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Reporting Players For False Reasons

It seems it is perfectly fine and acceptable to report anyone and everyone, who posts anything you disagree with. Is that really true? I know if you frequent these forums much, you see it, articulate, well thought out posts reported for no other reason than the reporting person disliked and disagreed with the post.

We all disagree with some and agree with some. To report posters because of merely that surely is not what Blizzard wanted, it shuts down fair discussion, and it is contrary to what I feel Blizzard intended.

You can dislike an opinion, and if enough agree with you, even grey out someone's thoughtful post, just because enough people disagree with it.

I hope Blizzard does something about this abuse. If someone is misreporting posts, at least take away their ability to do it. Not only does it stifle fair discussion on things people have differing views on, but it totally wastes valuable moderator time.

Originally Posted by Blizzard

The concerns some of you have expressed are valid and we’re here to let you know you’ve nothing to worry about. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every single report received is reviewed based upon its own merit, with context in mind, and not solely on the reporter’s assertions. Indeed, we will occasionally receive reports for posts that do not violate the forum Code of Conduct and they do not go unnoticed.

With regard to the thumbs down feature, there is little to no mystery as to its purpose. Should someone create a thread or a response that expresses something you don’t agree with or don’t like, you should absolutely click “Dislike”. If enough people agree with you it could cause it to become grayed out or even buried. Alternatively by using the thumbs up button you can like something, and if enough people also like it the post will become highlighted, and have a greater chance to be highlighted on the front page of the website as a Popular Topic. The rating feature is our way of providing the community with an alternative to responding directly and as a means of promoting the forums as a community-driven environment.

The ability to like and dislike posts carries no judgment from us. You or anyone else can like or dislike every single post on the forums, and in fact we’d prefer if more people exercised their ability to effect and guide the discussion by using these buttons. The use of the report tool however, to indiscriminately report threads for moderation, is not. We investigate all reports equally, and take false reports and improper use of the tool seriously. Your ability to access these forums is at risk if abused.

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