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BlizzCon Costumes – Deathwing

BlizzCon presents an incentive for real-life tailors and engineers to take up their needle and thread and their cardboard and spray paint, in order to fashion amazingly realistic recreations of their favorite Blizzard characters and creatures. After this year’s costume contest, we invited the winners to write articles on the art of costume-craft for us to share with the community. Here’s the third entry in the series, written by Justin, who won third place for his take on Deathwing.



My name is Justin Floyd, and I am Deathwing. Rather, I was Deathwing. This costume started at the insistence of my wife, who decided I would fit the character of the deranged former Earth Warder quite well, which I’m not sure is a compliment. Without her help, this costume would not have been possible (mainly because my artistic ability is confined to stick figures and shadow puppets).

Let me start off by saying that I have a deep fondness for the Blizzard community. I met my wife at BlizzCon 2005 and many guildies at other BlizzCons along the way, some of whom I consider close friends. I’ve played Blizzard games since Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness was released, and it is the community and storytelling that always brings me back. Getting to be a Warcraft character for a day was awesome and the support from fellow BlizzCon attendees was amazing.

We started planning and working on the costume in April and literally finished it an hour before I had to be backstage. Of course this means I missed a lot of the cosplay meet-ups, but considering some of the mishaps we had, we’re lucky we got it finished!

The costume was constructed from a variety of materials including green Styrofoam, papier mâché, paper clay, leather, Wonderflex (a thermoplastic -- just heat and bend!), fabric, and foam rubber mats (interlocking squares usually used for the garage or kids’ playrooms).

Styrofoam was carved and covered in paper clay for the shoulders and various spikes. Foam rubber mats were used for the bracers, boots, and chest. Leather was used in a variety of areas, including the chest and loincloth. The legplates and belt were created with Wonderflex, which is truly wonderful!

Question: How did I keep everything on?

Answer: Lots of Velcro.

Walking around in costume is harder than it looks. To start, I didn’t realize I needed a spotter until I walked straight into a fire hydrant and dented one of my boot spikes. This wasn’t a big deal, since we packed some extra black paint. While waiting for my wife to get the paint from our room, I was striking a few poses for several nice people who wanted a picture. Apparently, range of motion is very limited when you’re wearing two feet of badassery on your shoulders, and to my horror, I felt my pauldrons slipping off! I went to grab for one but it was too late and the other shoulder crashed to the sidewalk. A few of the foam/paper spikes broke off. We had to trek all the way back to the hotel room, glue everything back together, and march… well, waddle back to the Anaheim Convention Center.

After my initial walk across the stage during the costume contest, I was ready to exit the area and try my hand as a fuzzy, lovable Pandaren. Needless to say, I was completely dumbfounded when I was pulled aside and asked to “wait right here.” It was a little nerve-wracking going on stage a second time, but it made for a good YouTube video to show the family. All in all, I learned more about costume construction than I bargained for, but I also learned how fun it can be. I’ll never forget the experience -- and how could I, when I now have a huge mace that lights up hanging on my wall?

In case you were wondering, I did go to Disneyland.

Okay, maybe I didn’t go dressed as Deathwing, but I was able to treat my guild to an unforgettable day at the park after winning third place. Two of my guildies had never been to California, let alone Disneyland, so it was nice to be able to do something special for them after BlizzCon.



2nd wave of FCMs to Aggra (Português)

As previously announced, in order to allow more players to join the Portuguese community on their dedicated realm, we will be opening additional Free Character Migrations to Aggra (Português) for a period of two weeks.

As such, from January 18 until February 1, you will be able to move your characters from the following source realms to Aggra (Português):

  • Arathor
  • Burning Blade
  • Lightning's Blade
  • Sylvanas
  • Trollbane

We will be evaluating the situation concerning other potential source realms, and will let you know as soon as possible if and when additional FCMs will be open.

We would also like to remind you that the current Free Character Migrations will be closed on January 25, during the morning.

If you want to learn more about the Free Character Migrations, you can read more about them and check out the FAQ in this blog article:


Free Character Migration (FCM) – Outland

Due to queues and faction population differences between the highest and lower populated PvP realms, the following Free Character Migration will be available until 17 January 2012:

Alliance only:
From: Outland
To: Al'Akir

Discussion on this particular migration:

Please note: FCM is opened based on realm population tracking and analysis, not by request. If you're looking for a specific migration (from realm A to realm B), you are in most cases better off using Paid Character Transfer, or you could end up waiting for a very long time.

Paid Character Transfers (PCT)
All English realms follow the regular PCT rules, found here:


Scroll of Resurrection Temporarily on Cooldown

Scroll of Resurrection Temporarily on Cooldown

Scroll of Resurrection Temporarily on Cooldown

The Scroll of Resurrection will temporarily be unavailable while it goes on cooldown. As of January 10, 2012 you will no longer be able to send Scroll of Resurrection invites to your friends with lapsed accounts. Never fear, once this ability refreshes, we’ll let you know. Keep an eye on the official World of Warcraft site for more information.

To learn more about the Scroll of Resurrection, visit the FAQ.

You can send invitations through this program to someone who previously subscribed to World of Warcraft. Also, 90 days must have passed on all paid subscription and played time in the game (this includes any previous time playing the trial). For a similar offer for those of your friends who have never subscribed to World of Warcraft, please see the Recruit-A-Friend FAQ.

scroll of resurrection unavailable

Patch 4.3 Hotfixes – January 9


  • Killing a boss in a guild group while using the random Heroic Dungeon Finder should now award guild reputation and experience.
  • Mobs that have been damaged by Shadowy Apparitions should again provide experience when defeated.
  • Darkmoon Tonk and Darkmoon Zeppelin should no longer become a horde balloon after performing a faction change from Alliance to Horde.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Hour of Twilight

    • Archbishop Benedictus

      • Thrall and Archbishop Benedictus should no longer fail to complete their roleplay introduction (preventing players from completing the instance).

  • Well of Eternity
    • Mannoroth

      • Starting the Mannoroth encounter should no longer remove Stealth effects.

  • Dragon Soul
    • Twilight Elite Dreadblades and Twilight Elite Slayers should now refrain from doing melee attacks while mounted, and always engage and melee players after landing on the gunship deck.
    • Ultraxion
      • All Fading Light debuffs and Aspect crystal buffs on players should now be cleared when the encounter ends.

    • The Madness of Deathwing
      • The Corrupted Parasite debuff is removed from a character who leaves the zone.


  • Darkmoon Faire

    • Players should now be able to complete the quests "The Captured Journal" and "The Enemy's Insignia" after having completed them in a previous month.


Quests and Creatures

  • Pelturas Whitemoon should no longer becomes unresponsive after a player completes the quest "All's Well".

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 4.3.2 Notes

The first World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch of the year is in development and now available for testing on the Public Test Realms. This minor patch includes several updates that we were unable to apply via hotfixes, including the recently announced cross-realm raids, assorted class balance fixes, and more. If you'd like to help us test out this patch and provide feedback, you can start by copying your character over to a test realm. Once you've had a chance to try things out, be sure to visit our Public Test Realm forum to discuss the patch.

Classes: General

Vengeance is no longer triggered by receiving damage from other players.


  • The Tier 13 Balance Druid 4-piece bonus now also increases the damage of Starsurge by 10%, in addition to its current effect.


  • Aspect of the Hawk now grants roughly 35% more attack power.
  • Deterrence now also reduces damage taken by 30% while active.
  • Black Arrow now ticks every 2 seconds for 20 seconds, as opposed to every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The total damage dealt by the ability is unchanged.
  • Land Load no longer benefits Arcane Shot, nor is it consumed by Arcane Shot.


  • Fireball damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.
  • Pyroblast damage has been reduced by roughly 6%.


  • Holy Radiance now costs 40% of base mana, up from 35%.


  • Mass Dispel should again prefer dispelling targets that have magic effects that can be dispelled.

Dungeons & Raids

  • You can now form same-faction raids with Real ID friends, allowing you to enter Raid Finder in groups larger than 5, run older normal or heroic raids, or participate in Battlegrounds. You will not yet be able to run normal or heroic Dragon Soul with cross-realm raids of Real ID friends.
  • Several typo fixes and clarified descriptions have been added to the Dungeon Journal entries for Dragon Soul.
  • Players can no longer win multiple copies of the same item on a single Raid Finder boss kill. For example, a player who chooses Need on two set piece tokens or two weapons and wins the first, will not be eligible for the second on that particular boss.


Cross-Realm Raids Coming in Patch 4.3.2

Cross-Realm Raids Coming in Patch 4.3.2

Cross-Realm Raids Coming in Patch 4.3.2

Originally Posted by Blizzard

We previously introduced the ability to form cross-realm parties with Real ID friends, and now with Patch 4.3.2, we're adding the ability for players to use that same functionality to form raids to run older normal or heroic raids, or participate in Battlegrounds!

This will allow you to join up with your Real ID friends from other realms and:

  • Form a cross-realm raid and use Raid Finder
  • Jump in to any classic dungeon or raid and be automatically placed in the same instance
  • Join forces and dominate the Battlegrounds

Please note, you will not yet be able to run normal or Heroic Dragon Soul with cross-realm Real ID raids.

As we look forward to the BattleTag system, it’s a very exciting time for World of Warcraft. No matter what realm you and your friends are on you’ll be able to team up and take on group content throughout the game.

cross realm raid

Reporting Players For False Reasons

It seems it is perfectly fine and acceptable to report anyone and everyone, who posts anything you disagree with. Is that really true? I know if you frequent these forums much, you see it, articulate, well thought out posts reported for no other reason than the reporting person disliked and disagreed with the post.

We all disagree with some and agree with some. To report posters because of merely that surely is not what Blizzard wanted, it shuts down fair discussion, and it is contrary to what I feel Blizzard intended.

You can dislike an opinion, and if enough agree with you, even grey out someone's thoughtful post, just because enough people disagree with it.

I hope Blizzard does something about this abuse. If someone is misreporting posts, at least take away their ability to do it. Not only does it stifle fair discussion on things people have differing views on, but it totally wastes valuable moderator time.

Originally Posted by Blizzard

The concerns some of you have expressed are valid and we’re here to let you know you’ve nothing to worry about. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every single report received is reviewed based upon its own merit, with context in mind, and not solely on the reporter’s assertions. Indeed, we will occasionally receive reports for posts that do not violate the forum Code of Conduct and they do not go unnoticed.

With regard to the thumbs down feature, there is little to no mystery as to its purpose. Should someone create a thread or a response that expresses something you don’t agree with or don’t like, you should absolutely click “Dislike”. If enough people agree with you it could cause it to become grayed out or even buried. Alternatively by using the thumbs up button you can like something, and if enough people also like it the post will become highlighted, and have a greater chance to be highlighted on the front page of the website as a Popular Topic. The rating feature is our way of providing the community with an alternative to responding directly and as a means of promoting the forums as a community-driven environment.

The ability to like and dislike posts carries no judgment from us. You or anyone else can like or dislike every single post on the forums, and in fact we’d prefer if more people exercised their ability to effect and guide the discussion by using these buttons. The use of the report tool however, to indiscriminately report threads for moderation, is not. We investigate all reports equally, and take false reports and improper use of the tool seriously. Your ability to access these forums is at risk if abused.


PTR Known Issue: Wow.exe Error

Originally Posted by Blizzard

Greetings PTR users,

We have one known issue with the build that we'll be updating to today that we need to make sure you're aware of. Currently if you run the PTR client via Wow.exe it will give you an error "Blizzard Launcher has stopped working". To remedy this, you should be able to run the PTR client via the launcher.exe included in the PTR client.

This will happen once the patch is released later today. Once that is released, please post here if this does not work for you.


LFR Easier Than Normal Raids

Ever since LFR Dragon Soul raid was released to WoW players I keep asking myself. to who this raid is ment to. I will give you typical LFR as Resto Shaman:

Stand close to boss and Healing Rain, Healing Rain, Healing Rain, Healing Rain, Healing Rain...

I find some heroic dungeons even more harder than LFR. Now I understand that LFR suppose to be easy and accessable to everyone, even grandma and her dog but dont you think its a bit too much accessable. I mean, I honestly get bored in LFR. This is what I find myself doing;

Watch youtube on 2nd monitor and press Healing Rain.
Check people gear while pressing Healing Rain.
Guild chatting while pressing Healing Rain.
Go fetch cold drink and while doing that bathroom trip, when come back, Healing Rain.
Play EVE online on 2nd PC, while pressing Healing Rain.
Discuss with brother about Skyrim and checking mods while sometimes tap Healing Rain.

Now one would ask, why do you do it then? Well, I want to raid. I do not hate LFR, I think its wonderful idea, but my oppinion is that it is created for apes. New target audience for Blizzard? Monkies, Gorillas, Chimps... you know em all. Because when I do LFR I feel like it is made not for human players or has humanity sank that low?

For future, if you, Blizzard want to do easy accessable raids thats fine but please do something interesting than standing at boss and mashing same button all the time, have faith in humanity.

Originally Posted by Takralus

We actively encourage feedback on things such as the LFR, because we want to make it fun for everyone. Fun isn't wiping over and over because you have people in the group who are new to the raiding environment, or perhaps aren't up to speed on the latest tactics as you might expect from someone attending, say, an organised guild run. As we've said on numerous occasions, this is why we've designed LFR to be easier than normal raids, to enable a range of players — including less-experienced people or those with less-powerful gear — to see the content and gear up a little before perhaps trying it on normal, then later possibly heroic difficulty.

However, feedback in the form of threads like this is not what we are looking for, nor does it tell us anything useful. If you find LFR lacks challenge to the point where you feel you can leave your computer during an encounter, I'd suggest, like others here have done, that you join a raid on normal or heroic difficulty, which should test your skills sufficiently. Insulting the people LFR is aimed at will not be tolerated.

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