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Blue Posts – 2012/01/11

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Blizzard's Prejudice? Profanity Filter Failed

Dear Blizzard Entertainment,

While your profanity filter turning back on automatically has been a minor nuisance, I'm a little perturbed to see that a three-letter word starting in F and ending in G, commonly an insult towards gay men, is not blocked by the mature language filter. I always assumed it was blocked, but with the recent trouble with the mature language filter not staying off, I noticed that it was a word that slips by unblocked. Generally I think very little of censorship, but it seems that you (Blizzard Entertainment) don't view this word as offensive. Many of us in the gay community do, and would LOOSELY compare it to a white supremacist using the N-word. These two words have a VERY different history, and while there is not the same level of animosity associated with the three-letter F-word, there is still enough history that a company should know better than to treat it differently than other derogatory labels.

I am disappointed in Blizzard (Harassment)

I don't really post on the forums, but when i do i make sure it's a valid point. This thread isn't for me to prance around say look at me, look at me i'm a girl please carry me through content. This thread is to explain how Blizzard has failed me as a paying customer and has really made me consider quitting something that i love to play for fun.

RBG Guides and stuff

Hello gentlefolks.

I am a Vanilla:WoW player, leading premade CtF since summer of 2005. I have been part of many world #1st PvE kills, and lead 1 PvE Guild and 2 PvP guilds to victory as guild leader for 4 seasons (counting lvl 60 WoW).

Will You Level A Pandaren?

No. Just no. I can't seem to get an alt more than part way in Outland. No amount of rolly-pollyness will do the trick, I am pretty darn sure.

That's what I get for playing on-and-off (mostly on) for over 7 years...

But then again maybe by 2013 I will be refreshed enough from my long vacation from this game.

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