Sex MMORPGs and VR: How Far Away Are We?

With the rise of virtual reality media, it’s only a matter of time before virtual reality porn makes its entry into the MMORPG world, right? To be frank, it’s more than just a matter of combining an MMORPG game with VR capabilities. The gaming mechanics need to change drastically to make VR sex games a more immersive experience, especially with a lot of players present.

Here are a few issues and updates that you may want to know about mixing MMORPGs with VR porn games.

Both Virtual Reality and MMORPGs Require a Powerful Computer

If you’ve ever played an open world RPG like Skyrim or an MMORPG like Warcraft, you’ll know that they’re not games for the average computer. You’ll need an above-average unit to enjoy the graphics and gameplay fully. Add to that the ability to withstand VR capabilities, and you’ll practically need a supercomputer.

Even a high-end PC might not be able to handle the millions upon millions of commands required to run an MMORPG with VR capabilities. Your computer would need to process and render the VR world while also receiving data from other players within the game. You’ll need to spend a lot of money on a processor that can handle the gameplay along with a VR unit that can display the graphics or provide haptic feedback.

In short, a VR MMORPG may end up alienating players who can’t afford a high-end computer and a VR console. If only a few people can afford the hardware to play these games, it wouldn’t be considered a massively multiplayer role-playing game anymore.

Sex MMORPG VR Games Will Have Its Limits

Sex MMORPGs are not new. There are tons of MMORPGs out there that have virtual sex worlds you can explore. Games like Red Light Center and even Second Life offer players the chance to engage in some naughty play with other players.

For many people, watching their avatar engage in their deepest fantasies is enough. It’s even better when they can control their avatar and have fun with other players too. While this may be the closest we have to VR, there are a few limitations to fully creating a sex-based VR game where you can play with a host of other players.

The most pressing limitation would be the amount of sexual gratification you can get from playing. Visually, you’re all set. However, for those looking for more than just visuals, haptic feedback technology can only do so much. You’re pleasuring your mind and your character when you play, but you’re not exactly pleasuring yourself.

While this may not be a huge issue for players who are in it just for the game, others may be disappointed by the limited amount of “reality” they can experience.

The Closest We Have to a Sex MMORPG

Project Sansar is the brainchild of Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life. This new project, which is not yet released to the public, is geared more towards user-generated VR content with a sexy twist. On Project Sansar, you can experience the full augmented reality experience while also interacting with other players. While we still need more details on Project Sansar, it’s possibly the closest we’ll get to having a VR Sex RPG for now. The MMO part is still up for debate.

Both the sex and gaming industry are so huge that it might only be a matter of years before we have a full-scale sex MMORPG!