff Widget Description; Displays up to 6 of your debuffs (in no particular order) on a target,
which are less than 36 seconds in total duration.

Beta 9
- Health text in Grey; "%x" will now read "x%"
- Added outline to text of Threat Line Widget (makes it easier to read in a cluttered battle)
- Decreased the text size of the target-of-target on Threat Line

Beta 8
- Debuff widget: number of columns reduced to 3
- Threat Line Widget will look to see if the player is marked as a Main Tank in the Raid settings. If so, it will display the person who has pulled aggro (Target of). otherwise, it will assume dps mode and hide the name.
- Threat Line will color the Lost side green if it's being held by a tank

Beta 7
Debuff Widget:
* Added a second row of icons to debuff widget (total: 8)
* Modified border graphics
* Decreased Size to 80%
* Added Stacks
* Moved text around
* increased length to 5 min
* Added Debuff Widget to Neon/Tank and DPS

Status Bar
* Fixed Range errors

* Fixed Opacity errors

5.11 Beta 5
* Added a Statusbar wrapper, which fixes Lucky Charms, and enables vertical stat bars with masks
(Now you can use the orientation = "VERTICAL" tag for your healthbar. Not active on the castbar.)
* Added basic Debuff (on enemies) icons for targets and mouseover
* Fixed Virtual Plates compatibility (Thanks Saiket!!)

Theme function Changes:
* theme.OnInitialize will get called every time a nameplate is shown. Authors should check for
exsisting objects/widgets before creating new ones.
*theme.OnUpdate is called when the data on the plate is updated. This does not need a existence
check since it's guaranteed to run after an OnInitialize.

+ If the Threat Line Widget sees that the targetted character is a "MAINTANK" under the raid roles, it will color the name blue.

+ Line widget will color names
+ Fixed "Hide Neutrals"
+ Went to ArialNarrow for the default font
+ GreyDPS
+ Added Hide Neutrals, Ignore Elites
+ Added SetPoint to extended (just in case)
+ Changed health bar color gathering to assist duels

- Removed from loading procedure:
- SetCVar("CameraDistanceMaxFactor", 6)
- SetCVar("threatWarning", 3)
- SetCVar("ShowClassColorInNameplate", 1)
- SetCVar("showVKeyCastbar", 1)

+ Removed Cvar setting, "CameraDistanceMaxFactor" (fixes camera zoom issues)
+ Re-enabled Cursor Update Event

Grey Theme
+ Scale: ignore non-elites (Added to GreyTank; Planned for GreyDPS)
+ Alpha: hide non-elites (Added to GreyTank; Planned for GreyDPS)
+ Spinner Widget
+ move widgets to .widget
+ Added a Selection/Target box to Grey (Added to GreyTank; Planned for GreyDPS) (testing)

Re-added Threat Wheel/ Spinner

++ "Avoid Overlap" (Alias) in panel
++ "Autoshow" Option in panel
++ Independent Frame
* scale pass-through (Not fully implemented; using Virtual Plates AND a theme which changes scale will show oddities)
* force alpha override (The developer can tell Tidy Plates to force the alpha - avoiding Blizzard's default alpha - by returning 'true' as a second value for the return)
- ex. theme.SetAlpha = function(unit) return 1, true end -- Will maintain the opacity at 100%, regardless of target status
++ Set Default CVars after VARIABLES_LOADED
++ Dual Spec Support (Changes theme based on spec)
- Added a second dropdown menu in panel
++ Troubleshooting Panel
- Vkey/Bindings
- reset/reload
++ Widgets
+ created TidyPlatesWidgets. table
+ Threat Wheel
+ Class Icon Widget
+ Combo Point Widget
+ Threat Line
+ MT Logic Widget
+ Syntax usage will follow
++ Scale pass-through (Not Complete; Using Virtual Plates AND a theme which changes scale will show oddities)
++ Performance Enhancements
++ More Comments (woo?)
++ Code Re-organization
++ Widgets now use TidyPlatesWidgets:HideIn(), and a watcher frame to perform time checks; Faster than having
each widget process for OnUpdate
++ Improvements to Panel Helpers
++ Unit Info table
+ .GUID (from mouseover or target)
++ Grey Theme
++ Critter/Neutral Filter checkbox
++ Panel redesign
++ Tank Mode; "Expands the size of runaway mobs"
++ DPS Mode; "Expands the size of aggro'd mobs"
++ Widgets
++ Each of my own themes should have their own config panel for role,
allowing dual spec to work seamlessly..
TidyPlatesThemes["Grey (DPS)"] = config
TidyPlatesThemes["Grey (Tank)"] = copytable(config)
++ Virtual Plates should now behave better
* Scale-changing plates will still cause problemos, but now, ordinary plates will work just fine.
* Returning NIL in your ScaleDelegate function (if you've got multiple modes) will allow VirtualPlates passthrough.
++ Grey Tank/DPS panels and saved variables got some love; They work better
+ Delegate functions now use local variables for speed
+ Fixed Forceupdate
+ Fixed some Grey variables
+ something else.. forgot what it was. (Ok, I remembered; I spelled "deficit" wrong. I bought the wrong vowel. Damn you, Vanna)
+ Fixed Health Text modes
* Grey Theme
- Added Current Health + Percent
* Widgets
- General Mouseover Widget
- Combo Point Widget
* Still had trouble with nameplate alpha changes updating after the OnShow call.
-- Solution: Indvidual Plate echo-update
* Retracted "Raid-Tanked" Widget (for the time-being)
* Added an extended.widget table
- Theme designers should put all their widget references in this table
* When nameplates are changed (manually or auto) by the Tidy Plates UI,
the software will attempt to hide/clear any frames listed under the
extended.widget table.

In Progress
Release To-Do
-- Documentation

Post Release:
-- Video
-- Tidy Plates: Basic - Will become the new 'TDK' starter theme.

Moved to Future Version or Sep. Addon
* "Behind" Widget if IsUsableSpell("Shred") or IsUsableSpell("Backstab") then return 2; elseif IsUsableSpell("Mangle") or IsUsableSpell("Sinister Strike") then return 1 end
* Incoming Heal Widget (LibHealcomm )
* Default Functions for all non-overridden themes
* Tentative: Change SpecialText2 to SpellText? 'Spell Name Text' becomes a default feature
* - Include/Exclude List for theme (sep lua file)
* Unit Information Table additions
- unit.raidIcon = "SKULL", "X", etc
* LDB Addon/Plugin
* Make _VP work better
* Widget Customization (They'll behave more like the usual interface widgets, where you can add/remove elements and graphics)
* Widgets
- General Mouseover Widget
+* Mana Widget
+* Buff/Debuff Widget (Randa)
- Current Target Widget
+* Combo Point Widget
* Grey Theme
- PvP Mode
* Still having trouble with nameplate alpha changes updating after the OnShow call.
-- Current Solution; EchoUpdate. Problem; Adds too many "gather" phases
-- Future Solution: Indvidual Plate EchoUpdate or EchoUpdateAlpha

* Virtual Plates Workaround: Scale-changing plates will still cause problemos, but now, ordinary plates will work just fine.
* Returning NIL in your ScaleDelegate function (if you've got multiple modes) will allow VirtualPlates passthrough.
* Future Solution: externalScale and internalScale variables. All scale updates (internal and external) will pass to a function to combine the values

* Placing your widgets under frame.widgets in OnInitialize(frame) will allow Tidy Plates to clear the widgets when unneeded.

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GimmeLoot (4.0-BETA)


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This AddOn is 4.2 compatible
GimmeLoot  Updated Today!

4.0 is beta!
I am not in a guild where this is easily testable at this point.
This is as is until I can get more testing done.
If someone has the time, or a guild with active raiding that doesn't mind testing in the middle of a raid, please let me know.

Gimmeloot Loot System
Designed for those who hate to keep track of points.
--The loot system itself is a penalty based system. Penalties are incurred for certain types of rolls during the course of a single instance/raid. "Need" WINS are based on a counter, a certain amount of "Need" WINS
are allowed during this penalty set. Once a raid member meets the count of "Need" WINS, their rolls for "Need" are ignored. "Spec" WINS incur a penalty (in increments of -100) against further rolls. If Gertrude
WINS a "Spec" roll, the next time she rolls for a "Spec" item, 100 is deducted from that roll. "Freerolls" are just that, no one needs an item, no one has a spec they may want the item for, so it's gonna be disenchanted
or greeded for trash. No penalties are incurred for winning a freeroll.

Note: All penalties are implemented upon the WINNING of an item, not on the rolls for an item.

--Gimmeloot has been designed as a highly customizable system for distributing loot.
--Gimmeloot is designed to function in a raid environment only.
--Customizations can be made for a wide range of loot system needs, from hardcore, to random pugs.
--This system can be used with 3 levels of loot defaulted to "Need", "SPEC", "FREEROLL".
--This system can also be used to do nothing more than announce all the loot available, then track who wins the roll.
--The loot rules are defined by you, within the scope of the addon, and definable in the interface/addons page.
--Gimmeloot allows for you to save penalty set information for multi-day raids. As well as clear the current active set if needed.
--The system allows you to pass penalty set information to another player if necessary.
--Allowances can be made for giving a raid member a little bonus on their next roll, or conversly give them a little negative
bonus if they decide they want to play with their train set in the middle of the Hodir fight.
--This addon is capable of being enabled or disabled as you see fit, no logging out to turn it off.
--This addon currently tracks wins/items in a history table. The history table is currently not viewable. (upcoming version)
--This addon also allows whispered commands to the loot master, please see the minimap icon tooltip and the interface/addon
tab for more details.
--Tooltips for every window and the minimap icon for quick in-game reference
--The interface/addon settings will better allow you to determine what the system can accomplish for you in your raid.

OK, enough with the commercial already, let's get to the meat of the system.
Gimmeloot is comprised of 4 windows, all can be opened independently of the other.
The 4 windows are:

Main window
--Shows what loot is on the mob
--Allows for announcement of all the loot on the mob
--Controls starting/last call/ending of selected loot type rolls

Raid window
--Currently tracks up to 40 man raids
--Shows the members of the raid
--Shows the current roll counts for each member of the raid
--Allows for positive and negative bonus assignment

Win window
--shows the top 5 rollers for the current item winner at the top
--allows for announcing the winner to the raid and the addon itself
(if you don't announce the winner using the addon, the addon doesn't know who won for rollcounts)

--currently allows up to 30 saved penalty sets
--shows all the instance penalty sets available for use
--allows you to create a new penalty set
--allows you to delete out of date penalty sets
--allows you to set the active penalty set
--allows you to transmit the active penalty set to someone else
--if someone sends you a penalty set, it will be shown
here with the ID and the name of the toon that sent it to you

A typical loot session using all portions of the addon, will go as follows:

Kill the boss (always a good idea)
--Lootmaster opens the loot window, as well as the main window of the addon
--Lootmaster opens the win window of the addon
--Lootmaster KEEPS the loot window OPEN until the process is complete
--All loot on the boss is displayed on the main window of the addon
--Lootmaster hits announce loot to post all the loot to a raid warning
--Moving essentially from left, to right, in the addon main window, lootmaster
clicks on the most left button for the item he/she wants to open the roll on
--Raid members roll or not, as rolls happen the win window will start populating
with actual data, as opposed to the placeholder data visible when starting.
--Lootmaster hits the "E" button (second from right) to announce that rolls will be ending soon
on this item.
--Lootmaster hits the "C" button (furthest right) to announce that rolls are closed on this item
--For a winner, lootmaster uses the win window to announce the winner to the raid
--Lootmaster does *NOT* have to give the item to the winner in the Win window. The lootmaster
can give the item to any listed toon in that window. Example: Gertrude wins, but says that Jimmy could
use the item more effectively, feel free to give the item to Jimmy.
--Lootmaster then passes the item out using the in-game loot functions.
--IF no one rolls, the loot master clicks the second from left button, and follows the same format.
--IF your run allows freerolls, the same set can be done yet again for the third from the left button.

NOTE: these can be taken in any order, however the furthest left button is defined in the interface/addon as a "need"
the second from the left is defined in the interface/addon as a Spec, and the third from the left is defined as freeroll.

If you do a freeroll run, just use the button for freerolls, let the addon take care of the announcement, starting/ending the rolls, and
keeping track of who wins.

All comments, bugs, ideas, thoughts, and/or complaints (nicely please) are taken very seriously. We want this system to work
as needed for as many as possible.

Localizations are welcome, write up a file and send it to me, I'll get it in the addon for the next release pending time constraints.

Already on the list for addition to the addon
--History viewing and transmission to the raid member. History is already stored from the first raid the addon
is used. Viewing it is currently disabled.
--History cleaning

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PKBlow (0.8.97a)

* Added emotes to emotelist.

* Fixed slashcommand bug. (Thanks Juggawine for the bugreport)
Slashcommands are loaded on playerlogin instead of addon_loaded event now.

* Bug preventing showing kills in bg properly wasn't fixed right, fixed it in this version.

* Fixed bug that prevented showing kills in bg properly when opening mainwindow for the first time.

* Fixed bug in search realm code that prevented showing players from all realms when clicking "Get
realm"-button with a realm allready set.

* Reworked search for player, search realm, classselect and pageselect. Titlebar of playerslist now
shows the realm and class selected (or All realms - all classes).

* Numbers preceding killed players from the same realm as user are highlighted now.

* Changed background and edge dropdownmenutext.

* Fixed typo in 0.8.93 that prevented search queries.

* Optimized variables concerning locales.


* Changed loading order of PKBlow variables. PKBlow should load now correctly for any character.
Thanks to Vraskk for reporting this bug to me.

* Fixed the "Stop the fire!" quest bug, kills made by Headless Horseman will not be registered now.

* Localized 2 globals ( found them with "WowGlobalFinder" handy prog made by zarnyeq2)

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MyRolePlay (

I’m glad you like the new features!

Hm. Considering, but not sold on how to approach it. Fields feed through from the Default profile if they haven’t been explicitly changed in the currently-selected profile (if that’s not Default). RP style isn't likely to change very much but some people really like having Character Status (in particular) linked to outfit (so when they switch to their raiding gear, bam, they’re OOC). You might get a similar thing with the Currently: field; it really depends on how people use it.

Perhaps what might help you more is an easier way to edit the Default profile’s FR/FC/CU fields when you’re switched to another profile. I do plan to add a command line way of doing that in a future update (for those that prefer CLI). I don't think I've used the right button for anything have I? Note that you can set profiles up like RPFormal / RPFormal:Cat / RPFormal:Bear / etc. If you have a particular equipment set or two that you use when you like to go IC or otherwise, you could set up a group like that. (A copy profile function would be really useful for that, I note, having a druid myself.)

I’m unsure what approach might work best there; if you've got any expansion on the idea, please post it on the development forum at and I might revisit it and see if i can help craft something that meets your needs, and the needs of others, most effectively.

As for your other suggestion, I’m not going to have MyRolePlay emulating flagRSP2’s look and feel that closely. If people prefer flagRSP2’s description window, surely they’d just prefer the AddOn they’re used to.

Soon, they’ll be able to.

When I designed MRP 4.x, I wanted to help raise the bar for everyone. The original FlagRSP was designed so far back in time, and the WoW API has made such advances since then, that the system was long overdue for a, well, cataclysmic overhaul (if you pardon the pun). But I also wanted people to be able to use an AddOn they prefer but still able to communicate, because these AddOns are all about immersion and communication. So I designed the new protocol to be extensible, (opened it, published a reference implementation (which ended up so clean and efficient that I switched MyRolePlay to it in, and then actively approached the authors of other popular RP AddOns to see if they wished to participate, and if I could help in any way.

Other, compatible MSP RP AddOns will soon be available: including flagRSP2 2.5 (as Azxiana gave me permission to update it). So if you prefer the “look and feel” of flagRSP2, I will have an update ready soon, once the testing is complete. (It’s still got a few rough edges, but then, so does the old 2.4 version right now.)

All MSP RP AddOns talk to each other fine, so whichever you run, you can see everyone’s profiles. You mustn’t use more than one at once (they’ll clash badly—you’ll probably get a big warning about that if you try, and don’t ignore that warning please, it’s not just cosmetic!—because they do the exact same things; same kind of reason running two Unit Frame addons might be a poor idea)—but since they all talk to each other anyway, that should never be necessary. They might not support all the same features in all the same ways, but those design decisions are the things that differentiate them from each other; and this common protocol between them means whichever AddOns you prefer, they have a common ground to talk to each other which is extremely efficient, highly scalable, (now) field-proven and flexible. I hope this approach yields the best possible outcome for everyone!

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ImpliedTarget (1.1)


View 2 Screenshots

This AddOn is 4.2 compatible
ImpliedTarget  Updated Today!

This addon only works with the default UI or Bartender4.

Modifies action buttons so that they may change the target of an action based on whether that action is harmful or helpful. Support for custom paging of the main action bar is also provided if using the default UI.

Anyone with several macros similar to:

/cast [harm, nodead] [@targettarget, harm, nodead] [@mouseover, harm, nodead] [@pettarget, nodead] HarmfulSpell


/cast [@mouseover, help, nodead] [help, nodead] [@targettarget, help, nodead] [@player] HelpfulSpell

can instead set up a targeting priority and apply it to all of your action buttons without wasting a single macro.

Note: Target behavior is only changed for spells and items placed directly into an action button.

Translators: To submit a translation please just edit existing files (example: ImpliedTargetLocalesdeDE.lua and ImpliedTarget_ConfigLocalesdeDE.lua) and send them to me.

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GuildLevelTooltip (0.1)


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GuildLevelTooltip  New Today!

Shows the target's Guild Level and the number of Guild Members in the GameTooltip

You will first have to inspect the people though, since the information is only available on inspect
There is currently no configuration; it works out of the box

Curse: 148517 Got a request
List of currently known AddOns that are not compatible: TinyTip

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CastTimeMonitor (1.1)


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This AddOn is 4.2 compatible
CastTimeMonitor  Less than 3 days old!

Nothing extremely complicated, CastTimeMonitor (CTM) is the first add-on I've built from the ground up.


CTM allows the user to see what the cast time of a specific spell will be BEFORE casting the spell.


All configuration is done through editing the .lua file. Trust me; it's easier than you think. Users can only set ten options.

Out of the Box:

Out of the box, CTM creates a simple display in the middle of your screen that shows the total cast time of a Marksmanship Hunter's Aimed Shot. Elitist Jerks recommends hard-casting Aimed Shot when the cast time is 1.8s or less, therefore the timer will show the time text in green when the user has at least 50 focus AND the cast time is 1.8s or less.

You can configure CTM to track any spell, any cast time target, and any power level (focus/rage/energy/mana/runic power). I'm not currently aware of any class/spec combinations other than MM hunters who might desire to know what CTM can show them, but if you can think of one then CTM can be configured for it!

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