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Savage Leather / Blackened Dragonscale Farming

I'm just wondering a little, as I haven't been doing any skinning/leatherworking until now. I've been doing a little background check, and found some strategies and such. But many seem to be discontinued or nerfed.

Which is the best spot for Blackened Dragonscale farming, is it the Obsidian Forest in Twilight Highlands or the Stone drakes in Northern Deepholm?

Also, for Savage leather, which are the best spots? Molten Front has already turned into a ghost zone, so the spiders there might not be as good for skinning as they used to?


The best place to farm them is the AH, for sure. There were some wonderful strats with crocs and bats early on, but they all got whacked with the nerfbat. If you plan on getting serious, start price checking the AH everytime you log in/out, and when you have free time. Pick them up when at discount, and either sell or hold what you get when prices rise.


For Savage Leather, at a time of day when there aren't many people around doing their dailies, the spiders in the Molten Front are the best source. I go in as a bear, round up 7-8 at a time, kill and skin, and by the time I've done that they're starting to respawn.

This is dependent of course on how much activity there is, questing and other skinners alike.

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