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Druid Macros Moonkin/Feral/Restoration

Druid Macros Moonkin/Feral/Restoration

All Terrain Travel Form

/cancelaura [stance:1] Dire Bear Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form
/cancelaura [mounted] Reins of the Twilight Harbinger
/cast [nostance, swimming] Aquatic Form; [nostance, outdoors] Travel Form

Moonfire Totem Dispell

/targetexact Wrath of Air Totem
/targetexact Mana Spring Totem
/targetexact Poison Cleansing Totem
/targetexact Windfury Totem V
/targetexact Mana Tide Totem
/targetexact Grounding Totem
/cast [harm] Moonfire

Hurricane with Barskin

#showtooltip Hurricane
/stopmacro [channeling:Hurricane]
/cast Barkskin
/cast Hurricane

Cleanse Poison / Cleanse Curse

/cast [button:1,target=none] Abolish Poison; [button:2,target=none] Remove Curse

Faerie Fire and Feral Faerie Fire

#show Faerie Fire (Feral)()
/cast [nostance] Faerie Fire; Faerie Fire (Feral)()

Faerie Fire Target or Targets Target

/cast [harm] Faerie Fire; [target=targettarget, harm] Faerie Fire

Feral Charge Bear/Cat Form

#showtooltip Feral Charge - Bear
/cast Bear Form
/cast Feral Charge - Bear

#showtooltip Feral Charge - Cat
/cast Cat Form
/cast Feral Charge - Cat

/cast [mod] Cat Form; Bear Form
/cast [stance:1] Feral Charge - Bear; [stance:3] Feral Charge - Cat

Heal Target or Target's Target

/cast [help] Healing Touch; [target=targettarget] Healing Touch

Ultimate Healing Touch

/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Healing Touch;[help] Healing Touch;[target=targettarget, help] Healing Touch;[target=mouseover,help] Healing Touch;[target=focus,help] Healing Touch;[target=focustarget,help];[target=none] Healing Touch

HoT (Heal over Time) Stacking

/castsequence [help] reset=8/target Regrowth, Rejuvenation, Lifebloom; [target=player] reset=8 Regrowth, Rejuvination, Lifebloom


/cast [modifier:alt, target=player] Innervate; [help] Innervate; [target=mouseover, exists, help] Innervate; [target=none] Innervate

Nature's Swiftness with Healing Touch

/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [help] Healing Touch; [target=player] Healing Touch

Ravage / Shred Combo

/cast [nostealth] Shred; [stealth] Ravage

Stun and Self-Heal (Bear Form)

#show Bash
/cancelaura [stance:2] Aquatic Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:4] Travel Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form
/castsequence [stance:1] reset=50/combat Bash, Bear Form, Regrowth, Rejuvenation
/castsequence [nostance] reset=50/combat Bear Form, Bash, Bear Form, Regrowth, Rejuvenation

Travel Form with Nature's Grasp

/cancelaura [stance:1] Bear Form; [stance:2] Aquatic Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form
/cancelaura [mounted] Reins of the Twilight Harbinger
/cast [nostance, outdoors] Travel Form; [stance:4, outdoors] Nature's Grasp

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