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Making Gold Through Crafting in World of Warcraft Guide

Let’s face it, gathering professions are where the real gold making can be seen in World of Warcraft. There is nothing like raw materials that can be made into virtually anything the buyer desires to get someone to open their purse and dish out large amounts of WoW gold. If you are one of the many players that have instead decided on a crafting WoW profession (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, or Tailoring) rather than a gathering profession, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to making WoW gold.

Making WoW gold with a crafting WoW profession is indeed much more difficult than doing so with a gathering profession, however, don’t get discouraged! These professions can yield quite the profit for those dedicated enough to seek it out. Below you will find some useful general tips and tricks to help you garner the most WoW gold from your crafting profession.

WoW Profession: Alchemy

Alchemy is, and always has been a huge money maker and this expansion is no exception. Able to choose between three specializations: Flasks, Transmutes, and Potions all of which can turn a huge profit for those who seek it out. Each specialization procs account for as much as 20% extra so be sure to choose one. Don’t stress to much about the choice as you can always change it for a different specialization for a small fee. However, once you choose a specialization you will want Currently the best companion skill to Alchemy is Herbalism. Taking this as your secondary spec will eliminate any need for you to buy materials for your WoW profession.


Depending how much of your own materials you have to buy, the flask specialization can either be very profitable, or a complete flop. Flasks are almost strictly sold to raiders so be sure to learn the raid times and days of the top raiding guilds on your server as these will be the best days to sell the flasks you create. All flasks sell about equally, except for the current Spirit flask which is currently out of vogue. If you are not an Herbalist be sure to check out the prices of materials and choose the flask that costs you the least amount of gold to create.


If you aren’t aware, recently epic gems have become transmutable, and this is the simplest and more surefire way to make money with your transmute specialty. Transmute red gems to your hearts desire as they are the most commonly used raid gem in the game and will be sure to sell anytime you list them. Players who choose the Transmute specialty should also be sure to keep their Truegold and Living Elements transmute on cool down. These are both very profitable endeavors and is worth the effort. In the cacse of the Living Elements be aware of which element sells for the most on your server and always use the transmute to produce this element to ensure the best profit.


With the release of the Raid Finder, and super easy raid content in general, some raiders are choosing to skip over the potion. However, any good raider will tell you that they are still absolutely essential to every raid. Even though less people are using them, there is still WoW gold to be made here. Players who do use these consumables blow through them like crazy. To make the most profit see what each potion costs on the Auction House, and if the mats are low enough that you can make a profit, make that potion and list it and your profit is in the bag.

WoW Profession: Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is one of the more difficult WoW professions to make a profit with. However, with a little effort it can be done. As mentioned above it is essential that your Blacksmithing be max level. Low level Blacksmithing items typically DO NOT sell. Once you reach max level you will find yourself able to create some decent gear that may be appealing for both PvE and PvP players. The downside of this gear is that unless you also have Mining (the recommended profession to be paired with Blacksmithing) it can be quite expensive to make, especially the gear that requires Orbs. Check the Auction House frequently to be aware of trends in items that are selling and are therefore worth your while to make. Also seek out rare patterns that other Blacksmiths may not have when possible.

Besides gear Blacksmiths can produce one other non-gear item that has the potential to sell well depending on player demand. Belt Buckles, used to permanently add a socket to a belt, can be sold to any player who has recently acquired a new belt meaning that the market for these is almost never ending. Sadly items such as the Weapon Chain and the Shield Spike are not so lucky and are virtually untellable (at least on my server) so be sure to avoid wasting materials on items that do not sell such as those.

WoW Profession: Enchanting

If you want to make money with Enchanting you must first and foremost get it to max level. Anything below max level in the world of Enchanting is pretty much free. If your guild bank looks anything like mine, it is loaded with lower level scrolls and enchants that basically just take up space because no one except a random alt will want them. Low level enchants are one of those things that you literally almost can’t give away. To make a profit with this WoW profession you will need to turn instead to higher level enchants.

Thankfully, with the introduction of the vellum, making money with Enchanting has become easier than ever. Gone are the days of watching Trade Chat and opening a trade enchanting an individual item (although money can still be made this way in the form of tips). Now players can put their most valuable enchants onto a vellum and place them in the Auction House to sell to a huge market of players. Be sure to check the Auction House and Trade Chat frequently to get a feel for which enchants are currently selling. Remember once you place an enchant on a vellum it cannot be undone and the materials will be consumed so be sure that the enchant will sell before you place it on a vellum.

The best profession to pair with Enchanting is currently Tailoring. The combination of these two WoW professions allows you to disenchant anything you create while leveling up Tailoring. This provides you with an almost constant stream of materials to level your Enchanting. Once you have maxed out your Tailoring and no longer are producing items, you will need to disenchant any item that comes into your possession. This will give you the needed materials to be able to create enchants without spending tons of money thus increasing your overall profit.

WoW Profession: Engineering

While Engineering has improved with the release of Cataclysm, it is still one of the most difficult WoW professions to make a profit with. Players with this crafting profession will find themselves resorting to selling the various Engineering pets (Lifelike Toad, Mechanical Yeti, Pet Bombling, and Lil‘ Smoky), which can turn quite a profit. Be sure to market these on both your factions and the neutral Auction House for max profit potential. It may take some time to sell these pets, but when they do sell they can easily sell for over 100 gold each.

Becoming a pet shop is not the only way for an Engineer to make some quick cash. Engineers can also sell the new “fish feast” of Cataclysm the Goblin Barbecue, these sell especially well if you have a lot of raiding guilds on your server. Also Engineers can create and sell Fused Wiring, each of these costs mere silver to sell, but can be sold for much more depending on your server making them well worth making. For those players with a little gold on hand can also take the more adventurous route and sell the various Engineering mounts. WoW players love mounts but most of us are much to lazy to farm the mats so buying them pre-made is pretty appealing.

WoW Profession: Inscription

In WOTLK Inscription was THE profession to make WoW gold. Glyphs were cheap to make and since they were not reusable people literally needed them all the time. The launch of Cataclysm has changed the demand for glyphs. Once a glyph has been bought it never needs to be purchased, leaving this WoW profession floundering when it comes to a steady cash flow. However, despite this a profit can be made from Inscription with a little effort.

First spend some time with your Auction House. See what Inks and Glyphs are currently selling and also check out the prices of herbs (if you don‘t have Herbalism as your secondary profession) to see how much they are selling for. You want to only make Glyphs that you can produce for less than you will spend making it. So if it costs you 10G to create a Glyph and you can only sell it for 8G then you probably won’t want to make it. Once you have chosen some profitable glyphs to make, only create 1 or 2 of each to prevent over saturation of the market, remember, players never need to replace glyphs so demand is relatively low.

If you want to avoid the hassle of creating glyphs you may also be able to make money selling the various Inks to other Inscriptionists. Currently the best seller tends to be Inferno Ink, however, check the prices on the other inks as they may be profitable as well depending on your server.

WoW Profession: Jewelcrafting

Being a primarily enhancement profession (through gems) how well you can make gold with the Jewelcrafting profession depends solely on how many players are actively looking to buy gems. There are two types of gems you can sell; rare and uncommon. Rare gems need to be cut to make any profit, while uncommon gems if you choose to take the time to sell them are better left uncut.

The problem for the Jewelcrafter comes about when you realize that demand is not equal for every color gem. This becomes a problem because the biggest source of these gems is ore (which can be easily obtained through Mining, the recommended second profession to Jewelcrafting) which yields all colors of gems pretty equally. Familiarize yourself via the Auction House and Trade Chat with which of these gem colors sell the best and cut/sell them appropriately. As for the not so popular gems, you can still turn a profit with these as well. Turn unwanted low profit gems into Meta Gems or enchanting materials via Alchemy instead thereby almost eliminating any wasted gems and enhancing your overall profit.

WoW Profession: Leatherworking

Much like Blacksmithing, Leatherworking can be a tough WoW profession to turn a profit from. Leather (Leatherworking’s primary staple) is expensive on most servers and sometimes difficult to find on the Auction House as many players are hesitant to take up skinning. However, the Leatherworker can indeed make a profit by turning to one sure seller; the leg enchant and armor kid. These have and probably always will be the most popular Leatherworking items and almost every one of them is a sure seller. To make the most WoW gold if you are not a Skinner, check the Auction House for cheap scales, leather, and volatiles throughout the week and buy them as you see them. Then turn these cheap materials into the various leg enchants and armor kits and keep them listed throughout the week.

If you are willing to take more of a risk and spend more gold for your efforts, Leatherworkers can also make a profit creating the high level armor available to them. Be warned that this high level gear takes expensive materials and the demand of each item will vary server to server and day to day. You may also be able to turn a profit by producing the item level entry gear for each level. You may think people would avoid buying greens from the Auction House, but with many players opting for the Dungeon Finder over questing these greens can be in high demand, but this practice is also risky. In other words…make sure you do your Auction House homework before creating any of the gear mentioned above.

WoW Profession: Tailoring

While Tailoring may seem like one of those tough to profit from professions like Blacksmithing or Leatherworking, I assure you that is not the case. While selling high level armor can be done with Tailoring (for a price) there is a far easier and more effective to make gold with this WoW profession.

Players with Tailoring should look to selling Cataclysm level Spellthreads, the various bags they can create, and for uber big bucks take the time to create and sell their various dream cloth epics. However, like most things with mass profit potential be sure you get a gold deal on the materials here, spending to much to make these can severely cut into your profit margin. Also Tailors (who typically choose Enchanting as their second profession) may choose to create cheap high level gear strictly for enchanting materials. These materials are typically in high demand and can be sold for large profit.

Remember that while above tips and tricks will get you well on your way to making WoW gold making it all come together for the max profit will be ultimately up to you.



Scepter of Azj’Aqir Drop Rate & Information Tol’Vir Fragment Mount

Scepter of Azj'Aqir Drop Rate & Information Tol'Vir Fragment Mount

Scepter of Azj'Aqir

Scepter of Azj'Aqir

Scepter of Azj'Aqir
Binds when picked up
Requires Level 40
Requires Journeyman Riding
Item Level 40
Use: Teaches you how to summon the Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank.

To see how many Tol'vir artifacts you have solved, type this in-game:

/run print("Total artifacts"); for x=1,9 do local c=GetNumArtifactsByRace(x); local a =0; for y=1,c do local t = select(9, GetArtifactInfoByRace(x, y)); a=a+t;end local rn = GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(x); if( c > 1 ) then print(rn .. ": " .. a); end end

#1 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 20 | Scepter
#2 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 3 | Scepter
#3 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 3 | Scepter
#4 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 18 | Scepter
#5 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 11 | No Scepter
#6 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 13 | No Scepter
#7 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 85 | Scepter
#8 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 52 | No Scepter
#9 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 13 | No Scepter
#10 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 73 | Scepter
#11 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 2 | Scepter
#12 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 56 | No Scepter
#13 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 95 | No Scepter
#14 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 42 | No Scepter
#15 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 44 | Scepter
#16 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 45 | No Scepter
#17 : Tol'vir Artifacts : 24 | No Scepter

Estimated Drop Rate: 1,33%

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Where To Farm Volatile Earth

Volatile Earth in Twilight Highlands

You can farm Volatile Earth in Twilight Highlands by killing Obsidian Stoneslaves. Do not forget that if you are a miner, you can mine the dead mobs and you will get more Volatile Earth.

Volatile Earth in Twilight Highlands

Volatile Earth in Twilight Highlands

Volatile Earth in Mount Hyjal

There is another good place is in Mount Hyjal. Kill Scalding Rock Elementals. These mobs are easy to kill and the respawn rate is pretty fast.

Volatile Earth in Mount Hyjal

Volatile Earth in Mount Hyjal


Where To Farm Volatile Air

Volatile Air in Uldum

Uldum is the best place to farm Volatile Air. Start killing Scion of Al'Akir, there is a lot there and they have a very quick spawn rate. They got around a 12% drop chance of Volatile Air.

There are also Sweeping Winds around this area, and they also drop Volatile Air, but the mobs are a bit more spread out than Scion of Al'Akir.

If you are an Engineer, you can farm Volatile Air with [Electrostatic Condenser], but only if you have a gathering profession.

Volatile Air in Uldum

Volatile Air in Uldum


Where To Farm Volatile Fire

Volatile Fire in Twilight Highlands

Twilight Highlands is the best place to farm Volatile Fire. Kill Enslaved Infernos and combine it with fishing in Pool of Fire.

If your fishing skill is only 1, you can still fish in Pool of Fire. Each Pool of Fire contains 2-4 catches, each of which will be 1 or 2 Volatile Fire. The location have 4 pool spawning points. No more than 2 pools will be visible at one time, and none may be visible if pools have recently been fished empty. Pools re-spawn approximately 12-15 minutes. You can find the Pools around Lord Canon.

The Pools are farmed by a lot of players. If you can do this alone, you will get 100+ Volatile Fire in an hour, try this at between 3-5 AM.

Volatile Fire in Twilight Highlands

Volatile Fire in Twilight Highlands

Volatile Fire in Mount Hyjal

Flame Ascendants in Mount Hyjal have low HP and they respawn instantly most of the time. I was often able to kill 5-6 at the same spawning point, because the mob respawned before I even looted it.

Volatile Fire in Mount Hyjal

Volatile Fire in Mount Hyjal

Unbound Emberfiends in Twilight Highlands is another good alternative, these are a lot harder to kill than the mobs in Mount Hyjal.

Twilight Highlands Volatile Fire

Twilight Highlands Volatile Fire


Where To Farm Embersilk Cloth

Embersilk Cloth is the Cataclysm level cloth, found on humanoids level 80 and above, mostly in Cataclysm zones.

You can also buy Embersilk Cloth from Honor/Justice Point vendors,

Edlan Halsing (Stormwind)
Rogoc (Orgrimmar)
Talric Forthright (Stormwind)
Togar (Orgrimmar)

Embersilk Cloth

Embersilk Cloth

Before you start farming, go to the Auction House and buy a [Potion of Treasure Finding] or make one for yourself if you are an Alchemist. With this potion you gain the chance of looting [Tiny Treasure Chest] which contain Embersilk, Volatiles, and gold. Gold is a guaranteed drop, while the other two just have a high drop chance.

[Northern Cloth Scavenging] also works on Cataclysm mobs if you have Tailoring 400. This means Tailors will get a lot more cloth, the drop rate is horrible for non-Tailors.

Embersilk Cloth in Tol Barad

In my opinion the best place to farm this is Tol Barad, the Restless Front. You will see the Restless Soldier and Restless Infantry bash each other to 19k health, which means it is easy to kill them. The respawn rate is high, you will never run out of them.

I'd like to add that not every mob drops Cloth, and I've seen some drop 4 and some drop 1.

Embersilk Cloth in Tol Barad

Embersilk Cloth in Tol Barad

Embersilk Cloth in Deepholm

This is a really good place for anyone that can do okay AoE. There is a battle going on between Dwarves and Stone Troggs, so most mobs will already be damaged and they are in pack of 5-8.

I do not recommend this place if you are not a Tailor or if you don't have the Treasure Finding potion, but this is an excellent place if you have both.

Embersilk Cloth in Deepholm

Embersilk Cloth in Deepholm

Embersilk Cloth in Twilight Highlands

The Twilight Gate in Twilight Highlands is also a really good place to farm Embersilk Cloth. Start killing Twilight Ettin, Bloodeye Magelord and Bloodeye Brute. These guys hit hard, don't pull too many of them.

Embersilk Cloth in Twilight Highlands

Embersilk Cloth in Twilight Highlands

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Jewelcrafting Epic Gems Patch 4.3

This is a list of epic jewelcrafting gems added in patch 4.3

name level category
Accurate Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Adept Lava Coral 85 Orange
Artful Lava Coral 85 Orange
Balanced Elven Peridot 85 Green
Balanced Elven Peridot 85 Green
Bold Chimera's Eye 85 Red
Bold Queen's Garnet 85 Red
Bright Chimera's Eye DEPRECATED 85 Red
Brilliant Blazejewel 85 Red
Brilliant Chimera's Eye 85 Red
Brilliant Queen's Garnet 85 Red
Champion's Lava Coral 85 Orange
Crafty Lava Coral 85 Orange
Deadly Lava Coral 85 Orange
Deepholm Iolite 85 Blue
Defender's Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Deft Lava Coral 85 Orange
Delicate Blazejewel 85 Red
Delicate Chimera's Eye 85 Red
Delicate Queen's Garnet 85 Red
Elven Peridot 85 Green
Energized Elven Peridot 85 Green
Etched Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Fierce Lava Coral 85 Orange
Fine Lava Coral 85 Orange
Flashing Chimera's Eye 85 Red
Flashing Queen's Garnet 85 Red
Forceful Elven Peridot 85 Green
Fractured Chimera's Eye 85 Yellow
Fractured Lightstone 85 Yellow
Glinting Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Guardian's Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Infused Elven Peridot 85 Green
Infused Elven Peridot 85 Green
Inscribed Lava Coral 85 Orange
Jagged Elven Peridot 85 Green
Keen Lava Coral 85 Orange
Lava Coral 85 Orange
Lightning Elven Peridot 85 Green
Lightstone 85 Yellow
Lucent Lava Coral 85 Orange
Lucent Lava Coral 85 Orange
Misty Elven Peridot 85 Green
Mysterious Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Mysterious Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Mystic Chimera's Eye 85 Yellow
Mystic Lightstone 85 Yellow
Mystic Lightstone 85 Yellow
Nimble Elven Peridot 85 Green
Polished Lava Coral 85 Orange
Potent Lava Coral 85 Orange
Precise Chimera's Eye 85 Red
Precise Queen's Garnet 85 Red
Puissant Elven Peridot 85 Green
Purified Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Queen's Garnet 85 Red
Quick Chimera's Eye 85 Yellow
Quick Lightstone 85 Yellow
Radiant Elven Peridot 85 Green
Radiant Elven Peridot 85 Green
Reckless Lava Coral 85 Orange
Regal Elven Peridot 85 Green
Resolute Lava Coral 85 Orange
Resplendent Lava Coral 85 Orange
Resplendent Lava Coral 85 Orange
Retaliating Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Rigid Chimera's Eye 85 Blue
Rigid Deepholm Iolite 85 Blue
Sensei's Elven Peridot 85 Green
Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Shattered Elven Peridot 85 Green
Shattered Elven Peridot 85 Green
Shifting Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Skillful Lava Coral 85 Orange
Smooth Chimera's Eye 85 Yellow
Smooth Lightstone 85 Yellow
Solid Chimera's Eye 85 Blue
Solid Deepholm Iolite 85 Blue
Sovereign Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Sparkling Chimera's Eye 85 Blue
Sparkling Deepholm Iolite 85 Blue
Splendid Lava Coral 85 Orange
Splendid Lava Coral 85 Orange
Stalwart Lava Coral 85 Orange
Steady Elven Peridot 85 Green
Steady Elven Peridot 85 Green
Stormy Chimera's Eye 85 Blue
Stormy Deepholm Iolite 85 Blue
Stormy Deepholm Iolite 85 Blue
Subtle Chimera's Eye 85 Yellow
Subtle Lightstone 85 Yellow
Tenuous Lava Coral 85 Orange
Tenuous Lava Coral 85 Orange
Timeless Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Turbid Elven Peridot 85 Green
Turbid Elven Peridot 85 Green
Veiled Shadow Spinel 85 Purple
Vivid Elven Peridot 85 Green
Wicked Lava Coral 85 Orange
Willful Lava Coral 85 Orange
Willful Lava Coral 85 Orange
Zen Elven Peridot 85 Green

Savage Leather / Blackened Dragonscale Farming

I'm just wondering a little, as I haven't been doing any skinning/leatherworking until now. I've been doing a little background check, and found some strategies and such. But many seem to be discontinued or nerfed.

Which is the best spot for Blackened Dragonscale farming, is it the Obsidian Forest in Twilight Highlands or the Stone drakes in Northern Deepholm?

Also, for Savage leather, which are the best spots? Molten Front has already turned into a ghost zone, so the spiders there might not be as good for skinning as they used to?


The best place to farm them is the AH, for sure. There were some wonderful strats with crocs and bats early on, but they all got whacked with the nerfbat. If you plan on getting serious, start price checking the AH everytime you log in/out, and when you have free time. Pick them up when at discount, and either sell or hold what you get when prices rise.


For Savage Leather, at a time of day when there aren't many people around doing their dailies, the spiders in the Molten Front are the best source. I go in as a bear, round up 7-8 at a time, kill and skin, and by the time I've done that they're starting to respawn.

This is dependent of course on how much activity there is, questing and other skinners alike.


How To Get Gold On World of Warcraft

Gold Economy:

Although it is technically against the ToS to affect other's gameplay in a negative way (including the economy), it's generally accepted that under-pricing doesn't count as it doesn't affect the average wealth of players on your realm. It's also generally accepted that underpricing is very annoying, since other players will find it difficult to sell items at the correct price, and it may even lower the value of the item you're selling. Slight underpricing (up to around 10% of market value off) is acceptable, however. Although little is known about the actual average WoW player's wealth, there is much speculation about it and wherever you look you'll find a different figure. Blizzard has yet to publish anything regarding the economic status of any of the servers in any country.

Check the WoW Gold Guide on How To Get Gold On World of Warcraft


Archaeology Guide & Information World of Warcraft

Archaeologists search the world - and places beyond - for mysterious remnants of the past. Their digs unearth all manner of artifacts, and a persistent archaeologist will research commonplace historical items alongside rare and powerful relics.

Artifacts provide invaluable insight into the history of the world, but some collectors are more than willing to assign a monetary value to them. After documenting finds in their journal, archaeologists can sell the items they retrieve to vendors and museum curators for extra money.Archaeology is a secondary profession - anyone can learn to investigate and assemble the ruins of the past, no matter how many other professions they've devoted themselves to.All archaeologists begin by surveying maps of Azeroth to find the locations of promising dig sites, and then investigating those sites on foot along with survey tools in an attempt to narrow down the location of the most precious historical fragments in that area. Different locations provide different types of historical artifacts - and different rewards.Archaeologists who hone their craft over time recover increasingly more valuable and rare items, and their knowledge about the world and past of Azeroth grows alongside their collection of relics.


After you've acquired the archaeology skill, you'll see the location of viable dig sites on your map. Each site is represented by a shovel icon. To find your dig, start by traveling to a shovel icon on your map.

When you arrive at the dig site, your map will show the general location that you should dig in. Travel to any spot in that area, and choose 'survey' from your professions menu.

Your telescope and monitoring device will appear, showing a color (red = far, yellow = closer, green = very close) to indicate how far away you are from the dig spot. The telescope will always point in the direction of the dig spot, and the distance monitor will help you determine how close you are.

Keep moving, and keep surveying. When you're really close to the dig site, surveying will unearth it, and you'll get fragments of the relics you've come to find. Dig sites regularly have more than one find.

As you uncover more fragments, you'll get closer to reconstructing an artifact. When you're able to completely reconstruct an artifact, you'll get a reward, and the item's history will be reflected in the archaeology section of your professions menu.

Perks & Benefits

Lore - The pursuit of knowledge and stories is the foremost reward of archaeology.
Vanity Items - Pets, fossilized mounts, and other, stranger artifacts can sometimes be uncovered from the earth.
Weapons and Armor - Ancient relics, including still-mighty blades and adornments of yore.

World of Warcraft Gold Guide

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