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Cross-Realm Real-ID BattleGrounds



Real ID parties that comprise players from different realms can now queue for battlegrounds together.
Random and Call to Arms battlegrounds which result in a tie game will now award bonus honor equal to the bonus honor for a loss.

Isle of Conquest

Siege Engine’s Steam Blast range has been increased by 50%.

Warsong Gulch

Players spawning at the Alliance graveyard should spawn facing toward the middle of the battleground.

Twin Peaks

Players should now receive honor at the conclusion of a match that results in a tie.

Originally Posted by Kaivax
Correct! Cross-realm Real-ID parties can queue for battlegrounds.

I have made sure that this is in the 4.3 patch notes:

A few reminders about this --

You're going to see the limitations as you do in Looking-For-Dungeon and Looking-For-Raid.

You can't invite Real-ID friends to a raid.

If you have Real-ID friends in your group, you can't convert to a raid.

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