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Aion Is Going “Free To Play” In February 2012

Aion Is Going "Free To Play"

Aion Is Going Free To Play

Aion Is Going Free To Play

in association with Gameforge, AION MMO will be free to play from Spring 2012.

There's good news: from February 2012, Aion will be switching to a free-to-play model - the monthly subscriptions will then be history!

For the switch-over, NCsoft has teamed up with the German publisher Gameforge. The Gameforge Aion-Team consists of 38 employees and they will soon be responsible for the running of the game across the whole of Europe. Together with NCsoft they will continuously further develop and create new content for Aion in order to offer you a unique gaming experience – and all for free.

Why are we switching to free-to-play?

In the last few months the lands in Atreia have become more and more deserted. We want to reinvigorate the world of Aion and attract new adventurers to the towns to take to the skies as Daevas.

What does 'free-to-play' mean?

In February 2012, Aion will be switching from a subscription based system to the free-to-play model. This switch spares your wallet from the start: there are no monthly charges or costs for registration and the game client. The whole world of Atreia and all its regions is open for your exploration: all the quests, all playable classes, all specialisations and all instances are available.

For new players there are only a few limitations, that concern trading and chat amongst others. You can always upgrade your account and enjoy Aion in its full extent: with a Gold Pack you unlock full functionality – look forward to bonuses such as higher payouts or shorter cooldowns for instances.
All existing players will receive an extra special status: those that have already paid for an Aion subscription – whether it is still active or not – will be raised to the honour of Veteran status and will enjoy privileges similar to those of the Gold Pack. So that we can bestow this status on you, we will need you to allow us to transfer your account to the new Gameforge server.

An overview of all the advantages:

  • No monthly subscription fee
  • No charges for registration and client
  • All classes, regions and instances playable
  • Complete and playable storyline with 3,900 quests
  • Character development up to level 55 possible
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