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World of Warcraft Christmas Sale – Give the Gift of Warcraft

Blizzard just announced the christmas sale for several world of warcraft products,

Give the Gift of Warcraft

Give the Gift of Warcraft

To prepare for the holidays, Great-Father Winter has massively buffed your gift-giving abilities. For a limited time, we’re offering epic savings of up to 75% on select World of Warcraft products through the online Blizzard Store:

WoW: Battle Chest for $5 (reg. $19.99)
Cataclysm for $20 (reg. $39.99)
Wrath of the Lich King for $10 (reg. $39.99)
Celestial Steed for $10 (reg. $25)
Pandaren Monk for $5 (reg. $10)

With these deals, there’s never been a better time to recruit a friend to World of Warcraft or hook up your guildmate with a new mount or pet. Click here to start shopping, but don’t delay; these offers end Monday, December 19, 2011.

Recruit a Friend:

About time in my opinion, and even so .. after 2011 is over they should definitely put all the x-pacs in one package and put a price of 49.99-59.99$ on it, since at the moment it is very costly to affrod WoW full package.

If you are looking for something else to gift a friend or yourself, check out this World of Warcraft Gold Guide, most likely the best thing in market.

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