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Morchok Strategy & Guide (10M / 25M) – Dragon Soul

Morchok Dragon Soul

Morchok - Dragon Soul

Morchok is the first boss of the new Cataclysm Patch 4.3 raid Dragon Soul.


36M (10-Man)
102M (25-Man)
76.5M (25-Man LFR)

Abilities (10Man):

Stomp — Morchok performs a massive stomp, splitting 750000 (2 500 000 @ 25M) damage between all enemies within 30 yards. The two closest targets take a double share of the damage. In Heroic Difficulty Stomp also increases the Physical damage taken by affected players by 50% for 10 sec.

Crush Armor (Tank Alert) — Morchok strikes his current target, inflicting 120% normal melee damage and reducing the target's armor by 10% for 20 sec. This effect stacks up to 10 times. Morchok does not use this ability on heroic mode.

Resonating Crystal (Deadly) — Morchok conjures an explosive crystal onto the battlefield that explodes after 12 sec. for massive Shadow damage. The explosion splits the damage between three random players (seven random players @ 25M), and the total damage inflicted increases depending on the distance of each player from the crystal.

Furious — At 20% remaining health, Morchok becomes furious and increases his attack speed by 30% and his damage inflicted by 20%.

The Earth Consumes You! — Morchok uses the power of the earth to draw all players to him, inflicting 5% of their total health as Physical damage every sec. for 5 sec. While the power of the earth draws the players to him, Morchok also summons Earth's Vengence.

Earth's Vengence — Shards of Earth's Vengence erupt from the ground, inflicting 15000 (150 000 @ 25M) Physical damage to nearby players within 2 yards and leaving behind obstacles.

Black Blood of the Earth — Morchok causes the Black Blood of the Earth to erupt outwards from him, inflicting 5000 Nature damage and increasing Nature damage taken by 100% every sec. while a player stands within the blood. This effect stacks up to 20 times.

Kohcrom (Heroic Only) — Upon reaching 90% remaining health, Morchok tears himself in half and creates his twin Kohcrom. He casts the same spells as Morchok, but a few seconds later.


Two tanks are required for this fight. Morchok will constantly use Crush Armor on his current target. To get rid of this, simply have the off-tank taunt when the tank gets the first application and then just continue to tank swap when the debuff fades off.

Everybody in the group needs to stay close to the boss in order to spread his 'Stomp' ability's damage evenly, but the two tanks must ALWAYS be the closest to him as the two closest targets will take double damage.

When Morchok spawns a Resonating Crystal, three players need to run up to the orb and wait there until it explodes. The laser that links the player to the orb will turn blue when the player is close enough to the orb. Make sure that the orb is close enough to the boss so that the stomp damage is still spread to everyone.

After two Resonating Crystals explode, Morchok will engage Phase 2. Morchok will draw everyone to him, stunning everyone and dealing minor AoE damage. He will also drop spikes everywhere around him. Once the stun wears off, everyone must run to one of these spikes and hide behind them, making sure they stay out of the black blood he spreads everywhere. If you stand in this blood for too long, you will die. Once he finishes channeling the blood, he will immediately stomp, so no one should run back in until he casts this or players will very likely die. When he finishes his stomp, everyone should hug the boss (the two tanks still being closest to him) and repeat Phase 1.

Morchok's attack pattern is very straight forward:

Stomp -> Summon Crystal -> Stomp -> Crystal Explodes, Summon New Crystal -> Stomp -> Crystal Explodes -> Black Blood Phase -> Stomp -> Repeat

At 20% health, Morchok will enrage and deal a lot more damage. All major cooldowns should be saved for this phase as the damage he deals becomes quite high.

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