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The Wandering Isle – Zone Preview

The Wandering Isle

The Wandering Isle is the new starting zone introduced in Mists of Pandaria exclusively for the Pandaren race.

Separated from Pandaria for millennia, The Wandering Isle meanders the oceans of Azeroth. When the weather changes unexpectedly on the Isle and it begins erratically spiraling toward the Maelstrom, the elders at the Temple of Five Dawns request the aid of four elemental spirits to unravel the mystery. Heroes must figure out the cause of the land's illness before the entire island plunges into the abyss!

  • It's a turtle, known to the Pandaren as Shen-zin Su! It left Pandaria 10,000 years ago and never came back. Pandarens who wanted to discover the world left on that turtle.
  • The story is focused with simple mechanics.
  • All Pandaren will level from 1 to 10 here.
  • The entire zone is cross faction until choosing Horde or Alliance at level 10.




The Jade Forest – Zone Preview

The Jade Forest

The Jade Forest is the first new zone on the island of Pandaria.

After a devastating naval battle, survivors from both the Horde and Alliance wash up onto the tree-lined shores of the The Jade Forest. Surrounded by wilderness, they must form alliances with the natives if they wish to survive. Along the way, they will meet the Pandaren... along with some of the greater powers that protect and shape Pandaria.

  • This is where Alliance and Horde will be landing. The Horde wash up on the north side and the Alliance on the south side. There will be only be one starting zone and Alliance/Horde will end up meeting up in the middle.
  • The zone consists of lush rainforests and stone spires.
  • The Alliance will try to become friend with the Hozu, and the Horde with the Jinyu, attempting to turn them against each other.
  • This zone will be for levels 85-86.
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent will be the dungeon of this zone. It will be your 85-86 Dungeon, it has been taken over by Sha.



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Valley of the Four Winds – Zone Preview

Valley of the Four Winds

Valley of the Four Winds is a new zone implemented on the island of Pandaria.

A tranquil plain of lush farmland, bordered by dense mysterious jungles along the south and impassible mountains to the north. The valley is considered the "breadbasket" of Pandaria, but the year’s harvest is in jeopardy and a terrible malaise has overcome the Pandaren that live along the coast. The valley is also the home of the legendary Stormstout Brewery, where Chen Stormstout and his niece Li Li hope to journey to discover the whereabouts of their long-lost ancestors.

  • Two zones for the price of one! This zone is huge, the whole north side of the zone is Pandaren farmlands, the south is a coastal jungle.
  • You will get to choose between the north side and the south side when you arrive. You can go back and switch side if you want the other quests.
  • This is where you will have your first interaction with the Mantids, they broke through the wall and are now attacking Pandarens villages.
  • This is a level 86-87 zone.
  • The dungeon of this zone is Stormstout Brewery.



Kun-Lai Summit – Zone Preview

Kun-Lai Summit

Kun-Lai Summit is a new zone implemented on the island of Pandaria.

High atop the frigid northern peaks of the Kun-Lai Summit looms the Temple of the Tiger, an ancient training ground protected by an elite force of martial priests, along with the spirit of the White Tiger itself. Deeper into the mountains is the hideout of the Shado-pan: a mysterious order charged with protecting Pandaria from the dark things buried beneath its surface. When the isolated people of Kun-Lai Summit are threatened by marauders from the west and a Zandalari troll menace invading its northern shores, they turn to the Alliance and Horde for help.

  • Shado-pan Monastery will be the dungeon of this zone. Located in Kun-Lai Summit, this mountain retreat serves as the home and training grounds of the mysterious Shado-pan Clan, a ninja-like pandaren faction dedicated to protecting Pandaria. Again, the Sha have been set free and threaten the Shado-pan's base of operations, and you’re tasked with dispatching them.

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Vale of Eternal Blossoms – Zone Preview

Vale of Eternal Blossoms - Zone Preview

Vale of Eternal Blossoms is a new zone introduced in Mists of Pandaria.

The ancient seat of the pandaren empire has been hidden for generations, shrouded in mists and walled-off by impassible mountains. The waters of the Vale are believed to have mystical powers... which has attracted the attention of ancient enemies as well as power-hungry factions within the Alliance and Horde. What secrets lie buried below this mystical font of power?

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Townlong Steppes – Zone Preview

Townlong Steppes - Zone Preview

Townlong Steppes is a new zone introduced in Mists of Pandaria.

Separated from the rest of Pandaria by the Great Wall, the rampaging mantid people of the Townlong Wastes devour everything in their path in order to build their own crystalline empire of ruthless warriors and scheming feudal lords. The Pandaren are left reeling when the mantid's thousand-year cycle of aggression kicks off a hundred years too early and their greatest warriors burst through the great wall. The beleaguered Pandaren must now face the worst swarm in recorded history while trying to isolate the cause of the mantid's erratic behavior.


Mists of Pandaria Barell Roll

Just a preview of the new spell Barrel Roll.


Mists of Pandaria Login Screen

Note: Fan made!

Mists of Pandaria Login Screen

Mists of Pandaria Login Screen

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Mists of Pandaria PvP

Originally Posted by Blizzard

There will be PvP additions for Mists of Pandaria. We'll have more information/details at a future point in time.

Just as a quick FYI, here's a link to the BlizzCon article we posted outlining the panel contents that were covered.

We'll be sharing more details before much longer on many aspects of the expansion. Don't worry. Just to add on to this, the Developer Q&A in October also touched on PvP including world PvP.

We're quite aware of the desire for more world PvP. We're also aware that there are those who do not want to be "forced" into it either. We have plans that we think will help assuage that "dilemma".

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Mists of Pandaria: Druid Talent Tree Review

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree Review

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree Review

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree: Tier 1

The first tier in the druid talent tree is all about movement. All three choices provide different ways to boost movement. Feline Swiftness provides a constant 10% boost to your speed and a 20% boost while in cat form. Displacer Beast provides a random teleport away from the action and puts you into stealth and removes all periodic damage effects. Tireless Pursuit provides a huge boost to movement at a 70% boost for 15 seconds and removes all movement impairing effects.

All three are useful and the second two are even interesting. Feline Swiftness should be your go to ability if you are not sure about what you want, while the other two offer some interesting PVE utility and awesome PVP ability. Depending on your play style will determine which is better for you, I would prefer the tireless pursuit for melee PVP and displacer beast for caster, but both look awesome.

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree: Tier 2

The second tier is all about utility and opening up some options while in forms. Nature's Swiftness allows several spells to be instant cast, last longer or do more, and be cast able in any form. Renewal is a big heal that restores 30% of your health instantly in any form. Cenarion Ward is a buff that can be placed on a target and then heals over time once they are hit.

All three are great abilities. Nature's swiftness would be my go to ability for PVE other than tanking since it offers the most utility. As a tank I would likely pick one of the healing abilities just to have a backup cooldown type ability, my choice there would be renewal. For PVP the choice becomes a bit more complicated, I think I would go for renewal as a big heal when you need it can save you in so many ways. Nature's swiftness however still provides a huge number of options that can help in so many ways.

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree: Tier 3

This tier is a bit of a mixed bag as the abilities are all sort of different. First up there is Faerie Swarm which provides an armour debuff and slows the targets movement for a short period of time. This is a great ability for tanks since it allows you to cause more damage and therefore cause increased threat. Next up Mass Entanglement is a great control spell as it allows you to trap everyone nearby in roots which can be especially useful for escaping your enemies in either PVE of PVP content. Lastly there is Typhoon which is a damage ability that pushes enemies back and dazes them for a short time.

The choices seem fairly obvious at this level at least to me. Faerie swarm is the go to one for tanks, mass entanglement or typhoon for everyone else. In PVE I think either one can work as it will either trap enemies so you can get away, or pushes them away from you. For PVP again all have their uses, my choice here would be either faerie swarm so that your enemies can not stealth away from you, or mass entanglement so that you can get away from them.

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree: Tier 4

This tier is all about your shapeshifting forms as a druid. First up there is Wild Charge which grants various movement abilities depending on your form, most are to either close the distance to an enemy or escape depending on your form. Incarnation is another ability that is based on your form but this one increases your abilities in that form substantially for a short period of time. Lastly there is Force of Nature that allows you to summon three treants to help you fight.

Incarnation seems the strongest here but the others have their place. For example Force of Nature is a great ability for almost anyone as it provides good damage and is a fire and forget ability that everyone loves. Wild charge would be my choice though for PVP as it allows an addition move ability to close distances or escape as needed.

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree: Tier 5

This tier is about some control over enemies. First up is Demoralizing Roar which disorients all nearby enemies for 4 seconds. Next up there is Ursol's Vortex which pulls all nearby enemies towards it for 15 seconds. Lastly there is Bear Hug which is a very short 3 second stun that also deals damage.

If you are a tank bear hug is the obvious choice since it also deals damage. The amount of damage it can do is pretty substantial as well since 30% of a tanks health is about 40-50% of anyone else's health. As any other spec Ursol's Vortex is a great control ability since it pulls enemies towards it allowing you to get away. Demoralizing roar is also a great ability but mainly for PVP since it can send everyone running and more importantly it interrupts spell casting.

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree: Tier 6

The final tier is all about big abilities. First up there is Heart of the Wild which allows you to use abilities outside of your normal ability for 45 seconds every 6 minutes. This is a really different and interesting ability as it allows you to do something different for a short period of time. Master Shapeshifter is a bit more of the same as it grants abilities of one type to improve damage of abilities of another type. So if you cast spells it improves melee damage or vise versa. Lastly Disentanglement boosts your shapeshifting ability, it now removes removes roots and heals you for 20%.

All of these abilities are interesting and different and provide a whole lot of interesting abilities for a hybrid class. Disentanglement is the only exception in that it doesn't provide different abilities, but boosts you escape and healing ability. As such it is my choice for PVP players, while I would pick either of the other two for PVE situations.

Mists of Pandaria Druid Talent Tree: More or Less Choice?

After looking at all of the choices that are available to a Druid in this new talent tree I see some real options and choices. In the old talent system there were a lot of talents and a big amount of choice in theory, however most of your points were locked into preset talents that were not very interesting and didn't change your character much at all.

The new talent system has many different and interesting abilities that appear to be real choices. While some lend them self to certain specs more than others, they are all valid choices and you will not be out of place by taking almost any of them over any other one.


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