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Engineering Guide 1-525 World of Warcraft

Engineering 1-110
Engineering 110-220
Engineering 220-300
Engineering 300-375
Engineering 375-425
Engineering 425-525
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Engineering 1-110

Projected Skill Item Materials Required Sell or Keep
1-21 Rough Blasting Powder 1 Rough Stone Keep
21-31 Rough Dynamite 2 Rough Blasting Powder/1 Linen Cloth Sell
31-51 Handful of Copper Bolts 1 Copper Bar Keep
51-52 Arclight Spanner 6 Copper Bar Keep
52-80 Copper Tube 2 Copper Bar/1 Weak Flux Sell
80-90 Coarse Blasting Powder 1 Coarse Stone Keep
90-100 Copper Modulator 2 Handful of Copper Bolts/1 Copper Bar/2 Linen Cloth Sell
100-110 Silver Contact 1 Silver Bar Keep

Engineering 110-220

Projected Skill Item Materials Required Sell or Keep
110-125 Large Copper Bomb 3 Copper Bar/4 Coarse Blasting Powder/1 Silver Contact Sell
125-140 Heavy Blasting Powder 1 Heavy Stone Keep
140-160 Big Bronze Bomb 2 Heavy Blasting Powder/3 Bronze Bar/1 Silver Contact Sell
160-175 Iron Strut 2 Iron Bar Sell
175-176 Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor 4 Steel Bar Keep
176-190 Solid Blasting Powder 2 Solid Stone Keep
190-205 Big Iron Bomb 3 Iron Bar/3 Heavy Blasting Powder/1 Silver Contact Sell
205-220 Unstable Trigger 1 Mithril Bar/1 Mageweave Cloth/1 Solid Blasting Powder Keep

Engineering 220-300

Projected Skill Item Materials Required Sell or Keep
220-235 Mithril Casing 3 Mithril Bar Keep
235-250 Hi-Explosive Bomb 2 Mithril Casing/1 Unstable Trigger/2 Solid Blasting Powder Sell
250-260 Dense Blasting Powder 2 Dense Stone Keep
260-290 Thorium Widget 3 Thorium Bar/1 Runecloth Sell
290-300 Thorium Tube 6 Thorium Bar Sell

Engineering 300-375

Projected Skill Item Materials Required Sell or Keep
300-305 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts 1 Fel Iron Bar Keep
305-310 Fel Iron Casing 3 Fel Iron Bar Keep
310-330 Fel Iron Bomb 1 Fel Iron Casing/2 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts/1 Elemental Blasting Powder Sell
330-340 Adamantite Grenade 4 Adamantite Bar/2 Handful Fel Iron Bolts/1 Elemental Blasting Powder Sell
340-350 Felsteel Stabalizer 2 Felsteel Bar Sell
350-370 Handful of Cobalt Bolts 2 Cobalt Bar Keep
370-375 Volatile Blasting Trigger 3 Cobalt Bar/Crystallized Water Keep

Engineering 375-425

Projected Skill Item Materials Required Sell or Keep
375-390 Overcharged Capacitor 4 Cobalt Bar/Crystallized Earth Sell
390-400 Froststeel Tube 8 Cobalt Bar/Crystallized Water Keep
400-405 Diamond Cut Refractor Scope Froststeel Tube/2 Handful of Cobalt Bolts Sell
405-415 Box of Bombs 5 Saronite Bar/Volatile Blasting Trigger Sell
415-425 Mana Injector Kit 12 Saronite Bar/2 Crystallized Water Sell

Engineering 425-525

Projected Skill Item Materials Required Sell or Keep
425-442 Handful of Obsidium Bolts 2 Obsidium Bar Keep
442-445 Electrostatic Condenser 4 Obsidium Bar/6 Obsidium Bolts/4 Volatile Earth Sell
445-460 Electrified Ether 2 Volatile Air Keep
460-470 R19 Threatfinder or Safety Catch Removal 6 Obsidium Bar/2 Alicite/6 Obsidium Bolts or 20 Obsidium Bar/20 Obsidium Bolts Sell
470-475 High-Powered Bolt Gun 10 Obsidium Bar/8 Obsidium Bolts/4 Electrified Ether Sell
475-495 Elementium Toolbox 15 Elementium Bar/12 Volatile Earth Sell
495-510 Finely-Tuned Throat Needler 2 Electrified Ether/4 Obsidium Bar/5 Hardened Elementium Bar Sell
510-521 Heat-Treated Spinning Lure 1 Obsidium Bolts/4 Elementium Bar/1 Volatile Fire Sell
521-525 Gnomish X-Ray Scope 2 Hardened Elementium Bar/2 Dream Emerald Sell
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