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Patch 4.3.2: Trading Card Game Items

The three new items were added in Patch 4.3.2 are found on the TCG Loot vendor in Booty Bay. They are part of the Timewalkers: War of the Ancients expansion. (Feldrake, Eye of the Legion, and Demon Hunter's Aspect)

Patch 4.3.2 Trading Card Game Items

Patch 4.3.2 Trading Card Game Items


Coruscant Datacron Locations

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Coruscant Datacron Locations

In this guide, we provide you with maps and complete directions to each of the datacrons hidden throughout Coruscant in The Old Republic . Datacrons are ancient devices that will provide you with permanent stat boosts, or matrix shards that can be combined to create items for your 'relic' equipment slots. On Coruscant, there are a total of 4 stat boosts, and 1 matrix shard - complete details on how to find each can be found below.

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Presence +2

The first Datacron you’ll run across on Coruscant is located in the Old Galactic Market district, just past the Concourse staging point. After crossing the bridge covered with guild thugs take the ramp to your left. At the top and to your immediate right will be a lift that will take you up onto the platform containing the Datacron.

Be on your guard though, there is an elite mob by the name of “Abiss Sol’Oras”, so be ready for a fight.

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Endurance +2

The Endurance Datacron can be found in Black Sun Territory within an area called Graffiti Square. As you enter Graffiti Square from the north you should notice a large pile of shipping crates and smaller boxes to the right. To the rear of the boxes you can use some of the smaller debris to make your way to the top of the pile. After reaching the top, jump over to the nearby balcony (long platform with railing) and follow it until you come across a pipe. Use this pipe to cross over to the adjacent balcony, to your left will be another pipe you can drop onto that will lead you onto a neon sign. Jump off the end of the sign and on to the final ledge, there you will find your green Datacron.

Cunning +2

Justicar Territory is where the third Coruscant Datacron can be found. More specifically the Justicar Shipping Dock sub area around the top centre of the Justicar Territory map. Between the two main paths entering the area are some golden brown shipping crates; jump your way to the top and then onto the nearby pipe. Once on the pipes simply follow them up to their conclusion, a platform containing the Datacron.

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Yellow Matrix Shard

This Matrix Shard is located in The Works, an area you have to traverse on your way to the Jedi Temple. Although the Datacron itself is located in the west, the beginning of the path that will get you there is in the most north easterly passage. You can get to the passage by travelling south through the primary junction room, at the end will be a ramp that circles back around east towards the passage. After fighting your way through various types of Cythons, and before the passage takes a left hand turn, you’ll find some boxes against the wall that lead up to a pipe. Follow the pipe along the wall and it will lead you back over the primary junction room. Here you’ll find a fork in the road; take the pipe leading left to the opposite wall and follow that series of pipes. These will lead you along the left hand wall and up to a couple of platforms; the second one holds the Datacron.

Remember to take your time as it’s a long walk back to the start, and odds are you’ll be falling into a group of enemies.

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Coruscant Datacron Locations

Strength +2

Upon first entering the Jedi Temple Ruins look right for the huge tipped over column serving as a ramp to the upper level. After climbing the pillar hang a left and follow the narrow ledge until you come across a meditating Dark Sith by the name of “Anev Xydes”. The Datacron can be found to the right of him, perched at the end of an extended piece of wall jutting out from the ledge.


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1.0.2c Patch Notes – 1/6/2012

The exploit has been fixed now, patch is being deployed right now, servers should be up shortly.

1.0.2c Patch Notes - 1/6/2012


  • Fixed an exploit that could allow players to receive more items than intended via in-game mail.
  • Resolved an exploit when selling items.

Flashpoints and Operations

Karagga's Palace

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from entering the Operation.

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Where to Farm Grisly Trophy’s

Quest: Test Your Strength
Objective: Kerri Hicks wants you to collect 250 Grisly Trophies. Trophies are obtained as long as you kill creatures that offer experience or honor and you have the Darkmoon Field Guide with you.


For some people, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. I call those people, weak.

To be the strongest, you have to hurt someone or something. You hurt yourself as you push your body to its limits. You hurt those that threaten the well-being of others.

If you want to be the strongest, you have to fight. How bad do you want it?

I want you to crush those that would offer a challenge to you, then bring me back proof of your triumphs.

Reward: Darkmoon Prize Ticket [10]

Here are some farming spots you can try out,

  • 1) Go to The Valley of Fallen Heroes in Icecrown and AOE every group of Converted Hero. Every group grant around 8-9 Grisly Trophys.
  • 2) Go to Cathedral of the Darkness in Icecrown and kill the Chosen Zealots. They have around 34k hp, re-spawn is really fast and they are in group of 19 to 25.
  • 3) Deepholm, kill Jaspertip Swarmers and Stone Bats.
  • 4) Molten Front, go to Igneous Depths, stand on the blue runes and wait for the adds to stack up (like 10 or so) and AOE them down, repeat. You can reset the runes by going out of the instance.


Loot System Improvements in Patch 4.3.2

They have managed to work out what role each item is intended for so why can't blizzard?

Originally Posted by Blizzard

We know this information. The item designers have plenty of spreadsheets too. If you're saying creating said spreadsheet takes an equivalent amount of time as coding a system in the game whereby item distribution accounts for the spec you're fulfilling in a dungeon, you're wrong.

If you are DPSing you get the need bonus on (your) DPS gear. Tanks on tank gear. Healers on healer gear. A little common sense with things like bears and spriests on their slightly different needs and all of a sudden the loot issues where everyone needs everything are all fixed.

Then a little common sense when there are two of an item, you treat it as any guild would, you roll and the top two get it. Not treat each piece separately.

It should have been completely obvious that everyone would need on everything they could regardless of whether they need it as your getting 20G for that shiny new weapon is much better for you than the person stuck with an i353 weapon getting a much hoped for upgrade because you will never see them again.

Blizzard fixed frost orbs from being needable soon after LFD launched. They fixed needing on BoEs in 5 mans. Why on earth didn't they fix LFR loot when it was glaringly obvious that the current LFR loot tags would not be sufficient?

New loot systems must be so depressing for GC and crew. Every time a new one comes out they must be so hopeful that their customers will all be pulling together. I wonder if they have a shrink on call each time a new one launches when they get reminded, yet again, about simple game theory, and the fact that in a group of strangers each person will do what is best for them.

Originally Posted by Blizzard

We're not that naive. We knew from the start of designing the Raid Finder system that we'd need to build a smarter loot distribution system to regulate fair play. It was also really important to us to get Raid Finder working and implemented with the Dragon Soul raid. We had to be realists about it.

The loot system will be improved in upcoming updates -- including in patch 4.3.2, where it'll no longer be possible to win two of the same item for a single boss kill. But we're really happy with the implementation of Raid Finder and feel it's a great new feature for the game, and one we'll continue refining over time.


Massive Commendation Exploit Using Mail

ProfessorHamington has posted an interesting video of how you can obtain insane amounts of credits using a "mail bug", the video explains everything, do expect this to be hotfixed in no-time though!

Open mail, clicking the item, then leaving both windows open and clicking the mail and taking the item again. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

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4.3.2 PTR and New File Optimization Tech

Originally Posted by Blizzard

With the 4.3.2 patch we’ll be testing some new file optimization tech. As you may be aware, with previous major expansion patches (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc.) we’ve carried out a time-consuming process to reorganize the game files currently installed on your hard drive to integrate all previous patch files, essentially ‘cleaning up’ what’s on your computer and reducing the full installation size. This process used to require an amount of free hard drive space double that of the entire installation size to complete, which is why we’ve reserved them for large expansion-sized patches.

The new tech we’re testing with the 4.3.2 PTR will process these cleanups with no additional hard drive space required beyond what the patch is adding. Because of that you may see them appear more frequently with patches.

While the cleanup is occurring you’ll see a specific message on the launcher informing you the process is currently taking place. If you encounter any issues with the new process please be sure to visit our support site at


Level 50 PvP Bracket, More PvP Features, Ilum Changes

Bioware has confirmed there is going to be a separate pvp bracket for level50 players, including additional new features as well.

Level 50 players will have a bracket of their own, playing in separate Warzone matches to lower level players. This is something we have wanted to do for some time and now that there is an increasing number of level 50 players we will be implementing the feature in January.

Ranked Warzone matches, and several other "optimizations" are getting rolled out soon as well,

You’ll see several optimizations come online in January, and we are going to continue to tune this as time goes on.

We also have other exciting features coming in the near future including Ranked Warzone Matches, PvP Stat Tracking, Open World PvP Loot Drops, more Warzone medals for different objectives, Guard Optimizations and Target Optimizations.

Additionally we’re looking at ways to enable team vs. team, more level brackets and the ability to choose which Warzone you want to play in.

Ilum is getting re-vamped (more or less),

The planet of Ilum currently allows for open world PvP even on a PvE server, but the mechanics and incentives of the planet are not in as intended yet. We’re working on longer term goals for the planet and for other PvP areas, but expect to see some interim adjustments in January - such as more respawn points to focus conflicts, restricting Companion Characters from the area, and revisions to rewards. Ilum will also become a major source of Valor.

Valor buffs will increase and decrease based on the objectives your faction owns. These buffs increase the amount of Valor you receive per player kill. However they do not give anything in and of themselves, so players will still need to defeat other players for significant Valor rewards. Additionally, daily and weekly missions will require player kills to complete. Player kills for quests and Valor credit will have diminishing returns per player killed. So, the more players that are fighting other players, the better it is for everyone.

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Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps Issues & Upgrade

Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps is getting an upgrade in Patch 4.3.2 as well, the proc is now going to last 12 seconds, instead of 10.

Originally Posted by Blizzard

Gurthalak should not proc off of Censure. The bug was with Seal of Truth, so Souldrinker will proc less for paladins as well.

The specific bug was that paladins running Seal of Truth had two chances with every swing to trigger the proc with Gurthalak or Souldrinker. They now have one chance.

For other classes, the sword overall does the damage we intend, but it's variable, so a few spectacular numbers are occasionally posted. Those shouldn’t be accepted as typical. Likewise, random burst can sometimes cause high damage in PvP, but we don’t think those situations with Gurthalak are reliable or severe enough to be a balance problem.


Method: Dragon Soul After Thoughts

Congratulations to KIN Raiders who managed to take World first this tier. I would however like to share some of my 'whines' in regards to this tier of progress. Dragon Soul is the worst raid instance to date in regards to the competitive PvE Race (alongside ToC). The 8 day ban was ridiculous, destroying the race for world first and removing some of the 'prestige' from first kills when guilds were playing in a race without key competition. The 8 day ban led to a Heroic reset of gear and experience being lost but an additional surprise was in-store when the 8 days were up; all "legit" LFR gear had also been removed (30-35 LFR runs wasted, good bye trinkets etc). Combined with the gear issue was the problem that players had taken time off work/life specifically for the first 1-2 weeks of heroic progress - now we had several players, including myself twiddling their thumbs for 8 days and then having to return to work when the progress actually started. As a side effect the delay also led to some Christmas raiding which although not as bad as Tier 11, was still annoying (we ended up taking 2-3 days for Xmas).

Anyway, the first 6 bosses were okay and then you reach Spine and realise how much of a DPS check this boring boss is (can you kill the tendons in 2 or not? Well not with an 8 day ban... cya next reset). Upon finally killing Spine you reach the worst and easiest end boss in the history of WoW - Madness of DW. Disappointing tier, and not surprised many guilds swapped to 10man to by-pass Spine (much easier). Need to wait another 4-6 months now and hope MoP delivers.

Now that my whine is over! Below are a few short thoughts from some of Method's players;

What did you think about Dragon Soul?

Imsupersdw (Balance Druid):

After having to skip Firelands for personal reasons, I came back with huge expectations for the last tier of the expansion. Doing the "jump" from t11 to t13 I was expecting some hard/balanced encounters, and a really nice race for the world 1st spot. Needless to say that this tier was a huge letdown, bugs everywhere, really easy and straightforward encounters with a couple of them clearly favouring class stacking(again).

Noxe (Rogue):

Blizzard killed this progress. Ridiculous call with all bans and extremely poor design of Deathwing encounters.

Strydem (Holy Paladin):

It was like a TV show, which you watch till the end just because you have wasted so much time on it already.

Enderox (Balance Druid):

Aside from the ban, it's definitely not the best raid instance in WoW history, of all the fights, despite difficulty, Madness was the best... and that's saying something. No it was certainly not as promising as Blizzard wanted it to be.

Phlare (Holy Priest):

I've always liked instances which are open and not closed in, with rooms and locked doors, so I found this tier pretty enjoyable. The bosses themselves were okay, Nothing more. I can't say that Blizzards excitement about this patch was understandable.

How did you feel when Method downed Heroic Madness?

Imsupersdw (Balance Druid):

Again, huge letdown. This "can't" really be the final boss of this expansion, doing something around 40pulls to kill the end boss of the expansion makes no sense at all, specially when you look at the amount of tries everyone did on the end bosses from the previous tiers. It just didn't have that ''epic'' feeling knowing that you were done with progress once again.

Sparkuggz (Warlock):

55 attempts to down the overhyped endgame boss for this entire patch? Even ragnaros took over 500 wipes to go down... Very disappointing endgame content.

Noxe (Rogue):

Was glad that it's over. Zero excitement, only relief.

Enderox (Balance Druid):

Let's move on to the next progress tier, shall we?

Phlare (Holy Priest):

Honestly not much, usually during progress bosses you get that adrenaline rush and your whole body is pulsing when you get a kill, but this time there was to much else that crippled our progress (ban among other things) that it simply was more of a task to just be done with then to enjoy.

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