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Mists of Pandaria Storytelling

One of the things I would love to see in MoP is less of a spoonfeeding of a linear story as we have seen in Cata.

It all feels a bit console gamey. The new heroics are particularly bad. Fun experiences the first time, but it's all rather "Culling of Stratholme RP bit" after the first couple of times. I want to claw my eardrums out every time I hear the first boss in the third dungeon talk about Thrall the "shaaaaaaaaman". Unfortunately all this story has been added into these dungeons to disguise the fact that there's only 5 minutes worth of content in each, stretching them out to 20.

Originally Posted by Nethaera

We're always open to constructive feedback as long as it stays constructive. There are a few different types of thoughts from the community on these things that I've heard via podcasts or read on fansites and the forums here.

First, we've gotten lots of feedback through the years that it's difficult to learn the story of World of Warcraft. Many players have expressed that they have concerns over too much story having to be found outside the game and not enough in the game, or even not being led to the story in the game and thus missing it. Obviously, this is something we've been trying to correct where we can and trying to find a balance between the two. We're aware that Azeroth's history and story is pretty vast and with each new expansion, we're given the opportunity to expand on it even more.

Second, we've heard (as you've stated) that once through, it's not as fun the second time. We've obviously experienced this as well in the past via Culling of Stratholme. As you saw there, we did eventually make it possible to skip this portion of the event, but there are risks involved with that too. For newer players or those that aren't on the front edge of progression, this can cause them to miss out on being able to see this story unless they're with people who are willing to let it play out so they can experience it.

That said, I can't say that we'll do the same for the current dungeons (allowing the "skip"), but I can say that we'll continue to take constructive feedback on these aspects of the game as often as we can. We want to make sure we're giving the story that people want, while still making sure it's as fun as possible to be a part of it.

As for Mists of Pandaria and the storyline there, we definitely want to continue down the path of offering up story where we can. We feel that this can only enhance the experience of the game. We're not unaware though of the concerns on both sides of the fence.


Temple of the Jade Serpent – Dungeon Preview

Temple of the Jade Serpent - Dungeon Preview

The Temple of the Jade Serpent was the first announced 5-man dungeon of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. In this dungeon you’ll be tasked with defeating the Sha of Doubt, one of the elemental enemies threatening the shrouded continent and sacred pandaren ways. The temple is located in the Jade Forest. It has four bosses in heroic difficulty and three in normal difficulty.


Dungeon Map



Stormstout Brewery – Dungeon Preview

Stormstout Brewery - Dungeon Preview

The Stormstout Brewery was the third announced 5-man dungeon of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. It is located in the Valley of the Four Winds, a level 86-87 zone and has 3 bosses.

Chen Stormstout of Warcraft III fame is a revered figure within pandaren culture, and his brewery has been overrun by the Verming and Hozu, a couple of the less-than-savory races that also inhabit Pandaria. You’re tasked with reclaiming his family heritage... and his beer.

Blizzcon Video

Dungeon Map



Shado-Pan Monastery – Dungeon Preview

Shado-pan Monastery - Dungeon Preview

The Shado-pan Monastery was the second announced 5-man dungeon of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Located in Kun-Lai Summit, this mountain retreat serves as the home and training grounds of the mysterious Shado-pan Clan, a ninja-like pandaren faction dedicated to protecting Pandaria. Again, the Sha have been set free and threaten the Shado-pan's base of operations, and you’re tasked with dispatching them.


Dungeon Map



Scholomance – Dungeon Preview

Scholomance - Dungeon Preview

Scholomance is returning with a more streamlined layout. The old lower level version will remain accessible for lower level characters. The dungeon will have five bosses:

Dungeon Map


Scarlet Monastery – Dungeon Preview

Scarlet Monastery - Dungeon Preview

Scarlet Monastery, too big to return as one dungeon, is being split up into two wings. The Graveyard and Cathedral are being combined into one level-90 Heroic dungeon, and the Library and Armory into another. Whitemane's Chapeau for everyone! The old lower level version will remain accessible for lower level characters.

Graveyard and Cathedral Bosses

Library and Armory Bosses

Dungeon Maps


Mogu’Shan Palace – Raid Preview

Mogu’Shan Palace - Raid Preview

Mogu'Shan Palace is one of the three new raids that will be opened in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. This six-boss raid is located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and invites you to explore the hidden secrets of the elusive Mogu empire, one of the new indigenous Pandarian races.

Dungeon Map



11 Characters in Mists of Pandaria

Originally Posted by Blizzard

This is actually something we have already commented on and see players regularly bring up. What our development team has been considering is to increase the number of characters that are allowed on each realm, but keeping the character limit per account in place.

This means that it may be possible to have just one massive list of characters on a single realm. No promises, but I would like to have all of my characters on one realm as well :D

Keep the constructive discussion up though guys :)

This matter was already brought up at Blizzcon. What is currently being considered by the development team is that we will not increase the total character limit per account; but what we may be doing is allowing more characters per realm, so you may have a gigantic list of characters on one realm!

No promises though, but hope this little bit of info helps ^^


Bashiok on Game Design

Dailies and grinding. You want X, you have to perform Y dailies for Z period of time. You grind rep and gold and then you get what you want. This is what I explained.

"But that's just like a job. I already have a job. When can we do something fun?"

Uh huh...

Brilliant game design.

And furthermore, what would be a better design for this type of structure?

Originally Posted by Bashiok
Infinite content.

It's easy to design a better system than dailies, pump out infinite amounts of content, it's just not feasible to pull off. Some people want to spend more time in the game than others, maybe even every day, and we want to make sure they have something to do. While we'd love for that to be fresh and unique content every time, it's simply not feasible. Thus, dailies. Give people something to do each time they log in (if they choose to do so every day).

Not to toot the Mists of Pandaria horn too hard, but I think our general zone design, daily, and scenario approach is pretty solid. Part of what makes dailies a bit tedious, aside from being tedious, is the rewards are desired but may not always quite fit the time investment. I see quite a bit of that being solved and making sure if you're logging in to do some dailies or scenarios, you feel like you made a good chunk of progress toward advancing your character.


Mists of Pandaria Release Date on Amazon Already? September, 2012

There are "speculations" running around that Amazon (German) got the release date of Mists of Pandaria. If you search for "Mists of Pandaria" it returns:

"This item will be released on September 30, 2012"

However, the US/English version of the site clearly states:

Official pricing and release date have not been announced by the publisher. These are estimates only and subject to change.

That would mean we have to spend another 10 months in Dragon Soul ... Which would be a F$^$ING nightmare ...

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