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Darkmoon Faire How Many Tickets Per Faire

Bashiok got some math down on how many darkmoon tickets you can acquire per faire.

Originally Posted by Bashiok
Thanks everyone for your feedback. To hopefully clear up some of the confusion over time investment vs reward costs we've broken down exactly how many tickets you can obtain in a single Darkmoon Faire week. The design intent of the Darkmoon Faire is that it’s available for one week out of the month, and in that one week we expect you to be able to obtain a significant amount of tickets. To clarify the OP’s point of how long it would take to obtain an entire set of cosmetic gear, the math presented was incorrect, and it would in fact only take 4 Darkmoon Faire weeks to complete an entire set. That’s of course still no quick task, and the intent is not for it to be. There are plenty of rewards that can be obtained in one or two weeks of the Darkmoon Faire, but we expect that an entire set will take a few events to obtain.

Here’s the breakdown:

Tickets Per Faire

Dungeon: 40
Heroic Dungeon: 15
Raid: 10
Tradeskill quests (primary): 8
Tradeskill quests (secondary): 12
BGs: 15
Kill Quest: 10
Mini Games*: 35

Total Tickets per faire: 145

* 5 mini games, available daily: 7*5=35

As an example, here are some options that you can choose over the course of two Darkmoon Faires (2 weeks over 2 months):

Prioritizing mounts/pets: 1 mount + 1 pet, with 20 tickets to spare
Prioritizing pets: 3 pets, 20 tickets to spare
Prioritizing cosmetic armor: 4 pieces of cosmetic armor, with 30 tickets to spare
Prioritizing heirloom armor: 1 piece of heirloom armor + 1 heirloom weapon, with 20 tickets to spare

Keeping all of this in mind we don’t feel the current ticket acquisition rates or reward costs are out of hand, but we’re interested to hear your thoughts after reading this information and considering the longevity of the content, as well as the ‘once a month’ format of the faire. We’ll be continually evaluating it, and we’re looking forward to incorporating more goodies to be won, and more activities to the faire, in the future.

"The original armor did not take me more than 2 months to complete."

Originally Posted by Bashiok
We're not attempting to recreate the time investment that was originally seen to obtain these items when they were relevant. They exist for transmogrification/customization choices, not necessary power increase requirements to be able to progress your character.

If they were part of a progression path we'd definitely look at the acquisition rates and standardize them, but as they're show-off pieces the acquisition rate is usually gated a little higher so that the appeal and worth of showing them off remains high.

"Ohh more math! That should prove how "fun" this "faire" is! lol"

Originally Posted by Bashiok
I'm pretty awful at math, but simple addition shouldn't scare anyone... I hope.

"Hey Bashiok, thanks for taking the time to put that all together for us. I'm still going to have to say that is an incredibly long time to wait to get all of the items that I want. I'm pretty sure most people won't want to grind dungeons for 40 tickets as those drops seem pretty rare in the first place. So that seems to be a side thing that you might win against 4 other people in a dungeon that it might drop in. I'll be doing the dailies every day I can that they are available, but I'm not going to spend a whole week each month on grinding tickets. I think it does seem a bit excessive, and I sure hope you guys can reconsider this."

Originally Posted by Bashiok
I certainly appreciate the well-reasoned (and calm ;) response and we'll be continuing to bring concerns to the designers and will keep you updated should we get any good examples or reasoning to share, or should anything change. Thanks again, much appreciated.
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Winter Veil Achievements

The Feast of Winter Veil Guide

On Metzen!

Save Metzen the Reindeer.


Throw a snowball at Muradin Bronzebeard during the Feast of Winter Veil.

'Tis the Season

During the Feast of Winter Veil, wear 3 pieces of winter clothing and eat Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake.

Let It Snow

During the Feast of Winter Veil, use a Handful of Snowflakes on each of the race/class combinations listed below.

Orc Death Knight
Tauren Shaman
Undead Rogue
Gnome Mage
Blood Elf Warlock
Human Warrior
Night Elf Druid
Troll Hunter
Dwarf Paladin
Draenei Priest

The Winter Veil Gourmet

During the Feast of Winter Veil, use your culinary expertise to produce a Gingerbread Cookie, Egg Nog and Hot Apple Cider.

A Frosty Shake

During the Feast of Winter Veil, use your Winter Veil Disguise kit to become a snowman and then dance with another snowman in Dalaran.

He Knows If You've Been Naughty

Open one of the presents underneath the Winter Veil tree once they are available.

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's

Use Mistletoe on the Alliance "Brothers" during the Feast of Winter Veil.

Brother Nimetz in Stranglethorn Vale
Brother Karman in Theramore
Brother Joshua in Stormwind
Brother Cassius in Stormwind
Brother Wilhelm in Goldshire
Brother Kristoff in Stormwind
Brother Crowley in Stormwind
Brother Benjamin in Stormwind

Simply Abominable

Complete the quest to retrieve Smokywood Pastures' stolen treats and receive a Smokywood Pastures' Thank You.


Complete the Bomb Them Again! quest while mounted on a flying reindeer during the Feast of Winter Veil.

With a Little Helper from My Friends

Earn 50 honorable kills as a Little Helper from the Winter Wondervolt machine.

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Where to find Silas Darkmoon

Silas Darkmoon

Elwynn Forest: Goldshire,
Mulgore: Outside Thunder Bluff,
Terokkar Forest: Outside Shattrath City

Silas Darkmoon says: Come one, come all! Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire! Do you crave adventure? Do you seek exotic and mysterious treasures? Then look no further! You, my friend, have come to the right place! Dive right in and take part in all that the Faire has to offer! We'll be at this location all week, so be sure to tell your friends and loved ones!
Silas Darkmoon says: Come one, come all. Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire! Don't be shy. Step right up to Lhara and buy yourself an exotic artifact from far off lands. If you're one of the lucky few who have found Darkmoon Cards, have a word with Professor Paleo. Hungry? Thirsty? You're in luck! Refreshments are available right here from Sylannia and Stamp. I recommend the Darkmoon Special Reserve to wash down some Red Hot Wings. And if the future is what you seek, then run, don't walk, to speak with Sayge.
Silas Darkmoon says: Everyone enjoying themselves so far? That's great! Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire, the greatest show in all of Outland! Make sure that you speak with Yebb and his friends here while you're taking in Neblegear's Darkmoon Zoo Bizarre.
Silas Darkmoon says: Everyone enjoying themselves so far? That's great! Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire, the greatest show on all of Azeroth! Make sure that you speak with Yebb and his friends here while you're taking in Neblegear's Darkmoon Zoo Bizarre.
Silas Darkmoon says: Greetings friends, and welcome to the greatest show on Azeroth! Please, step right up and take in all we have to offer. Ride the rides and see the sights! Amaze at the wonders that the Darkmoon Faire has uncovered in this vast and mysterious world! We have spared no expense in bringing you excitement that children of all ages will delight in!
Silas Darkmoon says: We're back and better than ever! It's the Darkmoon Faire friend, and it's your lucky day! Sparing no expense, we've gathered wonders and treats from around the world for your delight. Whether you're young or old, rich or poor, the Darkmoon Faire has it all! Be sure to turn in your Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets to Gelvas Grimegate, and choose from several exotic and wondrous prizes!
Silas Darkmoon says: Welcome one and all to the Darkmoon Faire, the greatest event in all the world! We have it all... delicious food, strong drink, exotic artifacts, fortunes read, amazing prizes and excitement without end! Don't forget to turn in your Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets to Gelvas Grimegate! All it takes is five or more and you're on your way to the most wondrous prizes on all of Azeroth. Everybody is a winner!
Silas Darkmoon says: Welcome one and all to the Darkmoon Faire, the greatest event in all the worlds! We have it all... delicious food, strong drink, exotic artifacts, fortunes read, amazing prizes and excitement without end! Don't forget to turn in your Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets to Gelvas Grimegate! All it takes is five or more and you're on your way to the most wondrous prizes in all of Outland. Everybody is a winner!
Silas Darkmoon says: Welcome one and all to the greatest show on all of Azeroth... the Darkmoon Faire! Adventure and excitement await, don't be shy! Mysteries and prizes for both the young and the old are here for the taking. And be sure to speak with the professor about any Darkmoon Cards that you have come across during your travels!

where to find silas darkmoon
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Purchase World of Warcraft Gold

Purchasing WoW Gold has never been a good idea. To start with, Blizzard themselves do not allow any in-game gold selling/buying for real money, but of course there are hundreds of different type of sites trying to do it, and actually doing it successfully, in a way you could say Blizzard is a big part of it as well.

Gold sellers have been on the market for a few years now (mostly chinese/korean), and in a way ruined what world of warcraft used to be. I strongly suggest you check out WoW Gold Guide, which is 100% LEGAL, and will save you hundreds of dollars.


Gold Cap Cataclysm World of Warcraft

The most money a single player can carry is 999,999g 99s 99c the same limit applies to guild banks. Before Patch 4.0.1, the limit was 214,748g 36s 47c, because Blizzard stored a player's money as a signed 32-bit integer. This the current gold cap.


How To Get Gold On World of Warcraft

Gold Economy:

Although it is technically against the ToS to affect other's gameplay in a negative way (including the economy), it's generally accepted that under-pricing doesn't count as it doesn't affect the average wealth of players on your realm. It's also generally accepted that underpricing is very annoying, since other players will find it difficult to sell items at the correct price, and it may even lower the value of the item you're selling. Slight underpricing (up to around 10% of market value off) is acceptable, however. Although little is known about the actual average WoW player's wealth, there is much speculation about it and wherever you look you'll find a different figure. Blizzard has yet to publish anything regarding the economic status of any of the servers in any country.

Check the WoW Gold Guide on How To Get Gold On World of Warcraft


Gold Guide Reviews World of Warcraft

What is Gold:

Gold is some amount of copper, silver, or a combination of any those types of coins. Your current total is shown at the bottom right of your open backpack window.

You can get gold by looting dead mobs, completing quests, selling items to vendor NPCs, via trade or mail from other player characters, or by selling an item at the Auction House. If you use money to put a deposit down for auctioning an item, you lose the deposit if it doesn't sell or if you cancel the auction, but any failed bids are returned via mail.

The WoW economy will always fluctuate, and large events such as the Burning Crusade launch will have a knock-on effect. The best advice to any player worried about an economic decline on their realm is not to buy any gold from gold sellers, as this will have a worse effect on the economy. Also, make sure you price your auctions based on market-value and not just stab-in-the-dark wishwork.

The best review you will find is on our WoW Gold Guide page.

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Dungeon Leveling World of Warcraft

Dungeon Leveling: The New Way to 85

Thanks to the addition of the dungeon finder, locating groups to run instances in World of Warcraft is a breeze. Of course Blizzard knew how much trouble many players had finding groups, so they wanted to open up the instances to all WoW players, not just those who had four or five friends with similar schedules to theirs. But did Blizzard know that by creating the dungeon finder, they would also create a new way for WoW players to power level their toons? We may never know the answer to that question, but we do know that dungeon leveling is now the fastest way to level your WoW characters.

More Experience Per Second

When you’re trying to figure out if dungeon leveling is definitely faster than traditional solo questing and grinding, it really is a simple matter of numbers. There are far more creatures packed into the tight spaces that are the lower level instances in World of Warcraft. More creatures means the opportunity to make more kills per second, and this is made possible by being in a group of five players instead of playing by yourself. While dungeon leveling, you’re killing four or five creatures in 30 seconds or so instead of just one or two creatures every 30 seconds. All that extra killing means you’re packing that much more experience into a shorter amount of time.

More Gold

Dungeon leveling will also help you earn more gold faster so you’re not completely broke by the time you do reach level 80. Cramming more kills in a shorter amount of time means more gold will drop and more vendor trash will drop. Just remember to always loot everything you’re entitled to loot as far as trash goes because that’s just more gold in your pocket.

Better Gear

Dungeon leveling will also give you access to much better gear through three different methods. First, the gear which drops off of the bosses inside the dungeons is usually best in slot for your current level. This means that dungeon leveling will keep your character much better geared all the way to level 80. A second way that leveling through the dungeon finder will help you get better gear is through the little extra bag of goodies you get at the end of the instance. Of course the item you receive in the bag won’t always be beneficial, but sometimes it will be just the piece you need to upgrade your gear.

More Interesting Fights

Dungeon leveling also allows you to kill interesting bosses that you could never take out on your own. Some of these bosses will require a special strategy, and you’ll certainly enjoy the break in the monotony involved with leveling a character. After all, the reason so many WoW players are always looking for faster ways to reach level 80 is because of the anticipation of playing the end game content, and some of these early fights do have echoes of later fights that make them so much more interesting than the solo content.

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Instance Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft

Instance Leveling Guide for World of Warcraft

Power leveling a character on World of Warcraft is certainly time consuming, but now instance leveling is making it easier than ever before. Of course you’ll still be spending months getting your character to level 80, but it’s certain that the amount of time you need to gain each level is now much shorter than it was when solo questing and grinding was the only way to level. Check out this instance leveling guide for some quick tips.

Enjoy the Good Groups

This tip may seem pretty obvious, but let’s face it. Not every group you end up in through the dungeon finder will be a good one. That being said, there are some things you can do to help make sure that your group is a good one. For one thing, try to be polite. Many WoW players tend to be very condescending toward new players because they are still learning, and sometimes it is necessary to be the peacemaker. There are tactical ways to mitigate bad attitudes within any group, and you may have to kick someone out if it’s too bad. Don’t let one bad attitude spoil all of your fun, but know where to draw the line when it comes to kicking people out of the group. When the dungeon finder first began, there was a certain amount of time you had to wait before you could kick someone out. However, Blizzard will soon change that so people who don’t often kick others out won’t have to wait. This is perfect for cases in which you have a healer who won’t heal or a DPS who is AFK for the first five minutes of the instance, but use it sparingly.

Also remember that if you leave the instance before it’s over, then you will have to wait 30 minutes before you can queue again. This is the Dungeon Deserter de-buff, so it certainly pays to try to stick it out until the end of the instance. However, don’t feel pressured to stay if the group keeps on wiping.

If You Find a Good Group, Do Some Chains

There are some instance groups that just work together so well that it’s a shame when they have to come to an end. If you do happen to get into a group like this, speak up the second the instance is over. After all, instance leveling is about doing endless chains of dungeons to get the most experience you can get in the shortest amount of time. If you’ve got a group of people who are also instance leveling, then see if they will go along for another run. Just because the instance is over, it doesn’t mean that your group needs to be over. The longer you can keep a good group together, the less time you’ll have to spend queuing up for a new group. This also lessens the likelihood that the next group you get just isn’t good at all.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide

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Making WoW Gold from Instance Leveling

Making WoW Gold from Instance Leveling

If you ever want to have gear that will get you into the end game content on World of Warcraft, then you’ve got to farm for gold. You’ll need gold to buy crafted gear and purchase materials to get it enchanted. You’ll also need plenty of gold to purchase the gems that will make your gear even better. Of course not everyone knows how to make gold, but the new dungeon finder makes it easy to have plenty of gold by the time you reach level 80.

Instance Leveling: The Key to Gold Farming

On the most basic level, instance leveling will allow you to make a large amount of gold in a short amount of time. Just as your character will level faster through the dungeon finder, you’ll also have access to more gold. It’s much faster to kill large mobs with four other people than it is to grind away by yourself, killing one monster at a time. You’ll be able to cram a lot more kills into a short amount of time when you’re working with four other people. More kills mean more gold dropped, more trash that can be sold to the vendor, and overall better gear for your character. Better gear means less gold spent on gear that will only last you for a level or two.

Making Gold From Enchanting Materials

Another important part of farming gold by instance leveling is all the enchanting materials you have access to. Of course the “disenchant” option will only be available in your instance group if you have an enchanter, but there are enough enchanters around that you will often enough.
Every time a piece of loot drops that you can’t use, just click the “disenchant” option if it’s available. This selection will allow you to roll on the materials that come from the item after it’s disenchanted. Rolling on the “disenchant” item is equivalent to rolling “greed,” but it’s a great way to get your hands on some enchanting materials if you’re not an enchanter.

The great thing about enchanting materials is that they will almost always sell on the auction house. Enchanting is known to be one of the most expensive professions to level on World of Warcraft. This is because the materials go for top dollar on the auction house, and the best way for non-enchanters to get their hands on gold available from selling enchanting materials. Even enchanters will appreciate instance leveling because more kills in a shorter amount of time means more loot that can be disenchanted.

Selling Cloth, Making Gold

Another important thing to remember about instance leveling is the access to cloth materials. Once again, more kills means more loot, and within that loot there will be a lot more cloth than what will drop when you’re leveling alone. Cloth is an important part of making enough WoW gold, so just save up all your cloth materials and sell them on the auction house. You’ll get quite a bang for your cloth.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide

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