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The Wandering Isle – Zone Preview

The Wandering Isle

The Wandering Isle is the new starting zone introduced in Mists of Pandaria exclusively for the Pandaren race.

Separated from Pandaria for millennia, The Wandering Isle meanders the oceans of Azeroth. When the weather changes unexpectedly on the Isle and it begins erratically spiraling toward the Maelstrom, the elders at the Temple of Five Dawns request the aid of four elemental spirits to unravel the mystery. Heroes must figure out the cause of the land's illness before the entire island plunges into the abyss!

  • It's a turtle, known to the Pandaren as Shen-zin Su! It left Pandaria 10,000 years ago and never came back. Pandarens who wanted to discover the world left on that turtle.
  • The story is focused with simple mechanics.
  • All Pandaren will level from 1 to 10 here.
  • The entire zone is cross faction until choosing Horde or Alliance at level 10.



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