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Enhancement Shaman Best in Slot Gear List Patch 4.3

Enhancement Shaman Tier13 2Pieces Bonus:

While you have any stacks of Maelstrom Weapon, your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and healing spells deal 20% more healing or damage.

Enhancement Shaman Tier13 4Pieces Bonus:

Your Feral Spirits have a 45% chance to grant you a charge of Maelstrom Weapon each time they deal damage.

For more trinkets, visit the Dragon Soul Trinket List.

Item Slot Item Name Item iLvl
Weapon No'Kaled, the Elements of Death 416
Head Zeherah's Dragonskull Crown 410
Shoulders Spiritwalker's Spaulders 410
Chest Spiritwalker's Cuirass 410
Legs Spiritwalker's Legguards 410
Gloves Spiritwalker's Grips 410
Feet Treads of Dormant Dreams
Waist Belt of the Beloved Companion 410
Wrist Bracers of Looming Darkness 410
Back Dreadfire Drape 410
Neck Cameo of Terrible Memories 410
Finger1 Emergency Descent Loop 410
Finger2 Signet of Grasping Mouths 410
Trinket1 Wrath of Unchaining 416
Trinket2 Vial of Shadows 410
Off-Hand No'Kaled, the Elements of Death 416
Relic Ripfang Relic 410
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