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Fangs of the Father Questline Guide

Rogues get two new legendary daggers with this patch and will be able to get them through a series of quests started by Lord Afrasastrasz in the Wyrmrest Temple.

Fangs of the Father Questline Guide
Golad, Twilight of Aspects
Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages

Fangs of the Father

Fangs of the Father

Your melee attacks have a chance to grant Shadows of the Destroyer, increasing your Agility by 17, stacking up to 50 times. Each application past 30 grants an increasing chance to trigger Fury of the Destroyer. When triggered, this consumes all applications of Shadows of the Destroyer, immediately granting 5 combo points and cause your finishing moves to generate 5 combo points. Lasts 6 sec.


Proving Your Worth -- Bring the ring to Lord Afrasastrasz at Wyrmrest Temple within the Dragon Soul raid encounter.

Hello, ! You've earned a reputation among the flight as having - shall we say - 'nimble fingers'.
We need someone of your skills for a matter of utmost delicacy. Before I reveal more, we need to know you're the right for the job.
When the course of battle takes you to the Eye of Eternity, I need you to pickpocket Hagara the Stormbinder to retrieve a cryptomancer's decoder ring. Are you up to the task?

A Hidden Message -- Deliver the Solved Cipher to Corastrasza at the Vermillion Redoubt in Twilight Highlands.

Corastrasza, currently stationed at the Vermillion Redoubt in the Twilight Highlands, has intercepted a coded message of grave importance. I'll let her explain the full situation, but we need your expertise to unravel the cipher!
Take your decoder ring to an ethereal thaumaturge in your capital city - he should know how to charge it. Acquire the encoded cipher from Corastrasza and use the ring to decode it for her. Hurry! Time is ticking...

To Ravenholdt -- Talk to Mostrasz within the cave just outside of Ravenholdt Manor in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

If the egg is in Ravenholdt Manor, we can't risk torching it in an all-out assault. I'll need someone slippery to get in there and find out for sure. That's you, .
Mostrasz will help you infiltrate the compound. Speak to him just outside and fly to Ravenholdt together. Good luck!

To Catch a Thief -- Follow Wrathion upstairs and speak with him at Ravenholdt Manor in the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Just beyond this cave lies Ravenholdt Manor. You need to get inside without being seen!

There - now I'll be able to keep an eye on you and communicate as you venture into the compound. Now sneak into that manor, locate the egg, and don't get caught...

Our Man in Gilneas -- Seek out Zazzo Twinklefingers near the ruins of Gilneas City in Gilneas.

If you wish to join my cause and slaughter the black dragons in hiding, prove yourself by taking down Hiram Creed. He's amassing an army in Gilneas.
We haven't been able to slip past his defenders, but we've got a man on the scene keeping an eye on him. Zazzo Twinklefingers, a very crafty arcane mage, is waiting for us to contact him just outside of the ruins of the Gilnean capital.
Find him and he'll direct you to the target.

Our Man in Karazhan -- Report to Zazzo Twinklefingers in the ruins just southeast of Karazhan.

Your next target is the Black Dragon Nalice, who is engaged in some sort of arcane debauchery beneath the ruined tower of Karazhan.
Your primary mission is to destroy her, but if you can bring me back a vial of her blood, I'll be able to use it to augment the power of the daggers I've given you. Your accomplice Zazzo has already been dispatched to the scene and awaits you there. He'll have more details.

Blood of the Betrayer -- Take the vial to Zazzo Twinklefingers at Karazhan in Deadwind Pass.

I've pinpointed Nalice to the Master's Cellar, an extended basement you'll find in the ruins up ahead.
Dragon cultists are everywhere, and Nalice has set up some strange arcane storage devices throughout the area. Perhaps you can use those to your advantage?
Sneak past the cultists, obliterate Nalice, and grab a vial of her blood for Wrathion.
I'll keep my eyes on you and pull you out if you get into any trouble. But I'm NOT coming in there with you!

Victory in the Depths -- Take the Vial of Preserved Dragonsblood, along with your daggers Fear and Vengeance, to Wrathion at Ravenholdt Manor in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Done! You'll want to get this back to Wrathion as soon as possible, along with those two daggers of yours.
I don't know what he plans to do with this stuff. Between you and me, sometimes that little dragon kid creeps me out. Good luck!

Assassinate Creed -- Talk to Zazzo Twinklefingers northeast of Gilneas City in the Ruins of Gilneas.

The city has been in chaos for days now. Hiram Creed, disguised as a Gilnean, has infected the lot of those dogs with his own draconic blood. Even the Forsaken are having trouble routing him out.
Only a surgical assassination can end this!
The bridge behind me is relatively unguarded. Slip in through merchant's square and head south - you'll find Creed in the middle of the military district.
I'll keep an eye on you and pull you out if there's any trouble.
...There Will be trouble!

The Deed is Done -- Report your success to Prince Wrathion at Ravenholdt Manor in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Prince Wrathion will be pleased to hear that you've succeeded. You should report back to him at Ravenholdt Manor.
The Prince has been known to be extremely generous to those who help him.

Cluster Clutch -- Bring the Shadowy Gems to Prince Wrathion at Ravenholdt Manor in Hillsbrad Foothills.

The daggers I have given you are lifeless shells. They can do great things, once they are given a means to contain the power I have in mind.
I need for you to acquire Shadowy Gems for me. The facets of these unusual stones are like windows into the infinite. They are often used by minions of the Twilight's Hammer to control the most powerful of elementals.
A great battle is raging around Wyrmrest temple. Collect Elementium Gem Clusters from Deathwing's minions and bring the gems to me.

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Raid Finder Questions & Answers

Originally Posted by Blizzard

The new Raid Finder system is now live with patch 4.3.  While we’ve shared some details already, we wanted to provide you with this primer on what players can expect from the new system before taking on one of the most epic bosses Azeroth has ever seen.

Q.Who is Raid Finder for?

A. Raid Finder is primarily intended for players who don’t already raid consistently. These are players who may not have had the opportunity to take part in raid content due to scheduling conflicts, playtime constraints, limited access to other raid-capable players, or a lack of experience with higher-end content. These players may want to experience World of Warcraft’s raid content and storyline without being able to commit to the additional time investment of a raiding guild. The Raid Finder is also a great way to quickly and easily gear up alternate characters without having to worry about raid lockouts.

Q. What size raid group will the Raid Finder support and why?

A. Raid Finder will match players up to form a 25-player raid. This allows for a more forgiving experience should errors be made by individual players. Raid Finder groups should be a fun way to experience raid content without feeling too punishing to inexperienced raiders.

Q.What is the Raid Finder difficulty level?

A. Players who take part in Raid Finder groups can expect a similar difficulty level to the Baradin Hold Cataclysm raid.

Q. Are there any character or item level requirements to use the Raid Finder?

A. Yes. You will need to be level 85 with a minimum item level of 372.

Q.What type of loot and items can I expect to get?

A. The items that can be earned are a lower item level than those found in Normal mode Raid Dungeons. Weapons will only be available from Deathwing himself.

Q. How does loot distribution work?

A. All Raid Finder groups determine loot distribution using the “Need Before Greed” system. Unlike Dungeon Finder, players who are identified as rolling need on an item that fits their primary role will be given loot priority over those who play a different role. You can read more about item distribution and loot roll rules here. While Raid Finder raids aren’t locked, players are only eligible to win loot from a boss once per week.

Q. How do I use Raid Finder?

A. You can access Raid Finder through the ‘Raid’ button in the menu at the bottom of the default user interface.

Q. How does Raid Finder populate the raid? Can I invite my friends?

A. Raid Finder will populate the raid with other players who enter the Raid Finder system. Each Raid Finder raid will include two tanks, six healers, and seventeen damage dealers. As the raid is assembled, the Raid Finder will attempt to balance the group according to armor type, which should help ensure a healthy mix of melee and ranged DPS. There are no additional invite capabilities for the raid leader or other members of the raid, however, groups of players are able to queue together, either as a party or a raid, should they wish to raid together.

Q: Does Raid Finder support Real ID friends?

A: With patch 4.3, you can invite Real ID friends to a party and then queue together for the Dragon Soul raid using Raid Finder. You can't, however form a raid with cross-realm Real ID friends before joining the Raid Finder queue. While not currently supported, this is something that we’re interested in implementing in a future update.

Q. What raids are available?

A.The Dragon Soul raid dungeon will be available in the Raid Finder and has been split into two wings. Players will be able to access the first wing at the release of patch 4.3. Deathwing will become available approximately one week later.

Q. Why aren’t older raids available on Raid Finder?

A. Raid Finder is being used to help players access the most current content and tier gear available within the game.  Additional options for the system may be considered in the future.

Q. Can I earn any particular currency with Raid Finder?

A. Players can earn up to 500 Valor points per week (250 per wing) while utilizing Raid Finder.

Q. How often can I enter the Raid Finder system?

A. Each boss within the Dragon Soul raid can be killed once per week for a chance at loot. Since there are no raid locks, skipping a boss will not impede your ability to attempt that boss in a future raid.


Warlock Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

This patch 4.3 Dragon Soul Warlock guide was written to offer you guidance through the first seven bosses in normal mode Dragon Soul and should contain relevant information for both raid sizes and all three specs. If you should find incorrect information or your questions unanswered just make a post and I'll try to look into it.

Talents: Currently all Warlock specs are fairly balanced and only marginally differ in output potential in a patchwerk scenario. None of the specs can be classified as non-viable, and you should use your best judgement when choosing a spec: Consider which spec you're most comfortable with, which spec is most beneficial to your raid group and which spec might work best at the current boss. (32/3/6 Affliction): While only slightly behind in ideal single-target DPS, Affliction is, as always, extremely powerful in it's own areas: Multi-target DoTting, executing, self-healing and fairly simple single-target priorities. The spec itself is rather set-in-stone and there isn't much you can change without a cost. (3/31/7 Demonology): Demonology remains as a highly competitive spec even after the Doomguard nerfs in 4.3 being extremely strong in burst damage, AoE and on-demand output. Note that the ideal single-target spec has changed a bit since the Incinerate buffs in 4.3: You can now ditch Bane for 3/3 Improved Corruption and stop using Shadow Bolt completely, making the spec somewhat easier to play. You can also set the talent points between Demonic Embrace, Fel Synergy, Demonic Rebirth, Demonic Aegis, Master Summoner, Demonic Empowerment and Aura of Foreboding as you best see fit. Note that with the higher amount of Impending Doom procs you will be getting with the Incinerate filler and haste from Dragon Soul gear you can eventually ditch Moonwell Chalice. Also worth mentioning (just because some people don't seem to know it): Felhunter is the best single-target DPS pet by a huge margin. Use it. (3/7/31 Destruction): With recent buffs, Destruction rises as a solid contender in single-target damage with steady output, high survivability through Nether Protection and good mobility. The spec for for Destruction is almost as inflexible as that of Affliction, but you can optionally put 1/2 or 2/2 in Fel Synergy and have one free Major Glyph slot (or maybe even two as you won't need to Life Tap much.) Note that glyph of Incinerate is still not worth it.

Glyphs: Not much flexibility in here. Use the standard Prime Glyphs for all specs in all situations. Glyphing Soul Link is often recommended. Glyph of Shadowflame is useful on maybe one boss.

Tier pieces: Both bonuses are strong for all specs and especially if you're playing Demonology you'll want to try and rush 2x T13 as soon as possible to make Doomguard available for most if not all boss attempts.


Introduction: A solid and easy fight for a Warlock, not only will you find yourself constantly at Shadowflame range but you'll also have much easier time with the incoming damage than most classes.

Spec: Demo/Your preference

Glyphs: Glyph of Soul Link recommended, Glyph of Healthstone if you have free slots.

The fight and tips: Keep yourself close enough for Shadowflame but not too close to take amplified damage from stomps. You can and should go soak Resonating Crystals. When you get pulled to the boss for the Black Blood of the Earth, run away from the boss while casting Shadowflame and refreshing you DoTs and run behind the nearest pillars. If the pillar is close, you can just stand ~10 yards behind it and cast at the boss, if there's two next to each other you can stand between them and cast and if neither is true you should be able to stand near the black slime behind the pillar and have LoS without getting hit.

Mind that the Resonating Crystal deals Shadow Damage, so a Shadow Ward might save you on a tight spot. Also switching to Demon Armor could help if your raid is struggling to stay alive as the additional armor reduces stomp damage on top of the extra healing taken, but this obviously costs you some damage output. Good execute specs (Affli, Demo) help you deal with the soft enrage faster.


Introduction: Yor'sahj is a boss of moderate movement, heavy AoE and priority targeting. This might seem confusing at first, but simply follow any instructions given to you by your raid leader and you should do fine.

Spec: Demo

The fight and tips: Stand close to the boss at Shadowflame range until the boss starts summoning his Globules, and go for the one you're being told to if you don't know how they should be prioritized. Make sure the Globule that is being focused doesn't reach the boss at any cost, then get ready to deal with the Globules that got through.

If the Cobalt Globule got through, you'll have to deal with the Mana Void, and should place it as your #1 priority. Life Tap once to get your mana back and nuke it down. If they die fast enough you don't need to DoT them up much, but if you're Affli you can Soul Swap from the boss before the Mana Void Spawns. You don't need to care about being close to the Mana Void as you always have your Mana Feed and Life Tap.

After the Mana Void has been dealt with, if there was one, you'll often find the room filled up with Forgotten ones from the Dark Globule. Use your AoE abilities, especially Shadowflame, to deal with them and make sure you've got Felstorm for them if you're playing Demo.

You'll also need to be aware of the Crimson Globule which requires you to stand near the boss to not take too much damage.


Introduction: Zon'ozz is fairly simple on normal, just mind your positioning and do as you're told. There'll be moderate damage incoming periodically through the fight, but nothing you should really be concerned of as a Warlock. Most important thing is to never stand in front of the boss when Psychic Drain is incoming and not to mess up the bounces on Void of the Unmaking.

Spec: Demo/Your preference

The fight and tips: The bouncing strategy might vary a lot, so pay attention to whatever instructions you'll be given. Make sure you get hit by the splash when the Void is being bounced.

When the Void is taken into the boss you'll have a good time to pop your cooldowns and focus on doing damage, but don't completely ignore your health: Pop your Healthstone if you go low or use Shadow Ward. If you're Destruction Nether Protection cuts incoming damage a lot in this phase, make use of it if your healers are having hard time.


Introduction: Hagara is a bit of an all-around boss with heavy movement, some AoE and multi-targeting and from moderate to heavy incoming damage.

Spec: Demo is a good spec to default to, but if you're not too confident you probably should play whichever spec you're most comfortable with in here.

The fight and tips: As your mitigation as a warlock is good, you should move to soak Ice Lances immediately if you see them streaming into melee. When the Ice Tombs are coming make sure you're not one of them and then deploy your AoE arsenal to the tombs. Shadowflame is exceptionally good, you can even hit the boss as well as the shards if you land it carefully.

During Frozen Tempest, you can simply run around the platform (as close to center as possible without running into the wall) while dodging falling things and DoTting up the Binding Crystals. Just assign your pet on one crystal, throw Corruption and Banes while running and stop briefly to drop UA/Immolate and keep running while deploying instant casts like Soulburn: Soul Fire and Shadowflame on the crystals. You can skip one wave of Ice by having your Demonic Circle down somewhere and teleporting over a wave. Just remember that being alive is preferable to being dead so don't risk a death just for getting a little bit of damage on a crystal.

During Lightning Storm you'll just need to be wary of the incoming damage. If you have an assigned spot in forming of your Lightning Conduit, you can easily mark it with your teleport and get into your spot quickly.

And obviously try to have your cooldowns and potion ready when Hagara goes into increased damage state after a Lightning Storm.


Introduction: The mandatory patchwerk-with-a-twist of this patch, Ultraxion is a boss where you'll only need to do your best complete standstill DPS and damage mitigation. Also you'll conveniently spend the entire fight at Shadowflame range.

Spec: Demo/Your preference. 6 Minute enrage makes having more than one Doomguard impossible even with the set bonus, so this boss should be fairly balanced between different specs.

The fight and tips: Fiddle with your addons to make sure you never miss Hour of Twilight casts and Fading Light and you'll never have be the source of you raid leader's hair loss. You don't need to take one step during the entire boss fight and the only way you can screw up as DPS is by failing at those two abilities which are both dealt with the magical Heroic Will button.

You'll get pushed out of the Heroic Will realm as soon as the damage instance is meant to occur on Hour of Twilight, so as a confident DPS player you could take minor risks to improve your output by spending less time in Heroic Will, but don't overextend or you'll end up as your guilds laughing stock.

If your guild needs players to soak up the Hour of Twilight, you can do this fairly easily if you spec Destruction and pop Nether Ward well before the cast starts so it'll proc Nether Protection: Shadow and you'll have 30% + 25% mitigations on top of 2/3 Demonic Embrace and hopefully some damage absorption provided by your healers. You can also pop Soulburn: Healthstone for a Last Stand effect but it'll be a DPS loss and you'll have to remember that you can't use that if you're full on health as you can't Healthstone then.

When the damage gets hard remember to pop your Healthstone and tell your guild to do the same. Afterwards you can browse combat logs or Recount and find out who didn't use any and frown upon them.


Introduction: Lots of targets, bursty damage. Mind your positioning and target priorities and you'll get along just fine.

Spec: Affliction/Your preference

The fight and tips: Strategy might vary a bit between guilds. DoT up the Twilight Elites and switch to the Twilight Assault Drakes as soon as they get pulled in, and be sure to re-apply DoTs when they fly back up if they don't seem to die. Remember to keep your pet on the ground targets unless you play Destruction. Soak up the Twilight Barrages, but even as a Warlock you shouldn't try to tackle them alone, you'll die if you don't get a lucky resist. Be ready to move out for the Twilight Onslaught and deal with the Twilight Sappers.

Key to maximum output is keeping your DoTs rolling on as many targets as possible, but you still need to focus the Assault Drakes and Sappers and soak the Twilight Onslaught or you'll end up wiping. When P2 begins simply deal with Goriona, and then DPS the boss while traditionally avoiding any fire on the ground.

Glyphs: On top of Glyph of Soul Link, you might want to use Glyph of Shadowflame on this one as it works on the Twilight Sappers. Best part is it works even while the Sapper is invisible so you can just estimate their path and land a Shadowflame and they'll be snared hard before they reappear.


Introduction: A literal roller coaster with a lot of damage, target-switching and repetition. Not paying attention can lead to a huge mistake, but you should do well with a warlock of any spec.

Spec: Demo/Your preference

The fight and tips: Make sure you're hitting the right targets at right times and you're holding tight onto your ticket when the conductor comes. When you DPS the Hideous Amalgamations make sure you've got the lonely Corruption tentacles in your focus so you can switch to them as soon as they cast Fiery Grip. Don't hit Corrupted Bloods until you're told to or you'll cause some trouble. Don't burn your cooldowns on the Amalgamations but save them for the Burning Tendons, and be sure to Soul Swap off the Amalgamations before they die if you're Affliction.

Obviously use all your cooldowns on the Burning Tendons and any defensive abilities on Nuclear Blasts. Use Shadowflame a lot, it does massive damage on this boss. Make sure your pet isn't idle but hitting the right targets at all times.

The Warlock is a strong class in every boss of Dragon Soul with solid output and awesome survivability. Don't set too much store for patchwerk simulations but use your own sense when choosing the spec to raid with, technically they're all at least situationally viable on all bosses.


warlock soaking hour of twilight

Hunter Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

This is the hunter guide for Dragon Soul normal modes by Rinku. Even when hunters won't possibly be shining in the upcoming patch, here are some thoughts on how to squeeze as much as possible out of our class . This post doesn't take a position on which spec you should play. All the encounters mentioned are based on PTR experience and can vary from how they will be when released.

Overall about Hunters in Dragon Soul:

Cookie cutter specs - with glyph suggestions:

Beast Mastery - (source:EJ)
Marksmanship - (1235 haste AS dump)
Survival - (source:EJ)

Tier 13 set bonuses:

2-piece set bonus is really strong. Switch to 2pt13 immediately, even if it means downgrading from 391s to 384s.
4-piece set bonus looks good, how good it really is can't be said as the ICD and proc rate have not yet been reliably confirmed. Most definitely it will be worth picking.

Time will tell how we will do DPS wise. Our biggest problems at the moment are our minimum range limitations and lack of passive damage reduction or proper barkskin abilities, which makes us the most fragile class in the game.

Hints for all bosses in general:
Do you need to move fast? Use Disengage.
Taking a lot of damage? Try to keep up Glyph of Raptor Strike buff. Deterrence does not seem to function with most of the abilities.


Introduction: A fight with quite a lot of movement. Our advantage here is mobility offered by disengage. As a ranged class we can keep DPSing during Black Blood of the Earth. Single-target.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and tips: Most important thing to note about this fight is the hunter unfriendly hit box combined with the Stomp soaking mechanic that requires you to stand close to boss. Instead of Ragnaros or Majordomo kind of luxury where you are able to shoot standing next to boss, it's once again a matter of finding the correct orbit. Aim where you get knocked with crystals. If healing seems dodgy raptor strike before each Stomp.

During Black Blood of the Earth use disengage to quickly find cower and try to find the sweet spot where you can fire without taking damage. This phase is probably the safest time to pop your second rapid fires as you don't have to move right away.


Introduction: Movement. Standstill phases vary based on your orb combinations from heavy damage, AOEing adds to single target nuking. Hunters will do fine on this fight IF you survive Searing Blood.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and the tips: Disengage for faster movement to the spawning globules. Pop CDs during standstill phase unless you really need them to down a globule before it reaches boss. If it seems you can't survive Searing Blood try to use raptor strike, if the damage is still unbearable go stand in the middle of the boss and suffer the dps loss.


Introduction: Some movement to soak orbs and probably to pile up for phase 2-healing. Single-target.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work on anything.

The fight and the tips: Not much to say, press your buttons to max dps, use disengage for quicker movement. The later you time your cooldowns the more damage you deal due to the mechanic of the boss. It increases damage taken by him the further the fight goes on.


Introduction: Plenty of movement, damage soaking. Pet control. Single-target.

Glyphs: Kill Shot - it's easy to doupletap kill shots to binding crystals while running around the circle.

Aspect of Pack - you can put on aspect of pack to speed up your guildies, however it means you really can't dps yourself. And that they die if they fail with Icicle.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and the tips: During normal phase you will probably have to soak some damage.

Disengage can be a life saver if you are in danger of falling too much behind during frost phase - don't worry you can't drop off the platform. Masters Call can be used to grant you slow immunity, thus allowing you to run through frost traps. To maximize dps you can put your pet to hit a single crystal while you run around.

Aspect of the Wild can be used during Lightning phase to reduce the raid damage. It's recommended to leave your pet hitting Hagara during lightning phase as the power surges didn't seem to function properly with pets. Pop rapid fire after phases when Hagara is taking +100% damage.


Introduction: A target dummy. Hunters can soak here.

Deterrence: IT WORKS ! Yup, hunters can and will soak Hour of Twilight with deterrence.

The fight and the tips: Go to Keybindings and bind Special Action Button 1. Press the Action Button when needed. As hunter you will probably have to soak every third Hour of Twilight.

To maximize dps roll face on the keyboard as hard as you can and pray you get as few Fading Lights as possible. Don't pop CDs when Hour of Twilight is near. Prepot when the lightnings around the boss disappear.


Introduction: Plenty of movement, plenty of target swapping, plenty of damage soaking. Requires pet control.

Deterrence: Doesn't seem to work for anything.

The fight and the tips: Assign your pet to attack the melee adds and move to your sector to soak and primarily focus the drakes whenever they are close enough. Immediately switch to Sappers whenever they spawn. You can slow them with concussive shot.

Do not use frost trap - it hides the bomb graphics.

Disengage is handy when avoiding the AoE abilities of phase 2.


Introduction: Quite little movement. Plenty of target swapping, but main focus on single target.

Deterrence: Works for avoiding damage from Burst. (Corrupted Blood explosion)

The fight and the tips: You can start attacking the Corruptions while still in air. Most of the fight will be spent DPSing Hideous Amalgamation and regularly swapping target to interrupt the Fiery Grip cast by Corruptions. Pop rapid fire when Burning Tendon appears.



Shadow Priest Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

This is a shadow priest guide for Dragon Soul normal modes. We won't be focusing on the rotation or theorycraft part of the class. We rather take a look at how the encounters look like as a whole, and what kind of things our fellow shadow priests should keep in mind when going to pull the boss for the first time. I (xenophics) and Kyy wish that this guide will help you with the upcoming raids starting on next Tuesday/Wednesday.

Overall shadow priest will be one of those stronger classes in Dragon Soul. With (or even without) a legendary in hand we provide nice AOE, dot, and single target damage. We also have a lot of passive mitigation through shields, spec, and shadow form so we won't be the ones draining healer's mana. The instance will have a lot of movement heavy bosses, so be prepared to get married with your Devouring Plague button.

Spec: the basic 10/0/31 cookie cutter spec works great on all the bosses. You can move the talent points around a bit more in discipline tree though. 2/3 Inner Sanctum (spell damage taken reduced by 4%) is a must have in Dragon Soul. Also, if you feel like you aren't going OOM and you are one of those who rather spend a global cooldown on a shield can move 2 talents from Mental Agility (Reduces mana cost of instant spells by 7%) to Improved Power Word: Shield (+10% more absorption to shield).

Glyphs: Glyph of Dispersion might come handy on some bosses, as a dead shadow priest does 0 DPS (at least after dots fall off :-D). This choice depends on your play style and your healers. If you have trouble staying alive, there are many things you can do to assist them. Kyy and me will be running with the DPS glyphs.

Tier 12 vs tier 13: We were blessed with very good set bonuses in t12, and now the blessing has become a curse. T 13 2 set bonus won't be affecting most of the fight, as casting mind flay or devouring plague will be better above 25%. The 4 bonus is also a lot weaker than the t 12 one, even when it fixes some of the problems with orb lottery. So don't rush it with normal mode tier at least, and focus on the off pieces in the beginning.


Introduction: Our class is very good on this boss because we are ranged and we have a lot of mitigation. Morchok will make you want to move that booty of yours so have your Devouring Plague in a good bind. There will also be a lot of spiky incoming damage, so shields might be useful.
Spec: 2/3 Inner Sanctum, if needed 2/2 Improved Power Word: Shield
Glyphs: Glyph of Inner Fire rocks at Morchok.

The fight and tips: As the fight requires lots of movement try to learn timing between those movement periods, so that you'll have a fresh Vampiric Touch ticking on the boss when you start running. Knowing when the movement comes also makes sure that you don’t waste your cool downs just to find out you'll be only spamming Devouring Plague for the next 5 seconds. During the black blood phase try to find a good spot where you are able to keep DPS’ing but don’t risk it too much. There is a high chance of dying if you don’t pay attention.

A big portion of the fight's damage comes from the stomp Morchok keeps doing. Since it’s physical, the damage will be greatly reduced by Inner Fire. Also, be prepared to shield yourself if needed.


Introduction: Shadow priest is again a good class for a couple of reasons. Even when running around without being able to DPS is frustrating, other parts of the fight make up for it. Vampiric Embrace is nice extra healing, and the class has a lot of cooldowns that restore mana. Again, spec and glyphs don't make much difference here and it's all up to you and your playstyle.

The fight and tips: Fairly”easy” fight DPS wise even while it might have a lots of components in it. Basically it all comes down to having dots running as close to 100% uptime as possible on boss and dealing with the incoming adds. Don’t forget to refresh dots even while Mind Searing down the small adds! We still want to kill the boss as well. Your Hymn of Hope might get called at some point, so be ready for it.


Introduction: Shadow priests do quite well here. Again, the fight contains a lot of movement and special burn phases, so you'll need to be aware of saving the cooldowns for the right time. Spec and glyphs don't really matter that much here; mitigation is always mitigation so you can spec more of it if healers start having troubles.

The fight and tips: Being aware of your position is a key part on this fight, so once again try to refresh VT so that it won’t get dropped during movement.

And remember as shadow priest is one of the more versatile specs in game; it can be worth to shield and dispel yourself if you get Disrupting Shadows.

You should be using all your major cooldowns when the boss gets hit by the orb as he takes extra damage during the AOE damage phase. Just keep in mind you might need to help your healers out with Divine Hymn in this phase also.


Introduction: Again, a lot of movement and great possibilities for a shadow priests to show why it's great to have them in the raid. Spec and glyphs you can choose for yourself, but we'll run with 2/3 Inner Sanctum for sure.

The fight and tips: The normal phases with the boss in the middle are pretty simple. Just follow your normal priorities on DPS’ing and pay attention on ice shards and frost tombs.

The frost phase (Frozen Tempest) can be challenging if you want to max your DPS. Try getting Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain running on Binding Crystals before Ice Waves spawns. Recast Vampiric Touch and other casted spells to keep your buffs (5xEvangelism, Empowered Shadow) up only if you are certain you won’t end up hit by Ice Wave. Or at least have your dispersion finger ready! Spam your instants while moving but keep an eye for your mana. Only spamming devouring plague can OOM you. If you have any doubts about being able to keep up with the Ice Wave, change to Inner Will to gain speed. When this phase is about to end, make sure that you have an orb ready (or enough time on Empowered Shadow) and a long duration on 5xEvangelism stacks to be able to burn the vulnerable boss.

Lightning phase doesn’t have much to DPS for. While running around keep in mind that there is also this thing called caster form, and you have healing spells in it. Throwing a Prayer of Mending or two together with some shields, Flash Heals and Renews won't hurt anybody. Try to save shadow orb(s) for next phase switch so you can get your damage going soon as Hagara becomes vulnerable again.

After each frost and lightning phase Hagara gets stunned and takes some extra damage. This is where you want to pop those trinkets and wings to burn her as much as you can.


Introduction: The new Patchwerk with a twist. Spec at least 2/3 Inner Sanctum and you could go for 2/2 Power Word Shield, but keep in mind that each global cooldown "wasted" on shielding is less DPS, and here you need to perform as good as possible. They will be taking logs!

The fight and tips: Nothing too special on this one. Just keep your dots running and line up cool downs so that you won’t need to use that fancy special ability given in this fight during them. You might get called to use both of your Hymns, so do it even if it hurts your soul and the meters.


Introduction: It’s all about the dots in this one. There will be spiky damage coming in form of the bombs (small and the big ones). Keep your shields and dot buttons ready and enjoy the Alliance Warship raid across the sky. Glyphs and spec you can again choose for yourself, but you shouldn't go eating too much on the Mental Agility if you have any fears about going oom.

The fight and tips: You should pretty much just dot everything you can and keep 5xEvangelism and Empowered Shadows up while you are at it. As most raids aren’t filled with just ranged, try to focus more on the drakes coming to sides, and let melee finish of the adds on deck. When any of the adds go low consider using a couple of Shadow Word: Deaths to get a good chunk of mana back. If you have done Ryolith in Firelands, Warmaster Blackhorn will be a bit similar mana usage wise without the need to Mind Sear. This time you just need to stand in the shadows and not dodge volcanoes.

The sapper adds need to be dealt with very fast after they spawn. If your raid DPS is slow at changing to adds like this you should dot them and DPS them normally. If your DPS is fast though you might want to consider going in with Mind Spike, Mind Blast, and Shadow Word: Death only.

When the boss comes down it's usually Heroism/Bloodlust time, so make sure you have all your cooldowns waiting for it.


Introduction: A dragon that does a barrel roll in the sky? You won't even notice it before it's too late and you are going down together with the adds. Shadow priest is fairly good here, and our mitigation truly helps in many situations. I'd advice in speccing all the damage mitigation we have, so 2/3 Inner Sanctum and 2/2 Power Word: Shield. You shouldn't be going OOM.

The fight and tips: Be fast with target switching. Sometime you'll need to DPS the biggest tentacles to release their grip on the unlucky raid members, so have your Mind Spike prepared. When the Amalgation dies the whole raid will take massive damage, so all the shadow priests that love their healers will naturally be dispersed.

When your raid is ready to tear off the armor plates and the Burning Tendon spawns you should have all your cooldowns ready.



Protection Paladin 4.3 Guide and Tips

4.3 PTR changes

- Blessing of Might now provides +20% melee attack power (still +10% to ranged attack power)
- Judging while using Seal of Insight no longer provides bonus mana on top of the mana received from meleeing. Holy can make this up by specing into Judgements of the Pure which now increases Spirit mana regen for a while after using Judgement. This should not be an issue for Prot.
- Holy Radiance is being reworked and given a cast-time, which will probably make its tanking usefulness much more situational at best.
- Seal of Truth, when Judged, now benefits from a multiplier of 20% per stack of Censure, up from 10%. Also, SoT now scales from 13.5% of AP, up from 9.65%.
- Epic gems will be introduced, probably as rare drops from some sort of character specific bag off each boss

Prot Paladin T13

Protection Paladin Tier13 2Pieces Bonus:

Your Judgement ability now also grants a physical absorption shield equal to 25% of the damage it dealt.

Protection Paladin Tier13 4Pieces Bonus:

Reduces the cool-down of Divine Guardian by 60 sec and increases the radius of its effect by 70 yards.

Protection Paladin Best in Slot Gear List Patch 4.3

Running Notes

9/29 - Too early to note much, but introducing epic gems without upgrading the other professions' perks will eventually make BS the best profession though it might take a while, depending on the Epic gem drop rate.
10/4 - The 1 HoPo from untalented DP was apparently a datamining error. Blue post says its not part of the plan.
10/7 - Apparently Blizzard really does intend to introduce epic gems without upgrading other profession bonuses (other than for JC). I find it hard to believe, because it will make BS clearly the best profession once you have all epic gems, and JC will be the best profession until you reach that point. But the GC quote is pretty specific, so I guess we'll see.


The purpose of the Field Manual to assist you in being a better Paladin tank. The goal is to provide the best and most accurate information possible so you can make the best decisions possible. In some cases theory crafting will suggest only one solution, in other cases you will have a variety of solutions, either way it is your choice to use information from this post. If you feel you have something to contribute or correct please feel free to send me a PM or post in this thread.


Paladins have gone through significant changes with the introduction of 4.0 and throughout Cataclysm. As such many of the fundamental mechanics that had become very familiar for the past two years have changed or disappeared entirely. This guide and the attached thread is a one stop shop for Paladins interested in tanking. The original post will be maintained and updated with information from the thread that is pertinent and valuable. If there is information you feel should be present in this guide please PM me directly or post in the thread with what you think should be added.


Abr Definition
AD Ardent Defender
AP Attack Power
BiS Best in Slot
BoK Blessing of Kings
BoM Blessing of Might
Con Consecration

CS Crusader Strike
DP Divine Protection
DS Divine Shield
GAK Guardian of Ancient Kings
GC Grand Crusader
GCD Global Cooldown
HotR Hammer of the Righteous
HoPo Holy Power
HoW Hammer of Wrath

HW Holy Wrath
Jud Judgement
JotW Judgements of the Wise
LoH Lay on Hands
MP5 Mana per 5 Seconds
SoI Seal of Insight
SoT Seal of Truth
SotR Shield of the Righteous
SP Spell Power

TbtL Touched by the Light
WoG Word of Glory

Talent Specs

The baseline spec is 0/31/5: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft Talent Calculator
The last 5 points go into your choice of Pursuit of Justice, Reckoning, Rule of Law, and Hallowed Ground.


Blizzard has done another large consolidation of stats with this patch/expansion. Defense rating among other secondary stats have disappeared altogether. Dodge and Parry now scale the same. A summary of relevant stats and changes to be aware of are available below.

Stat Overview

Strength now provides parry rating (it used to increase Block, but not anymore). 27% of your Strength is converted into parry rating. At level 85 176.1 parry rating equals 1% chance parry (before diminishing returns). Strength also remains the primary (and so far only) source of raw AP for all Paladins.


Stamina, of course, remains important in providing for a large health pool. There are no significant changes for Protection Paladins regarding this stat; however given that the AP bonus provided by [Vengeance] caps at Stamina + 10% of base health, additional Stamina can provide a dps/threat increase.


Agility no longer provides armor or dodge, and should be avoided. Technically it will increase your crit slightly, but generally speaking a piece of gear with Agility is a piece of gear intended for a class other than us.

Dodge Rating

Dodge rating will continue to be on equipment. So far there appears to be no significant change on how this stat and avoidance functions.

Parry Rating

As mentioned above Parry Rating will be gained from STR as well as items. According to Blizzard parry will "provide the same avoidance as Dodge" indicating for the purposes of avoidance parry and dodge are equivalent in terms of stat values.

A word on dodge & parry...

Dodge and Parry diminishing returns are now the same thus from a pure avoidance perspective both dodge and parry are now the same. See the reforging section on how to calculate your block cap.

NOTE: It is no longer necessary to hit or expertise cap for three reasons: taunts and non-damaging interrupts can no longer miss, the buff to Righteous Fury makes threat largely a non-issue, and Judgements of the Wise now activates on-cast rather than on-hit.

Hit Rating
Hit rating makes you more likely to actually hit the stuff you will be tanking (no damage, no threat). While threat should generally not be a problem, tank dps is now a useful component of raid dps (particularly in 10 mans). However, bear in mind that survivability still vastly outweighs dps in tank prioritization.

The vast majority of Protection Paladin abilities are based of the melee hit table not the spell hit table. In addition, we get 8% spell hit from [Touched by the Light], so we hit-cap spells before we hit-cap melee attacks. As such at level 85 Paladins are interested in only reaching the 8% melee hit cap. Any hit over the cap is considered wasted.

Level 85 - 8% requires 961 Hit rating / 841 for Draenei

Originally Posted by Theck
While in Wrath, we still saw a moderate benefit from hit above the melee cap, the 8% spell hit we get from talents caps our spell hit before that point, making the benefit of hit rating over melee cap exactly zero. So like many DPS classes, hit rating below the cap will be one of our best threat stats, while anything above the cap is wasted.

Expertise Rating
Expertise has improved as scaling has gone up, and according to Theck's numbers, surpasses HIT as our best threat/dps stat up to the Parry cap (26). In fact, it remains better than STR all the way up to the hard cap at 55 expertise.

Level 85 - 26 Expertise requires 781 Expertise rating / 55 Expertise requires 1652 Expertise rating

Originally Posted by Theck
TLDR Summary:
-Expertise and Hit are our best DPS stats below their respective caps (8% for hit, 26 for expertise soft cap). When gearing for DPS/threat, you should be aiming for 8% hit and around 26 expertise. From that point on, stack Strength for reliable threat.
-AP, Crit, and Agility are all second-tier threat stats. For gearing purposes, you'll probably ignore these (except maybe on an Agility weapon).
-Haste/Mastery/SP/Intellect are all weak threat stats. Don't stack any of them for threat.


Mastering Mastery
Mastery is a "universal" stat that depending on the player's spec provides different benefits. For now it does not suffer from diminishing returns. For Protection Paladins, Mastery provides block rating via Divine Bulwark. Currently for every point of Mastery the Paladin will receive 2.25% increased chance to block. All indications are that this is the only means for Paladins to attain block rating/percentage (with very few exceptions). Tanking gear (to date) has only had dodge/parry for secondary defensive stats. Paladins will want Mastery... lots of it. See below regarding reforging and Mastery.

Mastery is the best defensive stat for Protection Paladins for two reasons. First, up to full Combat Table Coverage (CTC) of 102.4% (sometimes referred to as “Block Cap”), Mastery provides more damage reduction per itemization point than any other stat. Second, in addition to reducing damage taken, Mastery also smoothes out the incoming damage a tank faces, making them easier for healers to heal.
For example, stacking avoidance does a good job of reducing damage, but makes the incoming damage “spikier”. Either the tank takes a full hit or it misses entirely, so their health bar either doesn’t move or it takes a big dip, making incoming dps much more volatile. In contrast, stacking Mastery makes the tank take a steady succession of much smaller hits which are easier to manage, and less likely to kill the tank outright before a healer can react.


Reforging, Combat Table Coverage & You

Now for a word or two about reforging. Reforging will allow you to shift secondary stats around on gear to (hopefully) optimize your build by moving 40% of a secondary stat to another (not present) stat on the same item. Primary stats (Strength/Stamina/Agility/Intellect, Spirit is no longer a primary stat) cannot be reforged to or away from.

What does this mean for tanking Paladins? Now that blocks are no longer a fixed amount of mitigation but instead reduced damage by a certain percentage it is in our interest to try to block as much as possible. As such we want to reach the 102.4% total avoidance threshold (also referred to as "block cap" or "complete combat table coverage") that we have aimed for in the past. This pushes regular hits off the table so that any physical hit has to come through a block. Given that tanking Paladins should be reforging for Mastery as much as possible. If your ilevel is too low it may not be possible to actually “cap”. Regardless, you want to get as close are you possibly can to the 102.4% threshold.

Tanks should follow the following stat priority when deciding reforging:

(Most valuable) Mastery (to block cap) > Dodge = Parry >>> Expertise > Hit (Least valuable)

Dodge and Parry are equivalent, and there is more value in reforging to whichever has less rating. If you have any stats other than these (Haste, Crit, etc), perhaps because you are trying to re-purpose dps gear, consider all other stats to be less valuable than Hit.

Do not forget that gemming and enchanting can add to secondary stats so keep in mind your gemming and enchanting choices when reforging and vise-versa.

If you are wondering where Holy Shield is, remember that the talent has been changed to provide a bonus to block damage reduction instead of block chance.

When does armor come into play?
Armor plays no role in determining how a hit is resolved on the combat table. Only after a hit has be resolved on the table and if it does any physical damage then armor is applied. Armor is another form of mitigation.

Don't Go Crazy
Do not reforge into Mastery mindlessly. Going beyond the block cap/full combat table coverage is a waste. Once you hit that 102.4% threshold you have to stop. Any additional block serves absolutely no purpose. Also once your reach 102.4% be careful to balance dodge/parry correctly. Dodge and parry occur before block on the hit table so if you end up having too much dodge/parry you push more block chances off the hit table. Once you are capped, mastery can be reforged into Avoidance.


Various professions offer various benefits for a tanking Paladin. Below is a summary of what professions provide what. The sheer value of professions is somewhat diminished from WotLK stature. Once level 85 scaling is factored in, the itemization points provided by a full maxed profession will provide roughly half the rating granted in WotLK. Still, some professions are certainly still more valuable than others.

BS, JC, Inscription, Leatherworking and Enchanting are extremely closely balanced, providing 80-81 itemization points of value and being flexible for dual-spec characters. BS and JC are arguably slightly ahead as they provide slightly more flexibility, allowing some choice in what stat the bonus points go into. Alchemy also provides flexibility in terms of stat bonus and allows placing cauldrons, but requires re-flasking if you need to change to another role. Mining is a step behind as its +STA gain is acceptable for tanking but a dual-spec player would get minimal benefit for an off-spec.
Engineering looks good for entry raiding, as the crafted helms are easily the best available pre-raid and the bolt gun and various gadgets provide helpful utility. However, for progression tanking, the QuickFlip hand enchant is solidly inferior to the profession bonuses available to other professions (it provides ~80 itemization points of armor, which is, roughly, only 60% as good as mastery in terms of preventing damage), making Engineering a slightly inferior choice to the ones listed above.

Skinning, Herbalism, and Tailoring remain unattractive to paladin tanks.


The benefits to tanking are useful but lacking in flexibility. The crafted trinket ([Lifebound Alchemist Stone]) is tremendous for early raiding as STA and Mastery are the two key stats for paladin tanks. Additional benefits include a percentage bonus benefit when using potions/flasks/etc and longer durations on flask/elixir based buffs through [Mixology]. Though the STA flask is now properly budgeted, pogression minded tanks, barring changes, may get more benefit from elixirs or scrolls. A penalty of Alchemy is that one must swap flasks/elixirs if one changes specs and wants to keep the profession bonus.


Beyond crafting your own plate gear (which has marginal benefits, as all interesting pieces are BoE and thus potentially purchasable) the primary purpose of this profession is to provide you with two additional gemming slots ([Socket Bracer] [Socket Gloves]) to stuff additional gems. Barring changes to profession perks, blue comments suggest BS will become the best all-around profession once a character is fully equipped with Epic gems (as the profession bonus will increase to 100 itemization points vs the ~80 granted by other professions).


The primary benefit enchanting has for tanking is the +60 stamina to each of your rings for a total gain of 120 stamina. For those with Retribution off-specs there are the +STR/AGI ring buffs to consider as well.


Engineering has filled the role of crafting usable equipment, namely specialized helms and ranged weapons. This continues with Cataclysm. It is unclear what head slot epics will become available later on but engineering Protection Paladins can craft [Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades] as their first epic tanking helm. As the special Jewelcrafter like Cogwheel "gems" ([Flashing Cogwheel], [Fractured Cogwheel], [Subtle Cogwheel]) can only be used in the crafted Engineering helms, the presence or absence of further crafted helms has a substantial impact on the profession’s future value. Other benefits include slot specific enchants for tanks like [Quickflip Deflection Plates] and [Grounded Plasma Shield]. Finally, the Cardboard Assassin has utility in managing adds or boss control in certain circumstances.


Herbalism provides little benefit to tanking Paladins; [Lifeblood] can be used as a self heal and haste boost but is sub-optimal based on other profession bonuses.


The main benefit of Inscription is the special shoulder enchants only available to Inscriptionists, which provide the exact same bonus options (net of the Exalted level Therazane shoulder inscriptions) as Enchanting. In addition, the player is not required to grind Therazane rep. As a further bonus, Inscriptions can craft a number of items. The most interesting for tanking Paladins are [Notched Jawbone] and [Silver Inlaid Leaf], though the stats for the latter item are not ideal. Beyond that if you have good access to herbs you can create your own glyphs.


Jewelcrafting can provide interesting trinkets but its primary benefit is the unique gems ([Solid Chimera's Eye]) only usable by jewel crafters, the net benefit of which is comparable to the gain from other professions (~81 itemization points), though it has the advantage of being flexible, allowing those points to be used for Mastery or Avoidance, rather than Stamina. The craftable trinkets provide some benefit to newly leveled starting tanks. On the PTR, the Chimera's Eye patterns have been buffed by ~10 itemization points each to compensate for the new epic gems. Since blue quotes suggest it might take quite a while to get fully decked out in epic gems, the potential exists for JC to be a solid 30 itemization points better than any other profession, until the character is fully decked out in epic gems. I find it hard to believe Blizzard won't change this, but they appear to recognize the situation and be ok with it right now.


The primary benefit for tanking Paladins provided by leatherworking would be the Draconic Embossment for bracers with the +195 STAM enchant presumably the most attractive. The current non-LW BiS defensive wrist Enchant is +50 Dodge rating. While the gap in itemization points between the two enchants is roughly what one would expect for a profession bonus, the gap between the base enchant being in the inferior Dodge vs Stamina makes this a superior option. Combined with the potential raid utility of the surprisingly still functional Drums of Speed, LW is an attractive tanking profession.


[Toughness] is the main benefit provided by mining. The +STA gained is comparable to the benefit of the other "good" tanking professions, but it provides little benefit to dps/healing off-specs. Mining is also the support profession for Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting.


Given how low critical strike rating is as a priority for tanking Paladins the [Master of Anatomy] benefit from this profession is one of the least optimal.


Tailoring allows for the embroidering of cloaks. None of the embroidering options are ideal for Protection Paladins so this profession is also one of the least optimal for tanks.

Glyphs, Enchants, Gems and Consumables

A third tier of glyphs was introduced with Cataclysm. We now have Prime, Major, and Minor glyphs. For detail on why you should choose specific glyphs please go here.


[Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous] (Best AoE glyph) - Increase both physical and holy damage components by 10%.
[Glyph of Seal of Truth] (Best single target glyph) - Seal of Truth also grants 10 Expertise while active.
[Glyph of Crusader Strike] - Increases crit chance on CS by 5%.*
[Glyph of Shield of the Righteous] (Second best single target glyph) - Increases the damage of Shield of the Righteous by 10%.*
[Glyph of Word of Glory] - Increases the healing done by Word of Glory.*
[Glyph of Seal of Insight] - Increases the effect of healing spells by 5% when the seal is active.
[Glyph of Judgement] - Increases damage from Judgments by 10%. While this is one of the weaker threat/dps glyphs, combining it with 2 piece t13 provides some additional survivability as well. Further analysis will be required to see how valuable it becomes.

* Build and preference on whether to focus more on single/AoE tanking or WoG will effect these glyph selections.


Prime glyphs have replaced the role of Major glyphs while Major glyphs have now become a middle of the road type of glyph. Being middle of the road these glyphs do not adjust abilities as drastically as prime glyphs, though they can provide strong, if situational benefits. Swapping them around relatively often to take advantage of fight mechanics is common. Below are acceptable glyphs for tanking Paladins.

[Glyph of Dazing Shield] - Avenger's Shield now also dazes targets.
[Glyph of Divine Protection] - Increases magical damage reduction of this ability by 20% and removed the physical protection benefit.
[Glyph of the Ascetic Crusader] - Reduces mana cost of CS by 30%.
[Glyph of Focused Shield] - Avenger's Shield hits 2 fewer targets, but for 30% more damage.

[Glyph of Holy Wrath] (Recommended) - This provides an AoE stun and will likely have high utility, given the expected presence of dragonkin and elementals in the 4.3 raid.
[Glyph of Lay on Hands] (Recommended) - Reduces LoH cooldown by 3 minutes.


Minor glyph selection remains underwhelming; ultimately the choice of Minor glyphs has very little impact on tanking performance.

[Glyph of Blessing of Might] - Reduces the mana cost of BoM by 50%.
[Glyph of Blessing of Kings] - Reduces the mana cost of BoK by 50%.

[Glyph of Seal of Truth] - Reduces the mana cost of SoT by 50%.*

When considering enchants and gemming, follow a slightly modified version of the stat priorities from reforging. The priority table is per itemization point.

Mastery (to block cap) > Dodge = Parry >= Stamina > Armor > Strength > Expertise > Hit

Again, Dodge and Parry are equivalent, you should enchant or gem to whichever has less rating. Conventional wisdom suggests stacking Stamina after capping block is the way to go.

Many enchants have been changed/removed to reflect the new stat system that has been implemented. Below are suggested enchants for tanking Paladins; choices might depend on your build. Do keep in mind your enchanting choices relative to your gemming in gearing choices when reforging later.

Slot Enchant
Head [Arcanum of the Earthen Ring]

Shoulders [Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz]

Back [Enchant Cloak - Protection]

Chest [Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina]

Wrist [Enchant Bracer - Dodge], [Enchant Bracer - Greater Expertise]

Hands [Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength], [Enchant Gloves - Greater Expertise], [Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery]

Finger [Enchant Ring - Greater Stamina] (Enchanters Only)

Legs [Drakehide Leg Armor]

Feet [Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality], [Enchant Boots - Mastery]

Weapon [Enchant Weapon - Windwalk]

Shield [Enchant Shield - Blocking], [Enchant Shield - Protection]



Gems have gone under a significant revamp much like enchants. Gems with specific stats that have been removed the game have also been removed. Some stats have also changed colors. As such the 3.0 to 4.0 transition will be a bit painful for some as they must re-gem in order to make current gear sets work until Cataclysm. Once people begin transitioning into Cata this problem should subside.

Below are preferred gems for Protection Paladins. Two gem strategies are to gem only stamina after activating the Meta and to gem mastery to in order to reach the block cap. Consider your taking style and raid progression when gemming.


[Austere Shadowspirit Diamond] - +81 Stamina and 2% increased armor from items (Requires 2 Yellow gems)
[Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond] - +81 Stamina and +1% shield block value (Requires 3 Blue gems)

If you are wondering which meta to choose, there is an easy way and a more complex/accurate way:

Easy Way
Originally Posted by Theck
Meta Gems
At 35% total avoidance and 50% block, the block meta and armor meta are roughly equal.
At lower avoidance/block, the armor meta is up to 25% more effective than the block meta.

More Accurate Way
Ra/Rb = (2*Ar)/(Bc)*(1.024-Av-Bv*Bc)/(1.02*Ar+K)
Ar is your armor

Bc is your block chance (decimal format, 55%=0.55)
Bv is your block value (decimal format)
Av is your total avoidance (decimal format)
K is the armor constant, which is 32573

Ra and Rb are the damage reduction of the armor and block meta gems, respectively. If the ratio Ra/Rb is greater than 1, the armor meta is more effective, if it's less than 1 the block meta is more effective.


[Solid Chimera's Eye] - +101 Stamina (Jewelcrafters Only)

[Fractured Chimera's Eye] - +67 Mastery Rating (Jewelcrafters Only)
[Rigid Chimera's Eye] - +67 Hit Rating (Jewelcrafters Only)
[Precise Chimera's Eye] - +67 Expertise Rating (Jewelcrafters Only)

Blizzard has announced the new epic gems, and it appears they will be a 25% increase in itemization over Rares (75 Stamina/50 other stats, which would suggest new Chimera's Eye patterns with about 10 more itemization points than the current ones) and it has been suggested they will only be available via rare drops, but its too early to start banking on any of it. Additionally, it appears the Chimera's Eye patterns will be increasing by 10 itemization points each in 4.3.


Single Stats
[Solid Ocean Sapphire] - +60 Stamina (Counts as a Blue gem)

[Fractured Amberjewel] - +40 Mastery (Counts as a Yellow gem)

Combination w/ Stamina
[Puissant Dream Emerald] - +20 Mastery Rating and +30 Stamina (Counts as a Yellow or Blue gem)
[Sovereign Demonseye] - +20 Strength and +30 Stamina (Counts as a Red or Blue gem)
[Regal Dream Emerald] - +20 Dodge Rating and +30 Stamina (Counts as a Blue or Yellow gem)
[Defender's Demonseye] - +20 Parry Rating and +30 Stamina (Counts as a Red or Blue gem)
[Guardian's Demonseye] - +20 Expertise Rating and +30 Stamina (Counts as a Red or Blue gem)

Other Combinations

[Fine Ember Topaz] - +20 Parry Rating and +20 Mastery Rating (Counts as a Red or Yellow gem)


A food and other self applied buffs are necessary to be effective. The following are appropriate foods, potions, elixirs, flasks, and scrolls to use while tanking.


The new "fish feast" of Cataclysm is [Seafood Magnifique Feast], which will provide the same effect as the Mushroom Sauce Mudfish below (+90 Dodge and +90 Stamina).

Survivability Food
Survivability food should be the standard food to boost survivability and will help you close the gap if you have not quite block capped yet or desire a bit more dodge/parry.

[Lavascale Minestrone] - +90 Mastery rating / +90 Stamina
[Mushroom Sauce Mudfish] - +90 Dodge rating / +90 Stamina
[Blackbelly Sushi] - +90 Parry rating / +90 Stamina

DPS Food
DPS food obviously helps with DPS. If you are well geared and not hurting for hit or expertise Beer-Based Crocolisk will be your go to food.

[Beer-Basted Crocolisk] - +90 Strength / +90 Stamina
[Crocolisk Au Gratin] - +90 Expertise rating / +90 Stamina
[Grilled Dragon] - +90 Hit rating / +90 Stamina


Beyond the usual health and mana potions, there are two possibly useful ones. Remember, only one potion can be used per fight (two with pre-potting). [Earthen Potion] - +4800 armor for 25 seconds, for times of high incoming physical damage [Golemblood Potion] - +1200 STR for 25 seconds, on the pull or during burn phases when tank dps is crucial


As usual there are a variety of elixirs to choose from. Like food mix/match as appropriate for your current build and needs. Below is a list of the most likely that you'll need. Remember that you can have only 1 of each type of elixir (Battle and Guardian) at any given time. Note that the itemization gained from using a pair of elixirs is substantially superior to using a flask.

[Elixir of Deep Earth] - +900 Armor (Guardian Elixir)
[Prismatic Elixir] - +90 to all Resistances (Guardian Elixir)
[Scroll of Stamina IX] - +150 Stamina (Guardian Elixir)
[Elixir of the Master] - +225 Mastery rating (Battle Elixir)
[Elixir of the Naga] - +225 Expertise rating (Battle Elixir)
[Elixir of Impossible Accuracy] - +225 Hit rating (Battle Elixir)


One flask also counts as a Battle and Guardian Elixir. Below are recommended flasks.

[Flask of Steelskin] - +450 Stamina
[Flask of Titanic Strength] - +300 Strength

Given current flask selections Steelskin will almost always be the best one for tanking Paladins (though inferior to elixirs). Titanic strength is an option for dps (on Alysrazor, for example), but threat should not be an issue after Righteous Fury was buffed to 500%.


Several abilities got renamed or moved, but should be familiar to many veteran Paladin tanks. There is also Holy Power which now needs to be contended with.


[Seal of Insight] - Formerly known as Seal of Light. Continues to function as before; it has a chance of healing the Paladin for each swing as well as restoring a small amount of mana. As of 4.3, Judgements on this seal will do damage but will no longer restore 15% of mana. Usually you will not use this seal, though it can be handy when tank damage is relatively unimportant and the tank or raid are taking unusually heavy damage.

[Seal of Righteousness] - Seal that does straight holy damage for each swing and judgment. Ret paladins have a talent (that tanks cannot reach) which allows it to hit all targets within range, making it a powerful AoE seal. Since tanks cannot reach the talent, this seal remains single target, and there is no situation in which it is optimal for tanking.

[Seal of Truth] - What was once known as Seal of Vengeance is now known as this. It applies a stacking DoT called Censure on each hit, which stacks up to 5 times. Additional hits after 5 stacks provide a burst of additional damage. This is essentially the same as before and also remains the principle tanking Seal. Remember to pick up the associated glyph for 10 Expertise.

Key Abilities

[Avenging Wrath] - The effects of this ability have not changed much from before though it no longer causes another abilities to be locked out or put on temporary cooldown. AW can be activated and other abilities like DS or DP can be activated immediately as well. The cooldown of this ability is reduced to 2 minutes when talented into all ranks of [Shield of the Templar].

[Crusader Strike] - Crusader Strike is now a baseline skill and grants a charge of Holy Power. NOTE: CS shares a cooldown with HotR.

[Devotion Aura] - There are very few exception when a Protection Paladin would not be using this aura while tanking. The aura confers the benefit of providing additional armor to the Paladin and all party/raid members affected by the aura.

[Hammer of the Righteous] - Much like the old version this is an AoE attack but not limited by the number of targets. The hammer will hit a primary target hard and then anything else within 8 yards of your target with a holy attack. NOTE: HotR shares a cooldown with CS.

[Hand of Reckoning] - Hand of Reckoning has lost its damage component so it is no longer preferable as a single target pull. It now, for all intents and purposes, works the same as the Warrior's taunt. This ability can no longer miss regardless of how good/bad your hit rating is.

[Hand of Protection] - Hand of Protection allows you to target yourself or party/raid member to protect them from physical attacks only for 10 seconds. This ability will cause for Forbearance for 1 minute.

[Righteous Defense] - This ability is unchanged and remains the Protection Paladin's "indirect" taunt. Use it on a party/raid member to direct up to 3 enemies to attack you instead. There have been bugs in the past, but at least in theory it should be incapable of missing.

[Righteous Fury] - This ability increases all threat generated by 500%. Also Blizzard has been nice enough to remind Paladins in the tool tip that this ability makes you a better tank.

[Shield of the Righteous] - Our principle single target attack. This ability is powered using HoPo and as such will not activate unless you have at least 1 HoPo charged on your gauge.

[Inquisition] - Similar to Avenging Wrath in that it boosts damage output for a specified duration (increased depending on your amount of Holy Power). Though this ability only boosts holy damage.

These abilities help you survive situations where your risk of death is elevated. These situations range from the obvious - a special attack on a predictable timer - to the more subtle but no less deadly, like a debuff that disables or distracts your healers. Here are a couple guidelines for using cooldowns effectively:

• Use cooldowns before you take damage. If you use GoAK at half health, 90k HP, the cooldown is effectively adding 90k more HP before you die. If you wait until you reach 20k HP, it only adds an effective 20k HP. Waiting to use your cooldowns until you’re at low HP is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
• You get the most mileage out of consciously using them in dangerous situations, but the more you use them, the more value you get. It’s a balancing act.
• Match the cooldown to the level of threat by planning your cooldown usage before the fight. Save GoAK for when you know a big hit is coming, but unless there is a special ability with which it lines up well, DP should be used early and often even on regular incoming damage.

[Ardent Defender] - AD has gone through significant changes with 4.0; the most notable being that the ability is no longer passive. In order to benefit from the death saving effect the ability has to be manually activated. When activated the ability provides a 10 second buff window. During that window AD behaves like before; if a Paladin is struck by an attack that would kill them they are instead healed for 15% of max health. Another major difference is that the ability will no longer passively reduce damage when falling below a particular health percentage. During the 10 second window when the ability is activated Paladins will also benefit from a fixed 20% reduction to all incoming damage.

[Divine Protection] - DP is no longer as strong as before; the upside is that it no longer causes [Forbearance]. It is also a short cooldown (1 minute) and relatively cheap. This should be used to manage damage in non-emergency situations. Note that it is often glyphed, which removes its ability to reduce physical damage, instead reducing magic damage by 40%.

[Divine Guardian] - If you pick up this talent you receive a new cooldown that reduces damage by 20% to all members of your party/raid within 20 yards for 6 seconds; you do not benefit from the damage reduction of this ability.

[Divine Shield] - This ability is available to all Paladins but should be used carefully by tanks since it effectively removes you from combat and thus the threat table temporarily. Enemies on you will immediately go toward the next party/raid members on the threat table. In most cases tanks will not use this ability. It is often used in conjunction with a /cancel macro to quickly cast and remove the effect, as it clears many, though not all, debuffs. This ability also causes Forbearance. Note that both Divine Shield and Hand of Protection (up in the Key Ability section) can both be used, carefully, as true defensive cooldowns by pairing them with taunts.

If a Paladin tank pops Divine Shield, then immediately taunts the mob, instead of heading for the next target on its aggro table, the mob will be stuck on the tank for the duration of the fixate (3 seconds, but you could use both taunts back to back). Obviously the mob will head for the next target as soon as the fixate expires. So while this can be a clever way of avoiding damage entirely for a few seconds, it must be used very carefully and probably in conjuction with a macro to quickly remove the shield.

[Guardian of Ancient Kings] - This is now the major cooldown for tanking Paladins. GAK will reduce damage to the tanking Paladin by 50% through the Ancient Guardian ability for 12 seconds. Cooldown on this ability is 5 minutes; or 3 minutes if speced into all ranks of [Shield of the Templar].

[Holy Radiance] – Holy Radiance is an AoE insta-cast HoT that heals all friendly targets within 20 yards every second for 10 seconds, with effects reducing on targets more than 8 yards away or when there are more than 6 targets in range. This ability is a useful AoE aggro move and provides modest help in AoE damage situations. 1 minute cooldown. This ability is being restructured in 4.3 and will probably no longer be viable for tank usage.

[Holy Shield] – Holy Shield was significantly changed in 4.2, and is no longer a passive +10% to amount blocked. Instead, it is now an activate-able ability which provides 10 seconds of +20% to amount blocked on a 30 second cooldown. It is typically used nearly on cooldown during fights, though it may be delayed briefly if a period of high blockable damage is expected to come soon (such as on Hatchling Tantrums).

[Lay on Hands] - LoH remains an important cooldown for tanking Paladins. Casting it will heal the target equal to the maximum health of the casting Paladin. It is off the global cooldown, cannot crit heal, is not effected by many healing boosting effects, and will cause Forbearance for 1 minute on whomever it's cast.

[Word of Glory] – An instant HoPo powered heal with a 20 second cooldown and no mana cost. Additionally the base spec (via Guarded by the Light) also provides the additional benefit of converting any over healing into a temporary bubble. Sometimes underestimated, it can crit and easily heal for 30+K, making it a powerful survival tool.

Interrupts, Silences & Stuns

[Rebuke] - Now a baseline ability, this allows you to interrupt spellcasting, and like all non-damaging interrupts it cannot miss.

[Hammer of Justice] - A dedicated stunning ability with a 1 minute cooldown. Since 4.0.6 this ability no longer interrupts mobs that are stun immune when taking the the [Vindication] talent. Dedicated interrupting is now done through Rebuke.

[Avenger's Shield] - In reality this is much more of a DPS ability than an interrupting ability. The interrupt/silencing on targets hit by the shield is intended to assist Paladins during the pull portion of tanking. Given that it is part of the tanking rotation it will continue to interrupt and silence but timing can be difficult to use the ability as a dedicated interrupt. Keep in mind that some mobs are immune to the silencing effect.

Mechanics & Rotation

Holy Power

The introduction of Holy Power changes rotation dynamics for Protection Paladins. Much like combo points for Rogues this new resource scales up abilities effects depending on how full the gauge is. When an ability that uses HoPo is activated the gauge is emptied and depending on the amount displayed the ability receives a boost (usually more damage or more healing).

The following abilities/talents relevant to Protection Paladins use Holy Power...


[Shield of the Righteous]
[Word of Glory]

The following abilities relevant to Protection Paladins generate Holy Power...

[Crusader Strike]
[Hammer of the Righteous]
[Pursuit of Justice] (If talented, HoPo gains are incidental)
[Divine Plea] (3 Holy Power if talented. As of 4.3 it will provide 1 Holy Power even if not talented)

The Pull

1) Divine Plea : add 3 Holy Power
2) Inquisition : consume 3 Holy Power and +30% damage for 12 seconds
3) Pop Wings AW + Exorcism (same key macro ideally) : +20% damage 20 seconds + 1.5 second cast time, use it for your first hit on raid boss
4) Judgment (assumes Impr Judgement talent) : instant cast as you run in towards boss to engage
5) Avengers Shield (assumes Focused Shield glyph) : instant cast as you engage (still at distance or melee range)
6) Start rotation

AW does not stack with Rogue Tricks of the Trade (+15% bonus to damage), so if you expected to get ToT'ed on the pull, save AW for a later point.

The Rotation

Whatever you knew about the Paladin tanking rotation needs to now be tossed out the window. The previous 9/6 rotation that proved to be highly reliable is no longer possible. The rotation is also heavily affected by HoPo (as described above) so the order of abilities matter in order maximize the usage of HoPo. Because of this Protection now uses a priority/clash resolution system like many other classes.

Single Target Queue:
SotR>CS>AS>HoW(if active)>J>Cons*>HW*

(*=mana permitting, boss stationary for Cons to be fully effective)

While it's impossible to write this out as a static rotation due to Grand Crusader procs, failed holy power generation from CS misses, and delays caused by SotR misses, we can roughly approximate it as a flexible rotation. This has been dubbed the "939" rotation as a throwback to WotLK-era 969 mechanics. It looks something like this:
CS-X-CS-X-CS-ShoR, where X is filled with AS, HoW, J, Cons or HW in that order based on availability and mana constraints (skip Cons/HW if low on mana).

CS is your "3" ability, and in most cases you'll cast it every other GCD to maximize Holy Power generation. You'll fill the other GCDs according to the priority queue given above (those are the "9" abilities), and cast SotR as soon as you reach 3 Holy Power (even if it means pushing CS back). Maximizing Holy Power generation and usage is the key to optimizing your DPS.

There is an alternative queue that generates approximately 1% higher DPS than 939 (and with 2pT13 a slight mitigation increase), but requires more attention. Whether this increase is worth it is up to the player. The queue is:
SotR(if Inq or Sacred Duty buffs active)>Inq>CS>AS>HoW>J>Cons*>HW*

Theck maintains a comprehensive model of our single-target DPS rotations in case you want more detailed information about our single-target priority queues.

AoE Queue
HotR and Inquisition are the bulk of our AoE DPS. The queue that seems to maximize our multi-target output is:
Inq(if not active)>HotR>AS>Cons>HW>J

Be careful with mana when performing this rotation, as low Judgement priority and frequent Cons/HW usage may run you OOM. In multi-mob situations Sanctuary income is usually sufficient to cover that gap.

This queue refreshes Inquisition every 4 holy power, effectively wasting some of our Holy Power generation. That still manages to eke out a few percent more DPS than simply using a 939-variant of HotR-X-HotR-X-HotR-Inq, but it's not a large difference. If sticking to "9H9" is more comfortable for you, that may be preferable.

Also note that replacing CS with HotR in the single-target rotation is generally enough to hold aggro on multiple mobs while still focusing the brunt of your DPS on a single target. For situations where everyone is focusing on one target and cleaving down a group of other adds, that sort of substitution is likely your best choice.

Theck maintains a comprehensive model of our AoE DPS rotations in case you want more detailed information about our AoE priority queues. Maintankadin • View topic - Theck's MATLAB thread - Cataclysm/4.x


Macros are intended to make your life easier. Below are a few macros for your benefit. Please send me any macros you think maybe useful for tanking Paladins.

Quick De-buff Clearing Macro
This macro activates Divine Shield and then immediately cancels the effect. This will force almost all de-buffs and other negative effects to be removed from you and simultaneously cancel the shield so you do not lose threat for more than a moment.

#showtooltip (needs to be hit twice)
/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield

Righteous Defense Macro

Just hover over a Party / Raid member and taunt from them.

#showtooltip Righteous Defense
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][target=targettarget,help,nodead]Righteous Defense

Cleanse Macro

#showtooltip Cleanse
/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Cleanse; [target=target,help] Cleanse; [target=targettarget,exists,help] Cleanse; [target=player] Cleanse; Cleanse;

Hand of Protection Macro

#showtooltip Hand of Protection
/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Hand of Protection; [target=target,help] Hand of Protection; [target=targettarget,exists,help] Hand of Protection; [target=player] Hand of Protection; Hand of Protection;

Interrupt Focus Macro

#showtooltip Rebuke
/cast [target=focus, exists] Rebuke; Rebuke;

Divine Plea Macro (needs to be hit twice)

/cancelaura Divine Plea
/cast Divine Plea

Use for a quick 3 Holy Power before a Shield of the Righteous, Word of Glory, or Inquisition. The /cancelaura is to remove the buff effect so there is no penalty on WoG healing.


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End Time Heroic Dungeon Guide

End Time Heroic Dungeon Guide

End time is the first of three brand new instances being added in Patch 4.3 that deal with the lead up to the Dragon Soul Raid.

In this first instance you get to see what will become of Azeroth if Deathwing is victorious. You end up going here with Nozdormu’s help from the Caverns of Time to help find the Dragon Soul so that you can slay Deathwing. However there is a disturbance that is not allowing him to send you back in time to retrieve it before it was hidden, therefore he has to send you to the far future first to resolve the disturbance.

This is an awesome looking bleak future that really shows the destruction that awaits if Azeroth’s mighty heroes do not stop Deathwing from unleashing a second Cataclysm and truly destroying Azeroth.

A few other interesting things about the instance are the loot and the boss fights. First up the loot is amazing, being item level 378, which is the same as normal mode Firelands raid loot. This is great for anyone who does not raid as it gives them some very big upgrades. It also provides a way to get ready to join in the Raid Finder as you can get an almost complete set of gear between this and the two other new 5 player instances.

Next up, the bosses, there are five of them in the instance, but you only face three each time you play through it. The first two bosses you fight are random out of four possibilities and the last boss is always Murozond.

Echo of Baine

Echo of Baine
Echo of Baine

The fight with Baine has some very different fight mechanics. To start with, both you and Baine can get buffed to melee damage by coming into contact with the lava in the room, boosting melee damage by 10,000 fire damage per hit. Next up Baine can throw a totem at a player, if it hits it deals a large amount of physical damage and throws them back, it then remains on the ground for 20 seconds. While the totem is on the ground any player may pick it up and hurl it back at Baine. When it hits him it deals 5% damage to him and stuns him for a short time, and debuffs him to suffer 50% additional damage for 20 seconds. Baine can also slam the ground dealing damage to everyone around and destroying the platform he and the players are on.

The fight is fairly easy, especially if players watch closely and hurl the totems back at him. Even without the debuff on Baine he does not have enough health to cause issues for most groups.

Echo of Jaina

Echo of Jaina
Echo of Jaina

Jain has several abilities that need to be watched for. The most dangerous are Flarecore and Frost Blades. Flarecore which launches an ember at a random location on the ground. This needs to be DPS’ed down within 5 seconds. If it is is explodes for about 50k to anyone within melee range, if not it hits everyone in the room for roughly 100k. Frost Blades are essentially three frozen blades launched in a forward cone, and anything they hit is trapped in an ice block for 5 seconds.

Besides her main abilities she has a pyroblast that deals heavy damage to her main target, a frostbolt volley that slows players and deals light damage but is interruptible, and a blink to help her move around.

The fight is all about controlling the embers so they do not explode, interrupting her frostbolt volley, and avoiding being frozen. It really is a pretty simple fight.

Echo of Tyrande

Echo of Tyrande
Echo of Tyrande

Echo of
Tyrande has several abilities that are all based off of Druid abilities. She has moonbolt which hit the main target for heacy arcane damage, startdust which hits all targets in it’s AOE for arcane damage, and a moonlance which is a beam of arcane energy that moves around the room severely hurting anyone caught in its path. In addition she is surrounded by dark moonlight that slows all casting within 15 yards of her by 50%.

During the fight Tyrande calls on the assistance of Elune as is granted it in several ways. Throughout the fight the Gaze of Elune will sweep around the room damaging and silencing anything that lays in its path. Also at 80% health and 55% health Elune will grant Tyrande a stacking 25% haste buff to her casts. Lastly at 30% health Tyrande will be granted the Tears of Elune, causing a constant rain of stars causing arcane damage to all players.

The fight is mainly about keeping away from AOE damage and keeping casters away from Tyrande. While the damage does speed up over the course of the fight, it should not be hard for most healers to keep up with it. Overall a pretty easy fight as long as players move properly.

Echo of Sylvanas

Echo of Sylvanas
Echo of Sylvanas

Sylvanas has a few abilities that she uses throughout the fight. She can do a shriek at a random player that can slow them for 30 seconds and deals shadow damage. She also has three main shots with her bow. An explosive shot this does AOE damage around the target. Secondly an unholy shot that hits the main target and 3 additional within 10 yards dealing damage and a leaving a DOT on the players. Lastly, a blighted arrow shot that marks the ground with a rune, if you remain in the rune until the arrow lands you suffer damage and are knocked back.

Her main ability however is Calling of the Highborne, which raises her into the air and summons ghouls all around. These ghouls are connected by a beam with a poison cloud behind it, and they march in towards Sylvanas. If caught by the beam you suffer major damage and if they reach Sylvanas they explode wiping the group. All you need to do however is focus one down to break the beam, and run out of the opening and get far enough away to avoid the explosion when they reach her.

The fight is just avoiding her shots as much as possible and killing a ghoul to escape whenever she does Calling of the Highborne. A pretty simple fight, although it is a cool new mechanic for a 5 player instance.



The last boss is the leader of the Infinite Dragon flight Murozond and the fight has some very cool mechanics. The main mechanic in this fight though is the giant Hourglass of Time in the middle of the room. The hourglass can be clicked at any point during the fight to rewind time. It reverts players to where they were at the beginning of the fight and resets all cooldowns and clears all distortion bombs (more on them later). This is an awesome ability as it allows you to use all major cooldowns several times in the fight.

Murozond has three major abilities that he uses throughout the fight. He has a temporal blast that hits all nearby targets for damage and increases the arcane damage they take by 10% and this debuff can stack. Next up, being a dragon he of course has a breath attack, his hits everything in his front arc for fire damage. Lastly he can send out distortion bombs. These launch out at a random player and then they hit the ground they leave an arcane distortion area that deals damage to anyone in it, these stay in play until the end of the fight or cleared with the hourglass.

The fight is all about managing the amount of Distortion Bombs in play and timing your major cooldowns so that they reset each time you use the hourglass. Murozond has a significant amount of health (18,000,000) so be prepared to need to manage these carefully to have enough time to DPS him down.

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Well of Eternity Heroic Dungeon Guide

Well of Eternity Heroic Dungeon Guide

The Well of Eternity is the second of three brand new heroic instances being added in Patch 4.3 that deal with the lead up to the Dragon Soul Raid.

In this second instance you travel to the distant past of Azeroth to a time before the sundering. Here you must locate the Dragon Soul so that Thrall can take it to Wyrmrest in the third instance.

This is a cool looking instance that deals with Burning Legion’s first invasion of Azeroth. For players that have read the novel “Well of Eternity” it follows the story line from the book.

As with the other Patch 4.3 Heroic Instances, the loot is amazing for five player content. The items are all item level 378, which is the same as normal more Firelands raid loot. This is great for anyone who does not raid as it gives them some very big upgrades. It also provides a way to get ready to join in the Raid Finder as you can get an almost complete set of gear between this and the two other new 5 player instances.

Now onto the bosses in the instance, they are Peroth’arn, Queen Azshara, Mannoroth and Varo’then.



The encounter with Peroth’arn is a two phase encounter with one of the original Satyr demons. In the first phase Peroth’arn attacks his main target with corrupting touch which deals damage and leaves a stacking debuff on the target for 20 seconds that increases damage taken by 10%. He also attacks random targets with Fel Flames or Fel Decay, the first is a ground based damage zone attack, the second deals damage and leaves a DOT and debuff. Any healing done to a player with the debuff causes the healer to suffer 50% of the damage healer.

In the second phase Peroth’arn disappears into the shadows and players must avoid detection for 60 seconds before he re-appears. They can do this by moving away from the eyes that scan the room and by using the shadowcloaks that will be given to them. If detected a player is marked as easy prey, stunned, and attacked viciously. If he does not find a player in 60 seconds Peroth’arn leaves stealth and is enfeebled for 15 seconds taking additional damage. The fight then returns to phase one.

Lastly, at 20% health remaining Peroth’arn will enrage doing 25% more damage. The fight is a lot of fun, especially when you get to mock your friends for failing at avoiding detection. Just DPS’ing him until he is dead and collect your loot.

Queen Azshara

Queen AzsharaQueen Azshara

This fight is not so much with Queen Azshara but with her six servants. When you defeat all six you win the fight. The servants are all casters and have one of three different sets of abilities. The Frost Magi have ice bolts that hit random targets, coldflame that hits everything in a line and remains in play briefly, and a random charge. The Fire Magi have fireballs, firebombs which deal AOE damage and slot targets, and an AOE blast wave that hits everyone around them. Lastly the Holy Magi have an AOE attack around them and a melee attack that deals heavy damage and slows the target.

In addition to the adds, Queen Azshara casts two different spells as well, even though you can not damage her. She can turn a single player into her puppet and control that player. When she does you must break the puppet string that connects that player to her to free them. The second spell she has is total obedience, which will turn all players into her puppet if cast which will end the fight in a wipe. This spell is announced and must be interrupt before completed.

This fight is all about interrupting the total obedience in time each time it is cast, freeing any player controlled, and massive amounts of healing to counter the very random and heavy damage dealt by the adds. Over all though it is a fun if frantic fight, and is pretty easy as long as someone pays attention to interrupting.

Mannoroth and Varo’then

Mannoroth and Varo’thenMannoroth and Varo’then

This fight is against two bosses at once, however really Varo’then is not much of a boss. For this fight you also have Tyrande and Illidan’s assistance as they fight Mannoroth while you deal with Varo’then at the start of the fight. Illidan grants everyone that is nearby a fire resistance buff that is critical to have to avoid all the fire damage that Mannoroth can put out, so make sure you stay close.

In the first phase you must defeat Varo’then while avoiding Mannoroths AOE damage. This is pretty simple as Varo’then doesn’t have any really nasty abilities. Once he has been killed phase two starts when someone picks up Varo’thens fallen sword and stabs Mannoroth.

At this point you need to get DPS Mannoroth down while also AOE’ing the waves of demons that will pour into the fight though a portal that opens. You do have assistance with this since Illidan stays in the fight dealing with Mannoroth and Tyrande helps on AOE with the daemons. This phase shouldn’t be a huge issue as long as you remember to stay close to keep getting Illidan’s fire resistance buff.

Once Mannoroth is down to 5% health the fight will end with a cool story telling sequence, enjoy the loot.


Rogue Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

This is a guide for the 4.3 patch Dragon Soul raid instance specifically for rogues. Each fight will be gone through invidually but the emphasis is on how a rogue can play optimally and not as much on how the specific fights work overall. All of the information is based on the PTR raids and are still subject to change in the release.

As a general note, this instance is filled with all kinds of AOE damage. Almost every boss has something that will try to rip you and your friends apart at the same time, most even have 2 or more abilities to accomplish that. What this means is that when the instance run is over, you will probably be good friends with Feint. When you take damage, it's often a good rule of thumb to feint when that ability is going to happen again as it might just save your life.

Tier pieces:
There hasn't been any accurate research on how much the new tier bonuses are actually worth but by the best estimates they both are pretty great. The thing is that tier 12 also has some great stuff. For Subtlety it might be beneficial to get 2 pieces of the Looking For Raid pieces (but not all 4 pieces, Burning Wounds is amazing) to replace the 391 heroic tier 12 stuff. This is because the LFR items seem to be almost always over the normal item budget and the estimates for 2pc tier 13 are around 700 DPS which is around the same as the tier 12 4pc. It's mostly about what you want to use as the tier 13 2pc is always guaranteed damage whereas the tier 12 4pc might proc something you don't really want.

The tier 12 4pc bonus is so good for Combat and Assassination that it might not be a huge upgrade to go from 391 to 397. Could be wrong though, so it's best that you wait for the spreadsheets to get updated.





Nightmare of every melee in the raid with the exception of you. Depending on your tactic you might need to run a lot in this fight when there are Crystals or Black Bood on the ground. However, Sprint, Shadowstep, Rocket Boots and even Killing Spree provide good options on how to battle this.

All specs are viable, but Subtlety rises above everything else. If you're playing anything other than Sub, you should definitely be using Assassin's Step enchant on your boots. Shadowstep is the definite tool to get to melee range as fast as you can and provides a huge boost in DPS when used correctly. Also, if you want to push it you could drop Initiative, Premeditation and Preparation and pick up Enveloping Shadows with those 3 points (2 is probably enough if you want to keep Preparation). This way you retain your 90 second CD CloS and also gain a longer Feint which enables you to stay on the boss during the Black Blood phase. More on this in the next section.

The fight and tips:


                              Feint all the things! - It works pretty much on anything here so it's probably a good idea to spam it.

Crystals: If you are assigned to the crystals, try timing it so that it's still on when the crystal explodes but make sure that you are close enough to the crystal before the explosion happens.

Black Blood of the Earth: What you need to remember is that the boss will most likely go down if you and everyone else stay alive long enough so in reality none of the optimization is necessary. However, if you want to try staying alive in the Black Blood you will want to use Feint straight away when the first tick is coming, CloS the debuff right before your Feint is ending and then Feint again just as you get the first debuff. This can be done every time if you have Enveloping Shadows and Elusiveness. If you decide that risking it is not worth it and stick with the regular build, you can still Feint right as the blood starts pouring out and Sprint out right before Feint ends. Few seconds after the debuff ends you can just Shadowstep back in and soak the last few stacks of the debuff with Feint.



Target switch central. You'll be swinging those weapons at every direction and don't have time to focus a single guy much at all. Rogues don't shine here but they are by no means bad either. Hope you're in a good shape as you'll be sprinting like a madman. There's also an AOE aspect to this fight and thus guilds can use different strategies on how to handle that.

Target switches call for Combat (how ironic is that with Bandit's Guile?) as low CD Redirect is great here. Other specs don't really have that redirecting luxury in their arsenal and suffer a bit more on that field.

Movement specialization however, is tied between Subtlety and Combat. Shadowstep and low cooldown Sprint both are decent contenders for this fight.

If you're on AOE duty your only(?) option here is playing Assassination which in turn is pretty horrible in dealing with switching and movement. You might want to use the glyph for Fan of Knives for this. It's your call, but you might want to have someone else AOE those adds. Combat cleaving works but is nothing compared to a good AOE guy.

The fight and tips:

The encounter is pretty simple and feinting everything works like a charm.

Globule movement: Use Sprints to get to the Globule. On the PTR you could get Sprint for each spawn even without being Combat. This means that it's possible to save your Shadowstep to get to back the boss. As Assassination and Combat it is imperative that you have boss timers so that you won't waste a large portion of your cooldowns running from target to target. Subtlety's low cooldown/duration abilities are much easier to optimize.

Mana void switching: When the Mana Void is up, you need to kill it as fast as possible. Steering your camera top-down so that you can see above the head of the boss can help when trying to figure out where the Mana Void will be landing as you can see it swirling there for a few seconds before it gets thrown.


On normal this one is the most straightforward Patchwerk style fight in the instance, you are even able to hit his back! So get ready to execute that rotation of yours.

As this boss is all about single target damage, you should definitely go with Subtlety. If Subtlety isn't really your cup of tea ( which it should be ) Combat is a lot more competitive on single than Assassination.

The fight and tips:

The fight doesn't have too much going for it on normal as he only has few abilities that concern your survival

Void of the Unmaking ( the ball ): Feint works on the damage that is spread around when it hits so remember to hit that bind when you are going to soak it. Also make sure that you are not in the way of it when your raid decides to let it go through to the boss.

Disrupting Shadows ( the debuff ): you can remove it with CloS which also makes you immune to the damage but you still get knocked back. Not such a big deal, you can use Shadowstep ( or Killing Spree if it happens to be ready ) to make sure you don't get knocked away from melee range.

Black Blood of Go'rath: Feint obviously works on the AOE damage. Zon'ozz starts to take increased damage taken from the start of this phase so usage of cooldowns here is optimal.


Cleaving, fast movement and not hitting the boss seems to be the name of the game here. A large portion of the fight you'll either be running away from a wall of spikes, running to a lightning conductor or running back to the boss.

Both Combat and Subtlety seem to be the top contenders here, Assassination is probably a bit behind. If you plan on doing some cleaving, Combat will be your spec of choice but if the tombs die fast you're probably better off just focusing the boss, and this is where Subtlety shines.

The fight and tips:
Ice Tombs: In normal modes it's possible to cleave all the Frost Tombs right away but it's probably safer to leave atleast one of them standing for the storm phase. Usually it's worth it to gather the players who will become encased either next to the boss or in a small stack somewhere in the playing field. If there's no hurry with killing the tombs, you can wait for the tank to move Hagara but in most cases it's wiser to Sprint to the tombs as soon as they land.

Ice phases: You will want to hit the 4 spawning crystals as much as you can, so using Sprint / Shadowstep to get to them is advised. The thing you need to remember is that when either the Ice or Lightning phases end, Hagara will be taking a lot of extra damage for a short time. This means that you should have your Sprint / Shadowstep ready for when the phases end. This is where Subtlety comes in as you can use Shadowstep on the crystals atleast once, Sprint once and still instantly Shadowstep back to the boss for the full duration of the damage buff.

Patchwerk with a twist, press that button in the middle of your screen. This fight is purely about DPS and your ability to follow debuffs and cast bars.

Considering Subtlety seems to be the current top single target DPS spec for the class, it would be logical to go with that spec, right? Wrong. You have to hit this guy in the face and there's really no way of hitting him from any other direction. At one point in the PTR it was possible to Backstab him, but this was changed. Also there's the problem of Shadowstep killing you every time you use it so Subtlety is pretty much out of the question. A good chunk of Assassination's damage comes from Backstabbing a boss under 35% so going as Combat is pretty much our only option here. That's what we call great boss design.

The fight and tips:
The Button: This fight is really simple, but you still need to use the tools given to you for it. Both Fading Light and Hour of Twilight will kill you if you don't use the button. Hour of Twilight can be cloak immuned though. What you want to do here is to CloS immune every Hour cast and whenever you get hit by Fading Light or cannot cloak press the button just before the damage would come. This way you won't be stunned for longer than you absolutely need to be.

Also to help the healers, you should feint whenever it doesn't hinder your DPS. Especially in the later stage of the fight when the damage output of the boss goes up by a ton.



Captain! multiple targets to dot sighted around the ship! - What you say!! Take off every 'zig'!! For great justice.

So.. jokes aside things might a bit bad for melees in general in this fight, many targets to multidot,lots of running around off melee range to soak the blasts and also catching those little sappers. But luckily the second part of the fight is pure single target burn where ranged guys need to move and stop DPS from time to time and you just get to hit the boss in the back, not so bad after all.

It's gonna be a choice between Combat and Subtlety once again. If your raid tanks the ground adds in phase 1 next to each other so that you are able to cleave, combat should be the better choice.

The fight and tips:
Twilight Barrage & Onslaught: Feint works on the blasts, you can also cloak immune the damage. You should always go and soak the small blasts if you have Feint ready and they aren't too far away from you.

If a Sapper is low hp and close to the cabin, you can try to finish it off with Feint activated so that you won't die if you fail to kill it in time.

As mentioned earlier ask your tanks to keep the melee adds next to each other for BF cleave. If there aren't any ground adds around, it's good to remember that the drakes might be at melee range so you could go and DPS them instead while waiting for new adds.

Feint works on the charge of the melee adds but of course it is ideal to just dodge them all together.

Phase 2: just make sure to be behind the boss and you are safe to tunnel DPS. Judging from earlier experience it's probably not a good idea to be Killing Spreeing in middle of his model when he casts Shockwave.



FUS RO DAH ..Ahem. Nope it's not the time to kill the dragon yet. Just chilling on his back and killing some adds etc. Rogues are quite good at this because: single target DPS and Feint! Who would have thought.

We prefer Subtlety on this fight but Combat is also viable. The only things you should ever be cleaving are the Corrupted bloods and that isn't a big part of the fight. The important thing in the fight is (burst) single target damage.

The fight and tips:
You should use Feint to reduce the AOE damage from: When Corrupted bloods start dying, Amalgamation gets 9 stacks and pulses damage every 3 seconds before killed, right before going in to the Grasping Tendrils hole when Deathwing is about to do a barrel roll.

Otherwise you just burn things down in single target, most of the time it's the Amalgamations you are hitting.

Remember to save cooldowns for after the Nuclear Blast goes off and the Burning Tendons come targetable. With combat you should try to save up a Moderate Insight on the Amalgamation and redirect it to the Burning Tendon, so you get a deep insight for most of the duration, you should also have Adrenaline Rush ready for it. With subtlety you should have Shadow Dance and Vanish ready to get Find Weakness for the whole duration.



For some finishing words: We would like to say that rogues are in a really nice position now, so enjoy it. We are the best melee class in almost all of the fights because of our good single target damage and great survivability. Heard we also get some shiny new daggers this tier.

In other news, if you have just played Assassination and Combat for all of your rogue career you should really consider taking up Subtlety as an alternative to use. It's not really that complicated as some people make it out to be and it is ( from our experience ) doing the best and most consistent DPS of the three specs.

So you should definitely check up on a Subtlety guide somewhere (Elitist Jerks for example). Another good thing to remember is to set up your UI correctly as Subtlety has more things to track than the 2 other specs. One really good addon is Auracle. Auracle combined with Power Auras is everything you need for tracking buffs and debuffs effectively.

Good luck with Dragon Soul and getting those legendary daggers of yours!


Holy Paladin Guide for 4.3 Normal Modes

This is a Holy Paladin guide for Dragon Soul normal mode healing made based on our ptr experience. Enjoy.

Set bonuses: 2pc is not terribly good, but since the last tier’s 4pc benefits spells that will be seeing less use, there is no problem with switching. The new 4pc is a large boost for the fights where you will use HR, especially Ultraxion.

Changes from 4.2 to 4.3: You will need to judge less often and use HR more often. I switched their places in my keybindings (R and space). Still, try not to let Judgements of the Pure fall off, especially since it also effects your regen now and you are less likely to have the extended judgment rage.

Don’t cast HR twice in a row on the same player to make sure you don’t lose any ticks and obviously always cast it on someone who is in a big group. The one in the group can be you if you can’t trust anyone else to be there.


Introduction: Holy paladins do well on this boss. There is heavy damage on multiple players and you are allowed to stack up, so Holy Radiance (HR) and Light of Dawn (LoD) are effective. Divine Protection and the sprint attached to it also allow you to easily cover for soakers if they make a mistake. Both tanks take damage throughout the fight, but you might have to keep track of who is taking the melee hits and needs more healing.

Spec: You can choose your spec freely as you won’t need a magic dispel, aura mastery (might be slightly useful for soaking Orbs) or extended judgment range.

Glyphs: I would recommend 40 % magic Divine Protection, Holy Shock (HS) and LoD glyphs.

The fight and tips: Morchok’s stomp is the key mechanic that limits your position to a certain range from the boss. The range check seems to be slightly buggy, as I was standing within a 15 yard judgment range and didn’t get hit by the supposedly 20-30 yard stomp (you are supposed to get hit). Try to position yourself inside a big group for efficient healing while making sure you’re not the closest one to the boss.

If you are assigned to soaking Twilight Orbs, use your DP and sprint close to the Orb (beam attached to you turns blue). After the Orb explodes, heal the soakers up fast with LoD and HR or Divine Light (DL) so they don’t die from stomp.

The phase where Morchok starts channeling black goo if good for using Divine Plea as no one should be taking damage. Make sure you run far enough (don’t stand behind the closest rocks) and keep an eye out for the beginners that might need healing.

At 20 % health Morchok starts doing more damage, especially to tanks, so you might want to pop your cooldowns and keep an eye out for the tanks even if you are mainly healing the raid.


Introduction: Holy paladins are competitive but not especially good on this boss. The type of damage is somewhat random and at times your mana gets stolen, which is not good for paladins as we don’t have any HoTs or shields to use before losing our mana.

Spec: Dispel isn’t needed. Aura mastery might theoretically be useful, but all the phases last so long that you probably won’t even notice it.

Glyphs: Consider using the word of glory glyph if you see yourself using the spell often. Glyph of Divinity might be useful for when you lose your mana.

The fight and tips: I won’t go through ever possible combination of boss skills the boss gets from the bloods he sucks, but instead I’ll list some tips for each one. When the blood spawn, remember that you don’t have to run with the dps, you can stay and melee the boss for some mana instead if needed.

Yellow: Since this one makes the other skill more powerful, its effect varies a bit. However, it will always make the tanks take more damage so keep an eye on their health.

Blue: When boss starts draining your mana, you still have time to cast a couple of spells. Use Flash of Light if needed. After the mana draining debuff ends, you can use Divine Plea or Arcane Torrent or Mana Potion to gain mana. You can also use Hand of Sacrifice. When the blue orb is about to die, be sure to be close enough so you get your mana back.

Red: Heal the players taking damage with Divine Light.

Dark: The adds do little damage, so don’t worry about it.

Green: Stay out of the green cloud and spread out 4 yards from others. Heal as needed.

Shadowed: It’s uncertain which heals will add a stack on the target.


Introduction: Holy paladins do well on this boss as well. The boss mechanics force the raid to stay in tight groups which again makes HR and LoD powerful. Beacon won’t be as useful because it does not transfer HR.

Spec: Aura mastery and dispel are both useful for this boss. Of course if you can get someone else to do the dispelling, you won’t need the magic dispel.

Glyphs: I would recommend 40 % magic Divine Protection and Holy Shock (HS).

The fight and tips: The most demanding aspect of the battle is positioning. You have to make sure you are close enough to the orb to share the damage but you also need to move when the raids wants the orb to hit the boss. Take care not to stand in front of the boss. Being with the ranged group allows you to use LoD more easily but staying in melee is also possible if needed.

If you aren’t raid healing, try to heal players who get the Disrupting Shadows debuff before they get dispelled or before you dispel the debuff from them (the dispel causes about 60k damage). Coordinating raid healing, healing the debuffed players and dispelling with other healers is useful.

When the orb hits the boss, the boss will channel heavy aoe damage so pop your Avenging Wrath (AW) and/or Divine Favor (DF) especially if the raid is low. Use HR and don’t forget to use LoD when you get 3 holy power. At the beginning of this heavy aoe damage you should have a holy paladin use aura mastery with a resist aura if the damage is resistable.


Introduction: Paladins are good on this fight due to our strong cooldowns and good survivability.

Spec: Dispel not needed, aura mastery isn’t that useful. Extended judgment range might benefit your slightly.

Glyphs: I would recommend 40 % magic Divine Protection.

The fight and tips: When the boss casts Shattered Ice, check who the boss is targetting and heal them. Your tank should be able to survive Focused Assault, but it does cause a significant damage spike so use WoG and Flash of Light if needed to help the tank survive. Pay attention to the Ice Tomb timer because you only get a small blue arrow above yourself if you are going to be hit with it. Ice Tombs also block line of sight, so take care to have the tank in your line of sight.

When the boss is stunned use DP and melee him from mana if needed and leave the healing to priests and druids.

Healing wise the snow phase (Frozen Tempest) is easier, but you have to pay more attention to your surroundings. Run in the inner circle close to Hagara’s water shield, avoid ice falling from above and use Divine Protection to sprint if needed and Divine Shield if you are about to hit the Ice Wave behind you. The Ice Wave behind you is closer than it looks.

In the lightning phase (Lightning Storm) use HR and LoD to heal the raid as long as you are in a tight group. After that you should be standing in wherever you have range to others when the adds are being moved and using all your cooldowns to make sure that you can keep everyone you have in range alive.


Introduction: Paladins are by far the best healers for Ultraxion because of the heavy aoe damage. You’ll be using HR, LoD and HS almost exclusively.

Spec: Aura mastery is probably useful when the heavy damage comes. Dispel or judgment range not needed.

Glyphs: I would recommend 40 % magic Divine Protection and Holy Shock (HS). Ascetic Crusader might be useful.

The fight and tips: The damage ramps up over the fight. Use more LoD and less HR in the beginning to conserve your mana. You can generate holy power for LoD with HS and Crusader Strike (CS). Your rotation might be HR+HS+CS->LoD. Since paladins are the most powerful aoe healers, let the other healers worry about healing the tanks (don’t move beacon from tank to tank). As the fight goes on, you should first drop CS from your rotation and then possibly drop HS during the last minute, leaving you with 3xHR->LoD. Simple HR spamming is slightly more HPS but it’s not a smart heal so I recommend using LoD at 3 holy power. Make sure you enter the last minute of the fight with as much mana as possible by using divine plea a bit earlier.

You should follow the cast bar for Hour of Twilight. You still have time to cast a heal or two before you have to use Heroic Will. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Red, Green and Blue buffs are all very useful to a paladin. Sprint to get the buff with Divine Protection, but make sure you don’t turn back before you get it. Druids and shamans take the full benefit from the green one (presumably the extra heal does not give the target Illuminated Healing from out mastery). Red and Green don’t change the way you heal but the blue does by reducing the mana cost of your heals. You still might not have enough mana to spam only HR, though.


Introduction: Paladins are decent on this fight. Divine Protection is very useful.

Spec: Aura mastery might be useful, magic dispel not needed.

Glyphs: 40 % magic Divine Protection. Consider using the word of glory glyph if you see yourself using the spell often.

The fight and tips: The humanoid adds charge and warn about it by leaving a small trail on the ground. Avoid if you can, but it’s not required. As usual, the sprint from DP is useful. Don’t try to get to every Twilight Barrage because you need to heal too.

After Twilight Onslaught use one HR and LoD before spreading out again. Usually you will be using DL and WoG on this fight.

At the start of phase 2 is the best time to use your cooldowns, including Divine Shield (once you get the flames on you). After Goriona stops breathing on you you should be able to heal without cooldowns. Note the increasing damage to the tank towards the end and stay out of melee range while avoiding. You’ll have plenty of time to heal the melee between roars so your first priority is the tank.


Introduction: Paladins are again good. It’s hard to compare performance between healers due to the healing absorbing debuff.

Spec: Aura mastery is useful, magic dispel is not needed.

Glyphs: WoG and Beacon glyphs might be useful if you cast them often.

The fight and tips: Start by standing on the side that you will make Deathwing roll to so you don’t have to worry about when to move to the side. Stand near a corruption tentacle or its hole. Just before the bigwigs roll timer hits 0, enter the hole with aura mastery and Divine Protection active and leave as soon as the timer disappears. Then stand in the middle, away from the plate your raid is trying to remove.

Depending on the number of Searing Plasma debuffs on the raid you should use HL, DL or HR and of course LoD. Especially after the very first barrel roll you might choose to use HR because nearly everyone probably has the debuff. If only a few people have it, you should use single target heals. Depending on how fast Searing Plasma is removed, you might want to put beacon on one target with a (new) debuff and heal another target. Don’t be overzealous when it comes to removing Searing Plasma and conserve some mana for the heavier damage that comes later from the adds.

Be fast when healing people who get Fiery Grip if they are low on health or have Searing Plasma. There is also a large responsibility with your damage dealers to interrupt it with damage as fast as possible. If you get 3 ticks they’re certainly too slow. When Hideous Amalgamation becomes Superheated and starts doing aoe damage, use a cooldown (AW or DF, possibly Aura Mastery if the damage is resistable) and cast aoe heals.

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